6 Features I’d Like To See In My Future Dog Friendly Car

Dublin Dog Car

Many moons ago I wrote about the perfect dog car.  At the time I was interested in purchasing a new car that would be suitable for me and my dogs.  I was driving a 2000 Honda CRV which was suitable, but not quite the perfect dog friendly car.  Actually not even close, but light years […]

Dog’s Perform The Ultimate Down-Stay!

Stetson and Adelle Down Stay

Our service dog puppies are not ordinary…they are extraordinary!  They learn some amazing things and go on to help others as working dogs.  Dublin has become the eyes for his partner and helps guide her around town her out of harms way.  Apache helps his partner, a wounded warrior with PTSD live a more independent life. […]

4 Future Benefits Of Crate Training Your Puppy

Crate Training with Adelle

Maybe you already started crate training your puppy and have already hit those frustrating first few days or maybe you are just prepping for that new puppy.  Either way when you first start crate training the future benefits of a well-behaved, crate trained puppy are not always apparent. After crate training my last half dozen puppies […]

There’s Something Squishy Under My Little Puppy Paws!?

Pups Tagg and Duncan at GDA Booth

I may not always be learning something new when it comes to puppy training and raising, but I’m often reminded of something old that I may have forgotten (actually more like it was dormant) when raising a new puppy. This past weekend we were puppy sitting an adorable little (actually big) puppy in training named […]

Rescue Puppies…Make Great Head Warmers

Puppy Head Warmer

We’ll make great Pets, we’ll make great Pets, we’ll make great Pets, we’ll make great Pets… I don’t know why, but when I read and write sometimes random quotes come to mind.  Can you guess where the above quote is from??? If you guessed Porno for Pyros then you’re absolutely correct!  Back in the early […]

Orange County Pet Expo 2014

Guess what?  One of our favorite pet adoption events of the year is on the horizon.  That’s right!  The 2014 Orange County Pet Expo!  We’ve been writing about this event for years, we’re regular attendees, and often times volunteer at the Guide Dogs of America booth.  I’m not sure what’s in store for us this […]