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Corgipoos: Vital Statistics On The Corgi-Poodle Mix Breed

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A Corgipoo, or Corgipoodle, is a mixed breed dog made from mating a Welsh Corgi with a poodle, usually a miniature poodle.

These two popular breeds together make a popular small mixed breed that is intelligent and loyal.

These little pups are energetic companions who will love to join you on adventures but do surprisingly well in apartments and small homes.

They love people, get along well with other animals, and make great additions to most families.

Corgi Poodle

Read on for everything you need to know about these happy little pups to decide whether they could be the right canine companion for you and your family.

Breed Overview

  • A mix of a miniature poodle and a Welsh Corgi
  • Weighs 12-28 pounds
  • 10-12 inches in height
  • Companion dog
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Low-shedding

History Of The Breed

Poodles are German or French-bred dogs that were originally used by waterfowl hunters to retrieve fowl and then bred as a popular companion dogs. They come in four sizes including standard, medium, miniature, and toy.

Poodles are popular parents for mixed breed dogs because they are highly intelligent, and they also have a wiry coat that doesn’t shed. Instead, shed hair gets caught up in that wiry coat and has to be brushed out regularly.

Nevertheless, they are often considered hypoallergenic dogs for those who have issues with dog hair.

Welsh Corgis are small herding dogs originally bred in Wales. They are often considered a big dog in a small package as they are very energetic, strong, and agile.

While they are also highly intelligent, they are independent thinkers and problem solvers. They are sensitive and good at reading the emotions of their humans, who they like to spend a lot of time with.

They make good watchdogs as they have acute senses and a big bark.

The most famous Corgi lover must be Queen Elizabeth II, who has had pups of the breed since the 1930s.

Corgis come in two varieties, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It is usually the latter that are chosen as parents for Corgipoos.

It is unclear when breeders started mixing poodles and Corgis, but it probably began in the 1980s, when many breeders started to experiment with new hybrids. The size parity between miniature poodles and Welsh Corgis makes them a good match for breeding.


Corgipoos are a relatively small breed as both parent pups are quite small. Corgis usually measure between 10 and 12 inches and weigh between 25 and 35 pounds.

Miniature poodles are similar in size, measuring 11-14 inches and weighing between 26 and 31 pounds.

Depending on the size of their parents, you can expect a Corgipoodle to measure somewhere between 10 and 12 inches and to weigh between 12 and 28 pounds.

There isn’t generally a significantly noticeable size difference between male and female Corgipoos.


While Corgis tend to have fox-shaped heads with upright, pointed ears,poodles have a longish snout and long ears that hang down.

How these characteristics will combine in their puppies can be hard to predict. They can have a face that looks a lot like a Corgi or a lot like a poodle. 

Corgis tend to be short, stocky dogs with little legs and a powerful body. Poodles on the other hand tend to be slender dogs underneath all their hair and have long legs.

While their bodies can vary, most Corgipoos tend to have the stockier body of the Corgi, with a shaggy soft coat influenced by their poodle parent.

Coloring will vary depending on the parents, but all Corgipoodles will have brown eyes and a black nose. They tend to have a medium-length coat that is relatively dense and wavy, but not usually curly or corded.

The hope with Corgipoos is that they will inherit the low-shedding coat of their poodle parent, rather than the medium- to high-shedding coat of their Corgi parent.

Either way, daily brushing is the best way to keep the coat clean and manageable and minimize shedding around the house.


The poodle is known as one of the most intelligent and trainable dog breeds, which is why they have often found themselves in circuses.

Corgis are also smart and quick learners, so you can expect Corgipoos to be smart little dogs that can be trained using positive reinforcement.

Both poodles and Corgis are friendly dogs that love humans, which makes them and their offspring great companion pups. In fact, they love their humans so much that they can be prone to depression if they are left on their own too often and for too long.

Corgipoos are sensitive and intuitive, so they do well wiith children, but their small size means they don’t really like rough play. Smaller children should be taught how to treat these dogs gently and with respect.

