Volunteering With Tender Loving Canine Assistance Dogs (TLCAD)

Over the last 7 years I’ve been raising guide dog puppies for Guide Dogs of America (GDA) and recently I’ve been thinking about raising and training for another organization.  Don’t get me wrong I love being a puppy raiser for GDA, but I’m very interested in learning new things while continuing to help one of […]

I Got A New Puppy When Should I Start Training Him?

People often ask me, “I just got a new puppy when shall I start working on his training?”  I quickly shoot back, “You should start working on puppy training the moment you bring home your new pup!” Whether you like it or not puppy training starts on day 1.  Your puppy is constantly learning new […]

3 Basic Puppy Training Tips Every Owner Should Know

I love puppies!  There cute, adorable, cuddly, and of course who can’t resist the famous puppy breath!  These things are all great, but once you get your new puppy home he will test your patience…seriously! I like to preach that people need to be consistent, persistent and patient when it comes to training.  Today I […]

A Well Trained Dog Is By Far A Happier Dog!

The good people at pet365 actually sent me this post on “Dog Training Statistics” many moons ago and unfortunately it’s taken me this long to get a blog article together about their wonderful infographic.  One thing I definitely have to agree with is the first line: “A well trained dog is by far a happier […]

Dublin’s Guide Dog Training Update

It’s been over 4 months since I dropped off Dublin at guide dog college.  I still think about him and how he’s doing just about every day.  I like posting some of his old puppy pictures to our Facebook page.  Every time I visit the Guide Dogs of America (GDA) campus I ask how he’s […]