So Where Do We Go Now?

Lil Pup, Big Pup

This blog has never been laser focused, but then again are most blogs?    After all in the beginning a weblog or blog was basically just an online journal, right!?  I remember first hearing about blogs in the early 2000′s and not thinking for one second that a blog would be anything more than an […]

Meth Lab, Yo!

Meth lab, Yo!

My girlfriend is getting tired of me relating everything back to Breaking Bad (affiliate link) so I’m now resorting to my blog to reference the hit TV Show. I know the finale has already come and past, but these past few months I just started watching the show on NetFlix and it’s GREAT! Just in case […]

I Hate Mondays!

Stetson Hates Mondays!

I HATE MONDAYS!!! TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, AND THURSDAYS!!!  I couldn’t agree more, buddy! What’s your favorite day or least favorite day of the week? “My favorite day(s) of the week are the ones ending in the letter “Y”!”  ~Adelle “I don’t have a favorite day…just a favorite time: MEAL TIME!” ~Stetson “My favorite day of the week […]

Adopting Your Next Puppy? Visit Irvine Shelters Pet Adoption Fair

Puppy Pet Adoption

The Irvine Pet Adoption is back for it’s 7th year!  As far as we know Irvine Animal Shelter has two of these large Pet Adoption Fairs every year.  The summertime event is dubbed the Super Pet Adoption.  We actually recall going to one of the first ones with our (at the time) puppy in training, […]

4th Annual Fall Pet Days in Orange County

Little Duncan, Big Swagger!

Do you guys remember the last time we visited the Pet Days event in Orange County? It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but I just took a look back at the archives and we went to the First Pet Days way back in 2008!  I bet a lot has changed since then and […]

What Commands Do You Teach A Service Dog?

Training Adelle

As guide dog puppy raisers we teach our puppies 9 basic obedience commands before turn in.  Adelle’s service dog training manual lists 30 commands we are to teach our pups!  That’s right 30!!! We’ve been raising and training guide dog puppies since 2006!  We get the privilege of working with these puppies from the time […]

This Puppy Is…Part Boxer?

Part Boxer?

Dublin was quite the helper when he would come into the office with me, but part boxer? I don’t think so…Dublin was/is a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever bred at Guide Dogs of America. Today Dublin is a working guide dog and we chronicled his entire journey in our Puppy In Training TV series. If you […]

Puppy In Training TV – Ep21 – Working Guide Dog

Dublin On Break

WOWZERS!!! Can you believe it’s been well over a year since Dublin graduated from Guide Dog College!? Last we saw Dublin just started his career as a working Guide Dog. If you missed Dublin’s graduation episode head on over to this page and you can see him graduating from Guide Dogs of America(GDA). Today, he’s […]