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Best Girl Dog Names For Sassy Pups With Attitude

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You can often tell within minutes of meeting a new pup or dog whether they have an attitude.

That’s the moment when you know they are going to need a sassy name to reflect their personality.

But choosing a name that is the right balance of sassy and sweet can be challenging.

We’ll also share our tips for narrowing down your options when you are struggling to settle on the perfect name for your new canine companion.

Sassy Girl Dog Names

Read on for our recommendations for the best sassy girl dog names for pups with style and attitude.

Top Sassy Names For Female Dogs

Here are our absolute top picks for sassy names for female dogs.

  • Duchess – Seems like the perfect name for a pup you plan to spoil!
  • Empress – While both queens and empresses rule, empresses seem to have a more aloof manner; ideal for aloof divas.
  • Jinx – Is the jinx on you or them? Perfect for pups who are always getting in (and out of) trouble.
  • Katana – This is the name of the famous swords used by Japanese samurai.
  • Queenie – If you just know your dog is going to rule the roost at home, then why not celebrate them for the queen that they are?
  • Quinn – A play on Harley Quinn, the dangerous beauty of the Suicide Squad.
  • Storm – Ideal for dogs that seem to leave chaos in their wake.
  • Vixen – Perfect name for a little terror who can also melt your heart with a single glance.

Dog Names Based On Celebrity Divas

It’s not just dogs who can be divas. Why not name your pup after some of the most famous (and infamous) celebrity divas?

  • Aaliyah – While the talented singer met a tragic end, her name is still a byword for living by your own rules.
  • Aretha – No one has better diva credentials than the original Aretha Franklin.
  • Ariana – Ariana Grande is quickly making a name for herself as the new Whitney or Mariah.
  • Anjelica – Few women can stare you down like the legendary Anjelica Huston.
  • Barbara – Barabara Streisand had a big voice; this is the perfect name for pups with a big bark!
  • Beyonce – No one will dispute that the former Destiny’s Child singer and one of the most successful artists in the world isn’t a powerful role model.
  • Cher – The singer infamously told her mother that she doesn’t need a rich and powerful man…because she is one!
  • Lady Gaga – This is the perfect name for pups with big personalities that march to the beat of their own drum.
  • Mariah – Tales of singer Mariah Carey’s diva behavior have become legendary, but boy, can she sing!
  • Naomi – The model Naomi Campbell is known for her flawless looks and no-nonsense attitude.
  • Oprah – Who rules the world? Girls. And specifically Oprah Winfrey.
  • Wintour – After the iconic fashion businesswoman Anna Wintour.
  • Witney Houston – No list of divas is complete without Whitney, the ideal name for pups that like to sing.

Dog Names Based On Strong Female Characters

Writers have developed many strong and sassy female characters, creating a pool of great names that will immediately signal to others what your dog is all about.

  • Ayra – This has become an increasingly popular name for pups as Game of Thrones shows us just what little girls can be capable of.
  • Buffy – Just the right mix of cute and strong, this name immediately signals a dog that is sweet but will jump into action if needed.
  • Harley – Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad is beautiful, quirky, and dangerous.
  • Moana – The little Hawaiian girl who stands up to anyone in her way, perfect for little dogs with a big bark.
  • Natasha – The Black Widow has shown us that looks can kill.
  • Ripley – Sigourney Weaver’s character in the Alien movies who didn’t mince words with anyone, human or no.
  • Rogue – This southern lass is one of the most powerful heroes in the X-Men, especially if you follow the comics rather than the films.
  • Sansa – Perfect for a beautiful pup who also has a will of steel!
  • Ursula – The iconic villain in The Little Mermaid (or Phoebe’s evil twin on Friends!)
  • Wanda – the given name of the Red Witch; sweet but lethal.
  • Xena – Name your powerful pup for the warrior princess played by Lucy Lawless.

Dog Names Inspired By Goddesses

What better name for a powerful pup than that of a powerful goddess?

  • Amazon – A powerful race of female warriors in Greek mythology.
  • Aphrodite – The Greek goddess of love and the perfect name for pups that don’t like to share their people.
  • Artemis – The Greek goddess of the hunt.
  • Athena – The Greek goddess of war.
  • Diana – The Roman goddess of the hunt, and, of course, Wonder Woman.
  • Erebus – The Greek goddess of shadows.
  • Hera – The terrifying wife of the goddess Zeus associated with witchcraft.
  • Freya – The Norse goddess of love and beauty, and of course a warrior, like all Vikings.
  • Juno – The principal Roman goddess who ruled over all she saw.
  • Minerva – The Roman goddess of wisdom and war.
  • Valkyrie – Name your pup after the supernatural Viking shield maidens.
  • Venus – The untamable Roman goddess of love.

Dog Names Based On Drinks

If your pup is sweet but packs a powerful punch, why not name them after your favorite tipple?

