I Hate This Dog Bed! Puppy Boredom or Anxiety?

Adelle is a clever one!  She doesn’t just tear apart and shred the stuffing from her dog beds. Nope, she’s very methodical with her dog bed destruction.  She locates the zipper, proceeds to unzip, then starts removing the stuffing.  I was surprised to see she was able to do this with 2 of her doggy […]

6 Dog Blog Links You Should Not Miss

Welcome to this weeks Puppy In Training weekly roundup.  As we mentioned before we are doing our best to roundup our favorite dog blog posts from the past week across our favorite doggy blogs.  Our goal is to try and help you by sifting through the best of the best blog posts (well at least […]

Blog Carnival #11 – Dog Training, Dog Products, And More

Photo by soggydan Welcome to the latest edition of the Puppy In Training Blog Carnival. We have quite a few articles for you this month with the majority about dog training. We tried to categorize this month with five articles on dog training, two dog product articles, and four miscellaneous dog articles. I hope you […]