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Blue-Eyed Dog Names – Nature, Color & Movie Inspired Names

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Have you just welcomed a blue-eyed dog into your home? If so, you will need to find a perfect name for your canine sidekick fast; you probably don’t want to settle for calling your dog “Poochy” for the rest of their life!

If you want to find a suitable name for your new pup, you might want to consider some of the great blue-eyed dog names below as inspiration.

Few things are as exciting as getting a new puppy! However, things can get a bit tricky when you have to name the said puppy (unless you already have a list of favorite names to choose from)! If you haven’t planned so far ahead, worry not!

Naming a puppy shouldn’t be taken lightly, as you’re going to use that name to refer to your dog for the rest of their lives.

blue-eyed dog names

For this reason, the best dog names are short, easy to pronounce, and easy for a dog to remember. Also, a good dog name won’t sound like any other command or trick you are going to give to your puppy during training, such as “sit” or “stay.”

If you are struggling to find a blue-eyed dog name that ticks all of those boxes, I’m here to help! 

In this article, I’ll share my ultimate list of good names for dogs with blue eyes that will suit any blue-eyed dog, regardless of its breed, age, and gender. Also, I’ll share a few tips that will help you pick a perfect name for your new canine. Let’s dive in, shall we? 

What To Name A Dog With Blue Eyes

Listed below, you will find many great names for dogs with blue eyes! To help you find a good name for your dog, I’ve divided them into several specific categories.

You will also find a brief explanation of each name to get a better idea of whether that particular name is a good choice for your dog or not. 

Blue Color-Inspired Names

There are so many different shades of blue that you’ll likely find the exact name for the unique color of your dog’s eyes below. Read on, and you may end up choosing your puppy’s new name in just a few short minutes!

1. Azure – the blue color of the clear sky

2. Capri – a deeper shade of a blue sky

3. Cobalt – a blue pigment made by sintering cobalt oxide with aluminum oxide

4. Cyan – a shade of blue color between blue and green

5. Indigo – a unique color shade that combines purple and blue

6. Teal – a rich bluish-green color that inspired the name of the Eurasian teal bird

7. Ocean – references the cool blue color of the ocean on a sunny day

8. Admiral – an intense shade of darkest blue 

9. Arctic – a light, pure shade of icy blue 

10. Denim – a unique color of old and worn jeans

11. Aegean – a particular shade of blue with grey and green undertones

12. Navy – a very dark shade of blue 

13. Royal – a deep, rich, and vivid shade of blue

14. Space – a dark, swirling shade of purplish blue

15. Yale – a dark azure color

16. Zaffre – a deep blue pigment obtained by roasting cobalt ore

17. Skye – a lighter shade of blue than the azure often used to describe the sky at noon

18. Powder – a very pale shade of blue; a much-lighter version of cobalt blue

19. Oxford – an official color of the University of Oxford

20.  Alice – a pale tint of azure blue, almost ice blue

Cool Names For Dogs With Blue Eyes

There is no shortage of cool names for dogs with blue eyes! If you are looking for a dope name befitting your awesome canine, then this list is for you!

