I Hate Mondays!

I HATE MONDAYS!!! TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, AND THURSDAYS!!!  I couldn’t agree more, buddy! What’s your favorite day or least favorite day of the week? “My favorite day(s) of the week are the ones ending in the letter “Y”!”  ~Adelle “I don’t have a favorite day…just a favorite time: MEAL TIME!” ~Stetson “My favorite day of the week […]

I’m Not Fat…I’m Just A Little Husky

I’m not fat…I’m just a little husky!  It sounds like something I say every year after the holidays, right before I renew my gym membership and start working on my six pack…urummm….I mean my mini keg. However, this time I was helping one of my friends train his puppy.  During one of the training sessions […]