These dogs also tend to do well around other animals and strangers, so they are relatively easy to introduce into the home, even if you already have pets.

They may make fast friendships with any other dogs or cats you have at home. However, they can be wary of strangers.

But these dogs are smart enough to know when something isn’t right, and they will raise the alarm with the big bark they have inherited from their Corgi parent.

This makes them great watchdogs. They won’t bark at everything, but they will let you know if something unusual is happening.

Energy & Exercise

Corgi-poodle mixes tend to be more energetic than their size suggests and need quite a bit of exercise to stay healthy and happy. They can be prone to obesity if they don’t have the opportunity to burn off excess energy.

But their small stature and the fact that they like to cuddle up with their people means they do surprisingly well in small spaces such as apartments.

That said, they shouldn’t be left at home alone for long stretches. They can easily become bored and frustrated, which often results in destructive behavior.

Health Concerns

While mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier than purebred dogs, there is a chance they can inherit the health conditions that are common to their parents.

One of the most common health concerns to afflict Corgipoodles is hip and elbow dysplasia, which is a malformation of these joints caused by different parts of the body growing at different rates.

This can be avoided by prioritizing a healthy diet and ensuring not to over exercise them as puppies.

They can also be prone to bloat, so should have a clean diet that avoids irritants. They can also suffer from Addison’s disease and Legg-Calve Perthes disease.

Less often, Corgipoos can suffer from patella luxation, cataracts, glaucoma, Von Willebrand’s disease, and hypothyroidism. Regular blood tests and eye examinations are the best way to monitor for these issues.

You can expect a Corgi-poodle mix to have a lifespan of between 12-14 years.

Cost Of Corgipoo Puppies

The Corgipoodle is a highly desirable breed, so their puppies can be very expensive. Don’t be surprised if reputable breeders ask for close to $1,000 for their puppies. The average cost of a Corgipoodle is around $700.

If you are specifically looking for a hypoallergenic puppy, unfortunately it is impossible to tell for certain what kind of a shedder they will be until they are a bit older.

Once you have adopted a Corgipoodle, they are a relatively affordable dog to maintain. Their small size means they are modest easters, though they should have good-quality food that is free from potential irritants such as preservatives.

They are also quite healthy, so regular visits to the vet should not be anticipated — though of course the unexpected always can happen so don’t forget your pet insurance.

Taking home a new Corgipoo? Read our guide on what to expect on puppy’s first night at home.

Should I Adopt A Corgipoo?

If you are considering adopting a Corgidoodle into your family, ask yourself the following questions to help determine whether they are the right dog for you.

How Much Space Do You Have At Home?

Fortunately, the small size of Corgipoos means they do relatively well even in small spaces, so they can live comfortably in an apartment as long as they get regular exercise.

How Much Time And Energy Do You Have To Exercise Your Dog?

While Corgipoodles are small, they actually have a lot of energy. They need to be taken out for a brisk walk for about an hour a day. Is this something you will be able to fit into your schedule?

Do You Have An Adventurous Lifestyle?

Sure, you might be stuck working most of the week, but do you like to get out in the great outdoors when you get a chance?

Despite their little legs, Corgipoodles make great hiking companions. They are also excellent swimmers and will happily join you in water pursuits.

How Much Time Do You Spend Outside Of The House?

While Corgipoos do fine in smaller homes, they aren’t the kind of dog you can leave alone for hours on end. They need human companionship, and can become depressed and destructive if they are left alone for long periods on a regular basis.

Is there usually someone at home at your place? Or is everyone out at school and working for long periods each day?

Do You Have Small Children?

While Corgipoos love children, their small size means they don’t handle rough play well. It can be distressing for them, and they might nip to stop unwanted attention.

They do better in homes with slightly older children who have been shown how to treat a dog with care.

Do You Have Other Pets?

Corgipoos get on well with other animals and will easily fit into a home that already has other pets.

Are You An Experienced Dog Trainer?

