Natural Balance Dog Food Recall

There have been several dog food scares over the past few years.  However, this is the first time a dog food recall has caught my attention. I was scrolling through my news feed on facebook and came across a short status update from Pawsible Marketing regarding a pet food recall.  It caught my eye because […]

Blog Carnival: Mosquitos, Dog Food, Pet Care, Socialization, Puppy or Dog, Wedding Pets, Exotic Pets

I wanted to get a more descriptive title for this months edition of the Puppy In Training blog carnival. Speaking of editions this is the eleventh also known as XI! Looking at the title it sure is a lot to cover. Pets and Mosquitos, Homemade Dog Food, Pet Care, Socializing Your Dog, Choosing a Puppy […]

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy? is a question I’ve heard many times before, but now it’s my turn. It’s easy to follow the chart on the side of your dog food bag or follow the directions given to you by the Guide Dogs of America Training Department. However, what happens when you follow […]

When Doggy Treats Go Bad

I was adding Stetson’s profile to Dogster the other day and for those of you who know Dogster also know that when you first add a dog you usually receive several puppy pal requests. I took my time and read through each puppy pal request writing a little note and accepting each one at a […]