Dog’s Perform The Ultimate Down-Stay!

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Stetson and Adelle Down Stay
Good down-stay!

Our service dog puppies are not ordinary…they are extraordinary!  They learn some amazing things and go on to help others as working dogs.  Dublin has become the eyes for his partner and helps guide her around town her out of harms way.  Apache helps his partner, a wounded warrior with PTSD live a more independent life.

These pups we raise and train start off with us as helpless 7 week old puppies, but leave us working and helping others live their lives to the fullest.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Our puppies in training are truly extraordinary!

One of the many commands we teach our guide dog puppies is a down-stay.  We work for months on perfecting down-stays by slowly increasing the duration and difficulty.

Just the other day I was browsing the internet and came across these two dogs performing the ultimate down-stay!

The Ultimate Down-Stay

Do you think your pups can perform a down-stay as good as the two dogs in this video?  Check it out and put your pups to the test!

It looks like a Doxie and a Puggle.  Seriously, they are so still you almost don’t even notice them the first time through the video.  4 minute and 25 second down-stay!  Good job you two!  And I’m sure you could have extended that down-stay another 10 minutes.

Maybe they’re just stuffed toys 🙂

Oh and by the way, the Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel cover wasn’t too shabby as well!

Love that video!  I wish I had as much talent as she does in her little pinky…EXTRAORDINARY!!!


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  1. That video was great. Down stay is essential to teach dogs. Every dog must know this. In video they look like they are sleeping rather than a down stay.

    1. In all the years of raising guide dog puppies I have seen several of our dogs pretty much fall asleep while in a down-stay in class. When it comes to raising puppies for the guide dog school they would tell us to introduce more distractions if our pup’s are falling asleep while in a down-stay. I remember when I was raising Stetson one of our games was keeping him in a down-stay while our trainer threw tennis balls passed all of the dogs. It was a last dog standing downing competition. Out of a dozen or so dogs Stetson made it to the final two: Stetson vs Houston. In the end Houston was an absolute statue several tennis balls hit him in the face and he didn’t even flinch. Stetson was great all the way until one of the balls hit him in the face…he reacted got out of his down-stay and the game was over. Thumbs up to Houston who’s now been a working guide dog for over 5 years!

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