1. Aegir – Norse god of the sea

2. Afina – means “blueberry” in Romanian

3. Akash – an Indian name that means “sky”

4. Ambreen – a name for the sky in Arabic

5. Ariel – the mermaid with blue eyes from the Disney movie

6. Azura – a slightly different version of azure and a Spanish word for sky blue color

7. Berry – from blueberry, a small, bite-sized bluish fruit

8. Bleu – the French word for “blue”

9. Brook – a small, clear-watered forest stream

10. Caspian – as in the Caspian sea, located in Central Asia

11. Capri – the color of the Mediterranean sea 

12. Celeste – a celestial shade of night sky blue

13. Calvin – after Calvin Klein, a famous brand of blue jeans 

14. Denim – the blue-colored material used to make jeans

15. Darya – meaning “sea” in Persian

16. Diesel – a brand of jeans and clothes

17. Dory – the peppy yet forgetful blue fish from the movie “Finding Nemo”

18. Frank – after Frank Sinatra, who had bright blue eyes

19. Haf – meaning “ocean” in Icelandic

20. Han – a type of blue pigment used for imperial paintings

21. Hitomi – means “blue eyes” in Japanese

22. Jay – a reference to the blue jay, a bird that is native to eastern North America

23. Kai – meaning “sea” in Hawaiian

24. Lir/Ler – a sea god in Irish mythology

25. Levis – after Levi Strauss, who created the first company to manufacture blue jeans

26. Livie – meaning blue color 

27. Lynn – meaning lake, stream, or waterfall

28. Maris – a name originated from the Latin word meaning “of the sea”

29. Mizu – meaning “water” in Japanese

30. Miku – meaning “beautiful sky” in Japanese

31. Neptune – the god of the sea in Roman mythology and also a blue planet in our solar system

32. Peri – short for periwinkle blue

33. Polar – the color of ice at the Arctic circle

34. Ridley – a type of sea turtle

35. Robin – a reference to the shade robin’s egg blue

36. Sky – depending on the weather and the time of the day, the sky comes in many shades of blue

37. Smalt – blue glass colored with cobalt oxide

38. Tiffany – the name of the light blue color associated with Tiffany’s jewelry box

39. Ula – a name meaning “sea jewel”

40. Wrangler – a brand of tough cowboy jeans

Nature-Inspired Names For Blue-Eyed Dogs

Mother nature is often used as an inspiration when it comes to naming blue-eyed dogs. There are many different flowers, animals, bodies of water, and much more that can make elegant, unique, and classy names for blue-eyed dogs.

1. Atasi – a purplish-blue flower

2. Aster –  a star-shaped blue flower, also known as Alpine aster

3. Bluebell – a richly colored blue flower (and a very cute sounding dog name!)

4. Thistle – a pompom-like blue flower 

5. Flax – a tiny and delicate bluish flower

6. Frosty – a good name for dogs with icy blue eyes

7. Icy – also a nice choice for pups with icy colored eyes

8. Iris – a purplish-blue flower with a long stem

9. Macaw – a vibrant blue colored species of parrot

10. Peacock –  a type of bird with unique bluish feathering

11. Veronica –  a type of blue flower

12. Watson –  a lake in Prescott, Arizona

13. Heron – a handsome blue seabird

14. Gentian – a ground-covering flower of deep blue color

15. Lobelia – an easy-to-grow flower that prefers cool weather

Blue Gemstone-Inspired Names

If you are still wondering what to name a dog with blue eyes, how about a beautiful gemstone-inspired name? Keep in mind that many of these names can easily be shortened to one- or two-syllable variants! 

1. Agate – a common gemstone that can be found in many colors, including blue

2. Aquamarine – known for its watery blue and green hues that look like the depths of the ocean

3. Kyanite – a blue aluminosilicate mineral found in sedimentary rocks

4. Lapis – a semi-precious stone known for its deep blue color

5. Larimar – a rare blue variety of pectolite, a silicate mineral

6. Sapphire – one of the most popular blue gemstones and a great name for blue-eyed dogs

7. Tanzanite – a rare and precious gemstone of deep blue and violet hues

8. Topaz – a common type of gemstone that comes in many colors 

9. Opal – a form of silica that comes in many eye-catching colors, including blue

10. Akoya – as in blue Akoya pearls, which are very rare 

11. Labradorite – a precious gemstone that is believed to boost a wearer’s self-confidence

12. Spinel – an increasingly popular gemstone that comes in many different colors

Character-Inspired Names

Listed below, you will find many blue characters from movies, books, video games, and TV shows that can serve as great names for blue-eyed dogs.

If you don’t find the perfect name here, these can at least inspire you to look further for a more fitting character name for your dog!

