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Here at Puppy In Training were back advocates of dog adoption.  It’s been a while since I talked about the Cuddly Canines Rescue and as many of you already know I used to volunteer as a foster parent for Cuddly Canines.  I’m sure I’ll volunteer again in the future when I have more free time in my schedule.  Anyhow, I went ahead and visited their site to take a look at the puppies and dogs they have for adoption.  It looks like their website is under maintenance, but they still have all their adoptable dogs posted at

One litter of dogs caught my attention…the Labrador Retriever Pointer Mix.  It looks like they have four Lab Pointer mixes from the same litter.  The one that caught my attention was a little female puppy named Madison with a heart shaped marking on her left side.  Take a look at the picture:

Lab Pointer Mix

Lab Pointer Mix

See the nice heart shaped mark on her side.  It kind of reminds me of the story about the little puppy named Heart-kun.  Another heart shaped marked puppy.

If you’d like to see the other puppies in the Labrador Retriever Pointer mix litter than visit the Cuddly Canines website and check out their list of puppies.  If you’re interested in adoption then check out their Cuddly Application for dog adoptions.

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  1. I’ve been looking a new best friend and my best friend has a pointer lab mix and I love that dog and she will protect and defend in any way I told myself if I get another best friend (dog) it’ll be a lab pointer mix

    1. The best place to find dogs for adoption are at If you’re local to Orange County there are a few big pet adoption events every year. America’s Family Pet Expo in April. Super Pet Adoption in June and the Home For The Holidays Pet Adoption in December. We usually announce all of these here on the blog if you’re interested.

  2. My own service dog is this type of mix. If anyone is looking for an easily trainable gentle and attune dog these mixes are great. I live in a city and the pointer body shape is great for apts and weaving through crowds.

  3. This is my dog!! I was randomly googling “pointer terrier mix” and pictures of my dog as a pup came up! She’s Internet Famous!
    I adopted her on January 15th 2009, apparently the same day these photos were posted!

    1. @Wendi, that’s pretty cool that this is your dog. A few years ago we were trying to get the word out on some of the puppies up for adoption at Cuddly Canines. I hope she’s doing well!

    2. Hi there,

      I just adopted a “pointer-mix” who looks JUST like your puppy. His paws are on the bigger side, but certainly not enormous. The vet says he’s about 5 months old, he probably weighs about 20 lbs, and he still has his baby canines. He’s just really low to the ground!

      I was wondering…how big did she get? How old was she in the above photo? I have a three year old “pointer-mix” at home as well and she turned out to be 60 lbs (not the 35 the vet told me!).



      1. @Rachel, the pointer-mix in the picture was adopted through cuddly canines rescue. Unfortunately I don’t have any updated images of the puppy.

  4. @Colleen, She is cute. I’m sure she’ll find a home real soon. I was hoping Cuddly Canines would be having an adoption at PetSmart this weekend so I could see Madison, but unfortunately I didn’t see anything posted on their website.

  5. Aww, she is SO cute. I wish I could take her. What a sweet puppy…I hope she gets a permanent home soon!

    (And I would name her either Valentine or Roxy after Roxy Hart, the character from the musical, Chicago!)

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