Dog’s Perform The Ultimate Down-Stay!

Our service dog puppies are not ordinary…they are extraordinary!  They learn some amazing things and go on to help others as working dogs.  Dublin has become the eyes for his partner and helps guide her around town her out of harms way.  Apache helps his partner, a wounded warrior with PTSD live a more independent life. […]

This Puppy Is…Part Boxer?

Dublin was quite the helper when he would come into the office with me, but part boxer? I don’t think so…Dublin was/is a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever bred at Guide Dogs of America. Today Dublin is a working guide dog and we chronicled his entire journey in our Puppy In Training TV series. If you […]

Visiting Tucson And Support A K9

I’ve been pretty busy the past couple weeks.  Two weekends ago I was at a wedding in San Francisco and last weekend I met up with my college buddies in Tucson, Arizona to reminisce and have fun at our old hangouts.  We even caught a football game in the middle of rain and thunderstorms.  I […]

Great Video Of Gin The Dancing Dog

Have you ever seen a dancing dog before? A couple days ago I received an email from Carole about Kate and Gin the dancing dog from the TV show Britain’s got talent. I watched Gin, a border collie dazzle the judges panel and the audience as well. The original link that Carole sent me apparently […]