  • Amber – The perfect amber ale and the perfect name for an amber-colored beauty.
  • Brandy – A smooth name for a smooth pup.
  • Champagne – Bubbly and fun and also the ideal name for lighter-colored dogs.
  • Kahlua – Smooth with a chocolatey color.
  • Martini – Posh cocktails and posh pups.
  • Mimosa – One of the few things it is acceptable to drink in the morning.
  • Riesling – Perfect if you love your pup as much as you love wine.
  • Sake – A powerful Japanese tipple.
  • Sambuca – A sweet and powerful liquor.
  • Sherry – What your grandmother probably used to drink.
  • Tequila – A sweet and happy drink with a serious kick.
  • Whiskey – A Scottish tipple with a fiery taste.

You can find all of our recommendations for the best dog names here.

How To Choose Your Dog’s Name

Naming a new dog is not that different from naming a new human. There aren’t really any rules, but it is still possible to get it wrong.

Plus, while other people can share their experiences with you, you kind of just need to feel your way until you find something you think is right for your dog.

That said, there are some general recommendations that can help you eliminate inappropriate dog names and also potentially help you choose between two names if you just can’t decide.

So, if you need help coming to a decision, consider the following factors.

Consider How The Name Sounds To Your Dog

Remember that animals don’t understand language in the same way we do. They rather learn to associate sounds with certain commands, requests, or objects.

They don’t have the capacity to understand that the same sound might mean different things in different contexts.

For this reason, it is a good idea to avoid names that sound too much like the main commands that you intend to teach your dog, such as “sit” and “stay.”

They probably will learn the difference between the two words with time, but you are making life harder than it needs to be for your pup and risking clear, regular miscommunication in the long term.

Also, remember that your dog needs to be able to pick out the important words, like their name, from all the other chatter and sound around them.

You can make this easier by choosing words that start with letters that are easier for them to distinguish. Names starting with harder sounds might be a bit easier for them to pick out.

They also find it easier to distinguish their name if it ends with a sharp “A” or a long “Y” sound. That’s why names such as Luna and Benny, for example, are perfect.

Finally, it’s a good idea to go for names that are just one or two syllables long. A five-syllable name will just be a bit too complex for them to digest easily.

If you want to give them a long and complicated name, then at least consider a shortened version that you can use when you need to get their attention like a command.

Make Sure Their Name Is Appropriate

There aren’t a lot of people who would call their children rude names. In fact, many people spend hours combining names with their last name to ensure that nothing unintentionally insulting can be made of it.

However, people don’t tend to take the same care with the names they choose for their dogs and sometimes even choose deliberately controversial names. While an edgy name might seem amusing at the time, it can quickly become a problem.

Imagine that you need to get control of your dog in a large public park because they are getting a little too friendly with a small child.

Their behavior is innocent, but the child is getting scared. You are some distance away, so you need to shout their name loudly in front of everyone–and in the direction of the child that is beginning to scream.

Now, imagine that it isn’t you who has to shout the name but rather your child, niece, nephew, or another young person who is temporarily responsible for the dog, but isn’t responsible for picking that name!

Remember, your dog is going to be with you for 10 to 15 years, so you don’t want to treat naming them as a joke.

Need advice on how to teach your dog their name? Read our complete guide here.

FAQs About Dog Names

Is it OK to change a dog’s name?

Just like you become attached to your name, the same is true of your dog. If you have been calling them a certain name for five years, suddenly changing it for no particular reason can just cause confusion.

However, if you bring home a dog that already has a name, you can certainly change it. As long as you consistently use it and reward them when they respond appropriately to their name, they will quickly learn that the new name belongs to them.

How long does it take a dog to learn its name?

How long it will take your dog to learn their name depends on their capacity to learn commands and how much effort you put into teaching them.

Dogs can learn their names quickly with positive reinforcement training. Some dogs might already start recognizing their name within two days.

Can I give my dog a human name?

Of course, you can give your dog a human name, and many people do.

However, some trainers believe that giving your dog a human name encourages you to anthropomorphize them and attribute human qualities to them. This may undermine your ability to maintain control and discipline.

However, unless you are training a dog for a specific purpose, such as working as a guide dog, this is probably not a huge concern.

The Verdict

Choosing the perfect name for your dog can be challenging. It is a search for inspiration and something that just fits and feels right.

If your dog arrives at your door with a sassy attitude already, then they are already giving you some ideas for appropriate names.

If they aren’t revealing much about their personality yet, then maybe focus on physical characteristics such as their color or the size of their ears.

Just remember these basic recommendations when naming your dog:

  • Choose something distinct and easy for your dog to recognize
  • Avoid overly edgy or offensive names
  • Avoid names that sound too similar to basic commands like “sit” or “stay”

One of the best ways to come up with a name is to look at as many names as you can and hope that one inspires you.

Even if you don’t find the name you want on our list, hopefully, it will trigger connections that help you find what you are looking for.

Do you have any great ideas for sassy names for female dogs? Share them with the community in the comments section below.

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