Guide Dog Puppy Raising 201

Hmmm…so is this really Advanced Guide Dog Puppy Raising?  Well…no not really, but we did learn a few new and important things about raising our guide dog pups from our good friends Tony and Sam. Last week Tony and his guide dog, Sam visited our monthly Orange County Guide Dogs of America monthly meeting.  We […]

3 Puppy Training Tips I Learned As A Guide Dog Puppy Sitter

As a guide dog puppy sitter and raiser I face the same and new challenges with each puppy. I’m constantly reminded of lessons and puppy training tips I learned over the years. Ever since we dropped Apache off at Guide Dog College to start his “formal” education Linus, Stetson, and I feel like we’ve been non-stop […]

3 Basic Puppy Training Tips Every Owner Should Know

I love puppies!  There cute, adorable, cuddly, and of course who can’t resist the famous puppy breath!  These things are all great, but once you get your new puppy home he will test your patience…seriously! I like to preach that people need to be consistent, persistent and patient when it comes to training.  Today I […]

My Puppy Hates His Collar!? What Do I Do?

Does your puppy hate collars?  If you just brought your puppy home or only had him for a few days I’m guessing your answer is a resounding YES!!!  In fact, people tell me all the time in a frantic mood…”My puppy hates his collar!?  What do I do?”  The answer is not that difficult: “just […]