Corgipoos are highly intelligent and therefor highly trainable, so even inexperienced dog owners should be able to train these pups with minimal help and guidance.

Do You Need A Hypoallergenic Dog?

The fact that one of the parents of a Corgipoo is a poodle means there is a good chance that they could have a hypoallergenic coat, but nothing is certain. However, breeders often control for this characteristic, so if it is important, talk to your breeder.

How To Train Your Corgipoodle

Corgipoodles are extremely intelligent and they also tend to be eager to please, so they do well with positive reinforcement training.

This means showing your dog desirable behavior and rewarding them when they comply. This way, they learn to associate the habits that you want with reward, even when you stop giving them treats.

For example, if you want to teach your dog to sit, give them the command to sit, and show them what a sitting position looks like. When they are in the right position, reward them with an edible treat or a nice scratch behind the ears and praise.

After you have shown them the move a few times, give them the command and see if they sit on their own. When they do, you can reward them again.

Corgipoodles are intelligent enough that they should only need 5-10 repetitions to learn a new command.

It can be a good idea to teach your Corgipoo tricks, which they will learn quite quickly. Their high level of intelligence means they need a lot of mental stimulation, and teaching them tricks is one way to do that.

Popular tricks can be to teach them to shake hands, stand on their hind legs, spin, roll over, and play dead.

Need advice on house training your Corgipoo? Read our 5 easy steps to house train your puppy.


How much does a Corgipoo cost?

Cirgipoo puppies can cost anywhere between $500-$1,000 depending on where you live and local demand. On average, a Corgipoo puppy will cost around $700.

Do Corgipoos bark a lot?

Corgipoodles don’t tend to bark for no reason but have a big voice if they need to raise the alarm about something. They are usually intelligent enough to tell the difference between the neighbor’s cat passing the window and a genuine prowler.

What is the lifespan of a Corgipoo?

Corgipoos are generally relatively healthy dogs and have a lifespan of between 12-14 years.

How much do Corgipoos shed?

Corgipoos can inherit the low-shedding coat of their poodle parent, or they can inherit the medium-shedding coat of their Corgi parent.

It is difficult to tell which type of coat a dog has when they are still a puppy, but many breeders try to control specifically for this characteristic.

Can Corgipoos swim?

Yes, Corgipoos are known to be good swimmers and to enjoy the water. They also tend to have water-resistant coats.

Are there toy Corgipoos?

Some breeders will create smaller Corgipoos by breeding a Corgi with a toy poodle. These dogs will have the same temperament as larger Corgipoos but could weigh as little as 12 pounds.

They will also need a bit less exercise, but they can be more prone to barking due to ‘small dog syndrome.’

What is a Corgidor?

A Corgidor is a mix between a Corgi and a Labrador retriever. These tend to be medium-sized dogs with a friendly temperament and a lot of energy.

What are other popular Corgi mixes?

Other popular Corgi mixes include the Australian shepherd Corgi, border collie Corgi, beagle Corgi, Chihuahua Corgi, Daschund Corgi, German shepherd Corgi, Great Dane Corgi, Labrador Corgi, pitbull Corgi, Pomeranian Corgi, pug Corgi, Rottweiler Corgi, terrier Corgi, and the Shiba Inu Corgi.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a small companion dog with a big personality, then a Corgipoodle could be a great choice. They are loving companion dogs that do well in apartments, but they are also energetic and will love to join you on weekend hikes and other adventures.

Corgipoos make great dogs for first-time owners because they are obedient and trainable, and they are easy to socialize with people and other animals.

However, they aren’t great with small children who don’t yet know how to treat small animals with care.

Just because these are easy dogs to train doesn’t mean that owning them isn’t hard work! These dogs need a lot of companionship and don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis.

But if you take the time to invest in these wonderful dogs, the love and companionship they will give you in return is well worth it.

Have you ever been the owner of a Corgipoodle?

What do you think of the breed?

Share your advice and experience with the community in the comments section below.

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