4th Annual Fall Pet Days in Orange County

Do you guys remember the last time we visited the Pet Days event in Orange County? It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but I just took a look back at the archives and we went to the First Pet Days way back in 2008!  I bet a lot has changed since then and […]

Redbox Donating Proceeds For Shelter Me DVD Rentals

Are you not sure what to do this weekend?  Are you thinking about making some popcorn and renting a movie?  If you’re an animal lover like me you might be interested in renting Shelter Me from Redbox, a documentary about shelter dogs and their new homes. While browsing through our Facebook news feed and RSS […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Rescue Puppy

Are you thinking about bringing home a new puppy?  If so, you should consider adopting a puppy from your local animal shelter or rescue.  We adopted our little Linus from the animal shelter over 8 years ago and it was perhaps the best decision we ever made! Every year we try to support our local […]

How Often Does Your Dog(s) Bring A Smile To Your Face?

How often does your dog bring a smile to your face?  That’s an easy one…DAILY!!!  If my pups were with me throughout the day I might have to change my answer to hourly, every minute, or even track by the second! My dogs make me smile every day!  When I come home tired and mopey […]