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Aikiou Dog Bowl – In For Review

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We recently received a free Aikiou Dog Bowl (pronounced “IQ”) for review from Aikiou the maker of interactive dog feeding dishes and toys.  My initial reaction when I was first contacted by Aikiou was “Awesome! Another great dog bowl to test and see if it slows down Stetson’s speed eating.”  If you’ve been following us for a while then you may have seen some of Stetson’s previous forays into dog bowl review and testing.

Aikiou Dog Bowl

Most of the bowls we’ve tested in the past have some kind of obstacle(s) to slow down fast eating dogs.  However, the Aikiou Dog Bowl was quite different.  When it first arrived in the mail I was trying to decide whether it was actually a dog food bowl or was it more of an interactive dog toy?

I figured since it held food it must be more of a bowl and less of a toy (although I’d have to say it’s a little bit of both).

Here are the stats on the Aikiou Dog Bowl:

Product Dimensions: 13 x 2.5 x 13 inches; 1.6 pounds

Product Features:

  • Encourages your pet to eat more slowly, which reduces digestive problems and discomfort
  • Help to prevents the storage of excess fat (since your pet is eating more slowly, it will feel full sooner)
  • Provides a food hunting activity your dog needs for stimulation of the brain and the other senses
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety through play
  • Use for each meal or at desired intervals

Aikiou Dog Bowl

My First Impression Of The Aikiou Dog Bowl

COOL!!!  I was very excited to see such an innovative new doggy bowl!  I was excited to let Stetson give it a try.  My initial reservations were:

  1. It’s made of plastic and our veterinarian has told us that Stetson’s acne may be a result of plastic bowls.  We prefer the aluminum dog bowls over plastic
  2. Would Stetson be able to figure out how to get to the food…He’s pretty smart and very determined when it comes to finding and eating food.  In fact, Stetson lives for meal time.  When I come home midday (non-mealtime) he doesn’t even get out of bed to greet me.  However, if it’s in the morning or evening right before meal time he comes flying out of the bedroom begging for food.  I don’t think food drive is much of a problem with Stetson.
  3. Would Stetson have any problems getting the food out of the small compartments.
  4. Stetson is a violent eater.  Will the Aikiou Dog Bowl be durable enough to withstand Stetson’s exuberance?

Over the next week we plan on putting the Aikiou Dog Bowl through the ultimate test.  Stetson and I will do our best to poke, prod, lick, scratch, and do whatever it takes to produce a thorough review of the Aikiou Dog Bowl.

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Have you tried feeding your dog using a bowl that helps slow his eating?  Have you ever tried the Aikiou Dog Bowl?

We received a free review copy of the Aikiou Dog Bowl.  We do our best to present the good and the bad of every dog product we review and try to not be biased for or against any manufacturer.

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  1. @Emi Ralphie is so small he’d need a mini version of the Aikiou Dog Bowl or maybe we can just put one piece of kibble in each compartment.

  2. I love that dog bowl. Ralphie, our terrier mix needs one of those…..he inhales his food and then will throw it up because he’s eating too fast!

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