5 Great Puppy Socialization Ideas For Guide Pups In Training

Puppy socialization is one of the most important jobs we have as puppy raisers, but what exactly is socialization? “Socialization means learning to be part of society. When we talk about socializing pet puppies, it means helping them learn to be comfortable as a pet within human society—a society that includes many different types of […]

Are You Working On Your Puppy Socialization Skills? We Are!

As guide dog puppy raisers there are three main things we try to accomplish while raising our pups.  First, we work on their basic obedience training teaching them all the basics including commands like “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay”, etc. There are only nine basic obedience commands we teach our puppies in training.  If you want to […]

Puppy In Training TV – Ep 17 – Dogs At Disneyland

Today we’re going to find out if Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for doggies too. We took our guide dog puppy, Dublin to Downtown Disney when he was about 6 months old, but we usually don’t take our guide dog pups to the actual Disneyland park until they’re over 12 months old.  In […]

Puppy In Training TV – Ep 16 – Guide Dog Pups Visit The Fire Station

We’ve been raising guide dog puppies for the past 5 years and we had always heard about visiting the fire station, but after raising Stetson then Derby and now Dublin we had never visited fire fighters or a fire station until today! Visiting fire fighters and a fire station is a great outing for our […]