6 Types Of Dog Toys You Should Get Your Puppy

If you read yesterday’s blog article then you already know about the 2 dog toys we absolutely do not let our guide dog puppies play with at any time while involved in the guide dog program.  Just in case you missed that article then take a peek at what dog toys are not allowed for […]

What Dog Toys Are Not Allowed For Guide Dog Puppies?

Before I opened up my Guide Dogs of America puppy manual I didn’t even know that guide dog puppies were not allowed to play with certain dog toys.  It’s been more than 5 years since I first opened my puppy manual, but the dog toys on the “do not allow” list have been forever engrained […]

Top 10 Dog Toys

Once Thanksgiving is past and Christmas is upon us I start thinking about what dog toys I should get for my 3 dogs.  The search basically starts on the internet by typing A-M-A-Z-O-N-.-C-O-M into my browser.  Any time I think about purchasing anything my first thought is to visit Amazon.com(and usually ends with Amazon too). […]

Aikiou Dog Bowl – Final Review

This is our final review in our series of Aikiou Dog Bowl Reviews.  In case you missed our first two reviews of the Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl then check out the following links: Aikiou Dog Bowl – In For Review Aikiou Dog Bowl – Review – Putting It To The Test If you’ve been following […]

Aikiou Dog Bowl – Review – Putting It To The Test

A few days ago we told you about the latest product, Aikiou Dog Bowl that we received in the mail for review.  In case you missed that initial review check it out here: Aikiou Dog Bowl – In For Review.  Our Black Labrador Retriever, Stetson sunk his teeth into (literally) it and had a his […]