I’m Not Fat…I’m Just A Little Husky

I’m not fat…I’m just a little husky!  It sounds like something I say every year after the holidays, right before I renew my gym membership and start working on my six pack…urummm….I mean my mini keg. However, this time I was helping one of my friends train his puppy.  During one of the training sessions […]

Are You A Puppy Nerd?

I know there has to be other puppy nerds out there. I hesitated showing this picture because it truly shows that I am a puppy nerd. If you enjoy this picture as much as I do then you may be a puppy nerd too. It’s not just the image, but the headline that went with […]

Puppy Or Guinea Pig?

Yep, I’m receiving adorable puppy pictures through my RSS feed on a daily basis and sometimes I find images I enjoy so much I just have to share with my readers. While browsing my feed I scrolled past this picture and at first glance thought why is there a guinea pig on a puppy website? […]