6 Features I’d Like To See In My Future Dog Friendly Car

Many moons ago I wrote about the perfect dog car.  At the time I was interested in purchasing a new car that would be suitable for me and my dogs.  I was driving a 2000 Honda CRV which was suitable, but not quite the perfect dog friendly car.  Actually not even close, but light years […]

Visiting Knoxville And The PetSafe Paw Print Blogger Summit

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and I needed a few days to recover, but today I’m finally back at ye olde keyboard prepping another blog post.  Where was I you might be thinking??? Well, a few weeks back I was contacted by PetSafe to take part in their Paw Print Blogger Summit.  What […]

The Preventative Vet Pet Safety Books For Dogs And Cats

Do you guys remember our trip to BlogPaws last June?  The BlogPaws Pet Blogger Conference was awesome and we had the chance to not only give a presentation about building a business blog, but also got to meet tons of great pet bloggers, brands, and bring home piles of swag! One person we got to […]