6 Features I’d Like To See In My Future Dog Friendly Car

Many moons ago I wrote about the perfect dog car.  At the time I was interested in purchasing a new car that would be suitable for me and my dogs.  I was driving a 2000 Honda CRV which was suitable, but not quite the perfect dog friendly car.  Actually not even close, but light years […]

6 Reasons Why The Mazda RX-8 Is Not A Dog Friendly Car

If you’ve been following us since the beginning then you probably remember years ago when we were writing about the best dog friendly cars.  In fact, I just took a look at the archives and came across a few of my early dog car posts.  The first post I wrote was about Finding The Perfect […]

Do You Think About Your Dog(s) Before Buying A Car?

It’s been a while since we talked about some true mischief, but this week we’re hitting the old mischief archives and bringing up a story about a little guide dog puppy in training named Dublin… Lets roll back the clocks to mid 2011.  Dublin was not a young pup anymore probably about 13 months and […]

Orange County Pet Expo Recap

It was a great and busy weekend for me starting on Friday with the Orange County Pet Expo.  The Pet Expo actually wasn’t the only event I had scheduled this weekend after volunteering for Guide Dogs of America all day Friday I hopped on a plane to Las Vegas for a friends bachelor party.  I […]

My Next Dog Car? The Dog Friendly Honda Element?

I’ve been talking about getting a new dog car for what seems like forever (over two years anyways).  A few months back I went to the Los Angeles Auto Show and came away with a few new ideas for a dog car, but didn’t actually pull the trigger on purchasing a new car.  So I […]