Word(less) Wednesday – Puppy Siblings!

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Puppy Siblings
Puppy Siblings

Siblings noun

  1. each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.

A couple weeks back we stopped by the Guide Dogs of America campus and got to see puppy raisers meet and bring home their puppies in training.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your pup’s siblings and the wonderful puppy raisers who are tasked with training these guide dog puppies in basic obedience, good house manners, and socialization.

We’ve been lucky enough to attend puppy pickup day over a dozen times.  Sometimes to pickup our own pups and other times to support our friends during their pickup day.  The first day with your puppy is a lot of fun, but the interesting part happens when you get home and experience the first night with your puppy.  If you are planning on crate training your puppy like we do with our guide dog pups then I suggest you check out this article I wrote about Stetson first night home a few years back.

Anyhow back to siblings!  One of our favorite things about raising puppies for an organization like Guide Dogs of America is you also get to see the progress of your puppy’s siblings.  At GDA, litters are identified by letter.  Therefore if you have a “D” litter puppy then all of the puppies in that litter will have a name starting with the letter “D”.  For example: Derby had siblings: Dexter and Dutch (there were a few others…I can’t remember the names off the top of my head).  It was always cool to hear about my pup’s siblings and their stories going from puppies in training to working guide dogs.

Back to you guys.  Are you in touch with any of your puppy’s siblings?  If so, how similar/different are they from your pup?  Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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  1. It’s so nice you get to see the pups as they grow. Some friends in our neighborhood adopted Haley’s sister and it was so nice to see her and compare notes about their training and such. Unfortunately, the sister pup wasn’t too happy to see Haley after awhile and got a little aggressive. They’ve since moved but we still keep in touch and compare notes occasionally. Ironically, they both ended up with ACL-type knee injuries on the same back leg.

    1. That’s cool you are able to keep in touch with Haley’s sister. Derby was my second guide dog puppy and even though we don’t get to see him anymore one of our best friends raised his sibling, Dutch and we get to see him on a regular basis.

  2. How cool to be able to visit and catch up with your pup’s siblings. Ruby was adopted as an older dog so we don’t have any idea about her siblings. Our vet says she has clearly had many litters in the past so who knows, maybe some day we will meet some of her puppies.

    1. That would be cool to meet some of her puppies! We fostered several litters of puppies. I wish I had kept in touch with the pup’s new families. My brother did take home one of the German Shepherd pup’s I fostered so I get to stay in touch with him. 🙂

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