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How Much Do French Bulldog Puppies Cost?

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French bulldogs are quickly becoming a very popular dog breed in the United States. But now that their puppies are in such high demand, how much should you expect to pay for a French bulldog if you’re looking to adopt one, too?

Spoiler alert! French bulldog puppies usually cost between $1,500 and $4,500, and the average cost is around $3,000. However, they can actually be quite a bit more expensive if you are looking for an exotic color or a show dog with specific characteristics.

The reason they are so expensive is partly due to their popularity, and partly because they are extremely difficult to breed.

It is not hard to understand why these adorable little dogs have become so popular. As well as being very cute and very loving, they do well in small apartments, and you can leave them alone for relatively long periods without problems.

How much are French bulldog puppies

They are also intelligent, trainable, and obedient enough that even first-time owners won’t have a problem. But it is worth remembering that, like most purebred dogs, they do struggle with their health, which can be both expensive and emotionally draining.

Read on as we take a detailed look at how much French bulldog puppies cost and why, plus how much you can expect to spend on your Frenchie.

French Bulldog Vital Stats

  • Purebred companion dog
  • 11-12 inches tall
  • 16-28 pounds
  • 11-14 year lifespan
  • Highly affectionate and friendly
  • Intelligent and trainable
  • Suitable for apartment living
  • Moderate to low exercise needs
  • Tolerates being left alone
  • Medium shedding and easy to groom
  • Struggles with colder temperatures
  • Can be prone to serious health problems

Read: American Kennel Club French Bulldog Breed Information

How Much Is A French Bulldog Puppy?

Depending on where you live (sorry California, it is expensive where you are!), you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $4,500 for a French bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder.

Outside of the shelter and rescue system, if you encounter a French bulldog puppy that is much cheaper than $1,500, take it as a red flag.

This could indicate the dog is coming from a puppy mill. You can read why you should avoid buying dogs from puppy mills here.

If you are looking to adopt a French bulldog, you can check out the French Bulldog Rescue Network. But the popularity of the dog means there can be a lot of competition for the Frenchies that do need a home.

While the average cost of a French bulldog puppy is around $3,000, you can find puppies that cost up to $10,000. There are a lot of factors that can influence price, and if you are looking for a show dog or a dog for breeding, you should expect to pay a lot more.

Certain colors, which are desirable but genetically quite rare, can also push up the price. A brindle or black puppy will usually be at the lower end of the scale, but a breeder might ask a lot more for a platinum or blue fawn puppy.

Incredibly, the most expensive French bulldog in the world is valued at $100,000. This is Micro, a perfect body specimen for a Frenchie.

He also has a blue coat and orange eyes, which are quite rare in dogs. Micro is very valuable as a proven breeder, and his puppies can sell for $10,000.

What About Mini Frenchies?

Mini Frenchies, also known as Teacup Frenchies, are the same fantastic dog, but they are quite a bit smaller than usual.

You can expect them to weigh just 5 to 14 pounds on average. Due to their smaller size, though, their bodies can be fragile, so it is important not to engage in rough play with them.

These dogs are even harder to breed (see below) than standard French bulldogs, so they are also quite a bit more expensive. You can expect miniature French bulldog puppies to start at around $2,500, and it is not uncommon to see them for as much as $8,000.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

While you might expect to pay just $500 or so for a Labrador puppy, assuming they are for showing or breeding, French bulldog puppies start at three times that price. Why are they so expensive, then?

One factor is high demand since they are a very desirable dog breed. But that is not the whole story, since Labs are also one of the most popular dog breeds. Let’s go over some of the factors that cause French bulldogs to be so pricey.

Health Problems

One of the biggest factors is these dogs have a lot of health problems.

Most of their health issues are related to their flat, brachycephalic faces (similar to Pugs and American bulldogs), which makes them particularly prone to breathing issues and allergies. 

This unique facial structure can also affect the formation of their jaw, and the health of their eyes, and can even affect their healing from certain illnesses and injuries.

On top of this, they can also be prone to hip dysplasia, kneecap shifts, and heat stress. Fortunately, breeders try to control these breed-specific issues.

It is essential that responsible breeders do their best to control these conditions, which means DNA scanning, genetic testing, multiple trips to the vet, and paying extra close attention to the developing puppies. Of course, all of this comes with a cost.

Breeding Problems

The other big problem is that Frenchies are extremely hard to breed. It is almost impossible for them to reproduce naturally, and about 80% of French bulldogs are born via C-section.

As well as the operation itself is expensive, the mother and pups need extra care afterward. Plus, breeders need to give their mother dogs significantly longer to recuperate before they can think about breeding them again.

On top of that, French bulldogs have small litters–usually just three puppies. It is very unusual for a Frenchie to have five or more puppies in a single litter.

So, if you are looking for a French bulldog puppy, you can expect to be on a waiting list for several months before a puppy is available.

