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Aikiou Dog Bowl – Final Review

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This is our final review in our series of Aikiou Dog Bowl Reviews.  In case you missed our first two reviews of the Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl then check out the following links:

Aikiou Dog Bowl – In For Review

Aikiou Dog Bowl – Review – Putting It To The Test

If you’ve been following our reviews then you’ve already seen pictures and know a little bit about the Aikiou Dog Bowl.  After our initial inspection we had a little bit of difficulty deciding if this was a dog toy, dog puzzle, or a dog bowl.  According to their website this dog product is actually considered an interactive dog food dish.  Whatever it’s considered we think it’s pretty cool and as you’ll see in our video below, Stetson found it to be a pretty cool dog bowl, toy, and puzzle all rolled into one.

Aikiou Dog Bowl

Once again here are the stats on the Aikiou Dog Bowl:

Here are the stats on the Aikiou Dog Bowl:

Product Dimensions: 13 x 2.5 x 13 inches; 1.6 pounds

Aikiou Dog Bowl

Product Features:

  • Encourages your pet to eat more slowly, which reduces digestive problems and discomfort
  • Help to prevents the storage of excess fat (since your pet is eating more slowly, it will feel full sooner)
  • Provides a food hunting activity your dog needs for stimulation of the brain and the other senses
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety through play
  • Use for each meal or at desired intervals

Aikiou Dog Bowl Video Review

Here’s Stetson’s video review of the Aikiou Dog Bowl:

Video Review Transcription

Welcome to the PuppyInTraining.com Aikiou Dog Bowl Review.  And there’s the Aikiou Dog Bowl I’m just taking it apart and we’ll speed it up here just so you can take a look at how we actually load all the food in the Aikiou Dog Bowl.  That’s about 1 1/2 cups right there and the Aikiou Dog Bowl is full we just have to put the pieces back together.  And that’s what the Aikiou Dog Bowl looks like re-assembled with food loaded up.

Now Stetson is going to go ahead and put the Aikiou Dog Bowl to the test.  In the upper right hand corner he’s eating 1 1/2 cups of food out of his regular stainless steel bowl and down below he’s eating using the Aikiou Dog Bowl.  As you can see with the Aikiou Dog Bowl Stetson has to eat one compartment at a time and it slows him down quite a bit.  Now Stetson is just about done with the food in his regular bowl and that’s about it that took him only about 20 seconds.

Now we’re going to speed up the footage for the Aikiou Dog Bowl because it takes Stetson quite a bit longer to eat food out of that bowl.  Even though the video is going about 10x normal speed you can see Stetson really has to maneuver the bowl around in order to get every morsel of food out.  Stetson’s all done with his food now as he can’t find anything else left in his bowl.  It took Stetson over three minutes to finish off 1 1/2 cups of food in his Aikiou Dog Bowl compared to 20 seconds in his regular stainless steel bowl.

We noticed a ton of slobber and food residue on Stetson’s bowl so we wanted to show you that it takes a little bit longer to wash the Aikiou Dog Bowl compared to a regular stainless steel bowl.

Overall we really liked the Aikiou Dog Bowl even though it took a little bit longer to load up the food and then clean it at the end.  That just about does it.  Thanks for joining us for the PuppyInTraining.com Aikiou Dog Bowl Review.

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Aikiou Dog Bowl – Final Review

As we mentioned in the video we thought overall the Aikiou Dog Bowl was a great dog product.  It slowed down Stetson’s eating from just over 20 seconds with his regular stainless steel bowl to well over 3 minutes with the Aikiou Dog Bowl.

Here are the things we really liked about the Aikiou Dog Bowl:

  • Cool design shaped like a paw
  • Required Stetson to do some problem solving
  • Several chambers and Stetson either had to spin or slide the little plastic pieces to access the food.
  • Learning curve.  We had to do a little bit of training with Stetson to get him to slide and spin the pieces on the bowl.  We enjoyed this and I like spending time working with my dogs.
  • Rubber pads on bottom reduced sliding
  • Plastic pieces were easy to pop off for loading food and cleaning the dish

However, the Aikiou Dog Bowl was not without it’s faults.  Here are some of the things we didn’t like about the dog bowl.

  • Made of plastic – our vet has told us that Stetson’s canine acne may be caused by plastic dog bowls.  We’ve also heard that plastic is more likely to harbor bacteria then metal bowls.
  • Time consuming to add food.  As you can see in the first part of the video it takes a bit of time to load food into the bowl (video is going 10x normal speed).
  • Time consuming to clean.  As you can see in the end of the video it takes a while to clean out the bowl (video is going 10x normal speed).

As we mentioned earlier overall we really loved the Aikiou Dog Bowl, but the time it takes to load up, feed, then clean the bowl can be a little long.  On average it takes about 15-20 minutes to feed Stetson with this bowl.  Although we really like the bowl we do not use it as Stetson’s regular feeding bowl mainly because of time constraints and we don’t want Stetson’s canine acne to return as a result of eating in a plastic dish.

If you have the time and your dog has no problems eating out of a plastic bowl then I highly recommend giving the Aikiou Dog Bowl a try.

We plan on donating an Aikiou Dog Bowl to the Guide Dogs of America on behalf of Audrey, Garfield, and Theodore for the 24th annual Open House held on June 11th, 2011.  If you’re looking to purchase one of these bowls then head on over to the open house where you should be able to find our donated Aikiou Dog Bowl in one of the baskets at the silent auction.

Have you ever used the Aikiou Dog Bowl?  If so, we’d love to hear what you thought about this dog bowl, puzzle, toy….

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