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If you are considering puppy adoption, I highly recommend visiting one of your local puppy/dog rescues. In past articles I’ve talked to you about the puppy/dog rescue, Cuddly Canines. I want to do my best to help place these puppies by profiling each puppy, litter of puppies, and dogs on this blog.

***Note this dog may already be adopted as I will keep this information in my archive. Please check the Cuddly Canines website for the most recent puppies up for adoption.

Anna the Australian Shepherd

Anna The Australian Shepherd


Lovely Anna is a 3 year old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who has a heart to match her beauty. This is one of the sweetest gals we have ever met……….and extremely well-behaved. A true lady! She is beautiful from head to toe, inside & out. Weighing in at only 40 pounds, she is a wonderful size….not too big, not too small. She gets along good with other dogs & basically ignores the kitty cats.

Anna is in La Habra Heights

Are you interested in adopting?

If you are interested in adopting Anna please visit the Cuddly Canines website. If you happen to adopt Anna please remember, it’s never too early or too late to start her on her training. If you are interested in puppy adoption or fostering here are a few other articles you might enjoy:

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Of course, Anna is not the only dog being fostered by Cuddly Canines. Please visit their website to see the most current pictures of all their dogs and puppies.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about this article. Is puppy adoption in your future? Do you want to try puppy fostering? If so, please visit the Cuddly Canines website.


  1. Britani Pires says

    Look just keep Anna safely cause i wanna adopt her so when i can i will but make sure noone else adopts her

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