How Much Does It Cost To Care For A Frenchie?

As well as being expensive to buy, French bulldogs can be pretty costly to care for, again mostly because of their health problems. They will probably need regular trips to the vet, and insuring them can be expensive because they are known to have health issues.

But what are some of the main costs that you can expect to incur when bringing home a new puppy?


It can surprise pet parents just how many things you need to care for a new dog. For starters, your new pup will need a bed, toys, bowls, a collar, and a leash.

A crate can also be a big expense if you choose to crate train. However, because crate training is not so common among French bulldogs, first-time owners might also want to consider some professional training classes.

Exactly how much all of this will cost depends on the quality of the products that you go for, but you can expect to pay $300 to $500 in the first few months for these kinds of expenses.


Food is one of the biggest neverending expenses for any dog. Puppy food is also a bit more expensive than adult food because of its high protein content. Ideally, your dog should be eating puppy food until they are about 9 months old.

French bulldogs should be eating around 25 to 30 calories per pound of their body weight each day. So, depending on the food you choose and the size of your dog, you can expect to pay between $20 and $60 a month for dog food for your Frenchie.

Vet Bills & Pet Insurance

This is where Frenchies can be quite a bit more expensive than other dogs because they tend to need to visit the vet more often, and the insurers put a higher premium on the breed knowing this. 

While the average cost of pet insurance for a dog is $45 per month, for Frenchies, it is closer to $60 per month.

Don’t forget; for the best health outcomes, you will probably want to spay or neuter your French bulldog before they are nine months old.

Spaying is particularly important because the breed’s inability to have children naturally can mean that any accidental pregnancy is a disaster.

You can read more about pet insurance for puppies here.

FAQs About French Bulldogs

Do French bulldogs bark a lot?

Generally, French bulldogs don’t tend to be barkers. They will usually only bark when there is something wrong, so it is worth paying attention when they do vocalize. This is one of the reasons why they make excellent apartment dogs.

Why shouldn’t I get a French bulldog?

While French bulldogs are adorable, they are specifically bred for their appearance, and this has led to a lot of genetic issues that affect their health and can leave them in a lot of pain in their later years.

Many people object to putting the health of an animal second to appearance and therefore object to buying French bulldogs and supporting the purebred breeding industry. 

In theory, if there was no demand for these dogs, this kind of exploitative breeding would stop. In practice, this is difficult to imagine, considering how popular the breed is.

Can French bulldogs stay home alone?

French bulldogs actually tolerate being left alone relatively well. They aren’t likely to develop depression or become destructive.

However, all dogs need a lot of love and companionship, and no dog responds well to being left on their own for 10 hours a day five days a week. 

Dogs become members of the family, and if they are going to thrive, they need to be treated with that kind of attention.

Are Frenchies hard to potty train?

Frenchies are intelligent, trainable, and adaptable, so they aren’t difficult to potty train. However, they are little dogs with small bladders.

They need to pee frequently and can’t hold it for extended periods. They also tend to gobble down their food, which means they can be prone to smelly gas expulsions.

How much exercise does my Frenchie need?

French bulldogs do well on just a 15 to 20-minute vigorous walk each day. They are also quite playful, so they burn off energy just playing around as well.

Are French bulldogs aggressive?

Despite the reputation of bulldogs, Frenchies are not aggressive. They are friendly and get on well with people and other animals.

However, all animals are a combination of nature and nurture, so they can learn aggressive habits if they are not properly cared for.

Are Frenchies high maintenance?

On a day-to-day level, Frenchies aren’t high maintenance. They don’t need much exercise, they are easy to groom, and they are generally happy just hanging around the house if someone is around.

They can also be left alone without expecting too much trouble. 

On the other hand, their tendency towards breed-specific health issues does mean they need regular visits to the vet. They may need special medications for things like breathing issues, and in later life, they may need things like a special bed.

The Verdict

French bulldogs are excellent dogs. They are great little companions who will find it easy to live in your apartment with you, but they are also fun-loving and curious. What’s more, they won’t tear the house apart if you leave them at home while you are at work.

While they are great dogs, they are also quite expensive. This is due to high demand and some pretty serious difficulties when it comes to breeding them.

They have small litters, almost always delivered by c-section, and health screenings and vet visits are a big burden for breeders.

Consequently, you should expect to pay between $1,500 and $4,500 for a French bulldog puppy. If you want something special, such as a rare color, you should expect to pay a lot more.

You can also expect them to be relatively expensive dogs to own because they do need regular and close contact with a good vet to maintain their health.

At a glance, the French bulldog is:

  • Highly intelligent and trainable
  • Friendly and adaptable
  • Small, meaning it does well in fairly small apartments
  • Expensive due to demand and how difficult they are to breed
  • Prone to breed-specific health issues

So, are they worth all this expense and trouble? We think they are. French bulldogs can be the ideal pet for first-time owners with limited space and time but a lot of love to give.

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