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      Cool! I’ll have to check out Dexter on you WW post. Toby had some fun chewing his pressed rawhide bone on his new doggy bed.

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      Hi Jen,

      We actually really like this one. It’s light weight and the inside materials are easy to remove when it comes time for cleaning.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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      Hi Christie,

      Toby is training to be a guide dog, but Linus and Stetson who are my personal dogs enjoy the big person’s bed too :)

      Take care,

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      It only looks huge because Toby is so small. It’s actually just the right sized for my 55 lb Australian Shepherd mix, Linus.

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      I think the kitties would like the bed too…maybe a little big, but that just means more kitties can fit onto the bed! The more the merrier!

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    Hey Colby and Gang!

    That’s the Bret Michaels bed… cool… Toby? Have I not visited for such a long time that I’ve missed Toby? Who’s this dashing young dog? One of your charges I’m assuming.

    I was supposed to ask you a question but I forgot about it… but here’s one I remember: is it possible for a dog to feel jealous of just one dog in the entire pack?

    My sister has 4 dogs. The aggressive one is Buchi. When someone pets Whitey, he will growl and bark his heart out. However, he will totally ignore us when we give affection to Chooey or Rin.

    Huggies and Cheese,


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      Hi Haopee,

      We puppy sat Toby for two weeks and he recently moved on to another puppy raiser. He was a cute little guy.

      I’m not an expert in jealousy between dogs, but it definitely sounds plausible. However, I’m not sure whether that is a jealous behavior or some other kind of protective or maybe something to do with asserting dominance. If it’s something you’re worried about I’d consider bringing a professional dog trainer or behavior expert into the house to evaluate your pack.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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      I really like this bed. Compared to the dog beds I picked up from Costco these are very lightweight, have a cool design, and the bottom has a tacky feel so it does not slide around on hard floors.

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