1. Abe Sapien – a blue fictional character from Hellboy

2. Avatar – from the movie of the same name

3. Bubbles – the name of the blue Powerpuff girl from the superhero animated TV series

4. Buster – the fun-loving blue rabbit from Tiny Toon Adventures

5. Genie – as in the fictional blue Jinn from the movie Aladdin

6. Smurfette – one of the main characters of the Smurfs

7. Huckleberry – as in Huckleberry Hound from the classic cartoon

8. Mordecai – a blue jay bird from the series Regular Show

9. Stitch – the mischievous blue alien from the Lilo & Stitch movies

10. Furrball – a blue homeless cat from Tiny Toon Adventures

11. Marge – as in Marge Simpson

12. Raven – from the X-Men movies and comic books

13. Ronan – from the Guardians of the Galaxy

14. Aylaa – exotic beauty from the Star Wars known for her blue skin 

15. Hank – the blue beast from the X-men movies

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Name For Your Dog 

Many people find it hard to choose a name for their dog. That’s not that surprising, especially considering the dog will end up “stuck” with their name for the rest of its life.

When choosing the perfect name for your new puppy, here are a few things you should have in mind:

  • Try to choose a name that ends with a vowel. These names change tone when you call your dog. This can make a big difference when training recall to your puppy, as you will easily get your dog’s attention with a name ending in a vowel sound.
  • Avoid names that can easily be confused with commands. For example, “Ray” can easily get confused with “stay.” Think of the name you are thinking of giving to your dog, and if it sounds similar to a command, try to look for an alternative.
  • If you have other dogs, look for a name that won’t sound similar to their names. The names shouldn’t sound so similar for the dogs to confuse them and end up answering the wrong name. While Charli and Theo are fine, Harley and Marley aren’t. 

FAQs About Good Names For Dogs With Blue Eyes

What is a good name for a blue dog?

Some of the best and most unique names for male blue-eyed dogs are Calvin, Denim, Diesel, Levi, Wrangler, Navy, Admiral, Polar, Ridley, and Frosty. 

Some of the best and most unique female names for blue-eyed dogs are Atasi, Agave, Bluebell, Azure, Indigo, Mavi, Sandy, Icky, Doli, and Blau.

These suggestions are just to get you started, so if you don’t see one you like here, feel free to keep looking and get a bit creative!   

What should I name my blue-eyed husky?

There are many cool names for blue-eyed Siberian huskies. Depending on what type of name you are looking for, you may like naming your dog something like Icy, Frosty, Cobalt, Azul, Polar, Capri, Caspian, Blaze, or Cyan. 

As far as female huskies go, you may like Dev, Elara, Jaylin, Iris, Tiffany, Celeste, or Maya.  

How rare is a blue-eyed dog?

Several dog breeds, including Australian shepherds, border collies, old English sheepdogs, and Welsh and Pembroke corgis have blue eyes.

However, in all of these cases, blue eyes are the result of a recessive gene.

This means in order for a puppy to inherit blue eyes, both parents must carry a copy of this recessive gene. Due to that, blue-eyed dogs are rarer, but they’re not impossible to find. 

What do you name a girl dog with blue eyes?

There are many adorable names for female dogs with blue eyes.

Depending on the type of name you are looking for, you may like naming your dog something like Akira, Alice, Berry, Darya, Diana, Jean, Mira, Montana, Peri, Raven, Skye, or Ula. 


Finding the perfect name for your new puppy is often easier said than done!

Using your dog’s physical traits, like the color of their coat or eyes can get your creative juices flowing and help you pick the right name for your pooch.

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect name, you always have this list of best blue-eyed dog names to choose from.

Above all, when naming your dog, don’t forget to:

  • Pick a short name that is easy to pronounce
  • Avoid using names that sound similar to obedience commands
  • Use a short name that will grab your dog’s attention whenever you call them

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