Crate Training Puppies – 14 Useful Tips

In theory crate training puppies sounds simple.  A quick note: I often use the term crate and kennel interchangeably throughout this article. Crate Training Theory: Your puppy does not want to poop or pee in the place he sleeps…put him in his crate (make sure it’s not too big or he’ll pee/poop on one side […]

How To Sing Your Puppies To Sleep

Do you guys use StumbleUpon? It’s a great little application that allows you to find other websites you are likely interested in. Basically, you sign up for an account, install the StumbleUpon toolbar, and tell them a few of your interests then start stumbling by clicking the little stumble button on your toolbar. When you […]

Crate Train Your Puppy In 5 Easy Steps

Throughout my life I’ve learned how to potty train a puppy using various methods and have found the easiest way to potty train a dog or puppy is through crate training. As a Guide Dogs of America puppy raiser we are required to crate train our puppies. Lucky for me I successfully crated trained Linus […]

How To Handle Your Puppy’s First Night At Home

Your puppy’s first night at home. It’s definitely exciting…It’s definitely fun…Here are some things to think about before your puppy arrives at your home. It’s been just about a year since I brought Stetson home from Guide Dogs of America. It made me think of our wonderful first meeting in Sylmar, CA and also the […]