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3 Interesting Animal Shelter Facts

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It was a busy weekend and I’ll probably write a few posts about it over the next couple days. Sunday afternoon we visited the Irvine Animal Shelter for the Orange County Super Pet Adoption. As I mentioned in a previous post I visited the Pet Adoption last year, but this years event was bigger and better. I saw our friends from Guide Dogs of America and also our other friends at Cuddly Canines.

One thing I noticed at this years Pet Adoption were several signs with some interesting animal facts. I don’t think I found all of them, but I did take pictures of three of the signs I did come across.

Interesting Animal Shelter Facts


Foster parents for homeless animals are desperately needed. Please sign up at the Information Booth.

Volunteering as a puppy/dog foster parent is a very rewarding endeavor. If you have the time and space I highly recommend looking into fostering. We’ve fostered several dogs and puppies with the rescue organization Cuddly Canines.


Did You Know… In 7 years one female cat and her offspring can give birth to 420,000 kittens.

Now that’s an interesting fact! One of my friends had several litters of ferral kittens constantly coming through their neighborhood. I guess if on cat can produce that many kittens I could see how the cat population can get out of hand.


Did You Know…Only 1 out of every 10 dogs born ever finds a permanent home.

That’s a sad fact. I was very happy to see that the Super Adoption Event has grown and hopefully brings more awareness to our community.

I’m sure there were several other interesting fact signs that I missed. Unfortunately I was a little short on time, but I’m glad I had the chance to visit this wonderful event again this year.

Did you make it to the Orange County Super Pet Adoption?  Did you have a good time?  Did you adopt an animal?

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  1. Im doing a tostmaster speech, pound or breed. That one fact, 1 out of 10, wow!!! thats shocking, theres a cat named daphene. Shes nice, I give her food everyday. she was boney and skinny. so we took her to the vet she had bone cancer, i was devastated. We spent her last moments eating lunch meat, her favorite. she was buried next to my old dog tiger. RIP DAPHENE

  2. @Jennifer, I totally agree. I do my best to try and encourage friends and family to get their next pets from the animal shelters or rescues.

  3. i feel bad for the dogs that get put to sleep instead of getting a second chance,every one shoould get a second chance even if your old or young to feel wanted for the first time or again.

  4. Ok. Sounds good 🙂 Yeah. I did have my newsletter monthly, but I wasn’t able to do it with school an all; so I changed it to every other month. It works really well that way 🙂

  5. @Colby: Better luck next time I hope.

    Ah, ok. How often do you think you will put them out?

  6. @Sarah, I’m not too sure what I’m going to the newsletter yet…I’ll probably do some testing to see what works the best probably anywhere from once a week to once a month. The only problem with once a week is I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to put together a newsletter that often.

  7. @Sarah, I’m sorry…hopefully he gets adopted soon.

    I’ve been very busy, but will hopefully get something together by the middle of next week.

  8. @Colby: No he didn’t 🙁 so only one animal got adopted that day.

    I subscribed to your newsletter FYI. When will you send out the newsletter?

  9. @Sarah, Did you find out if the man adopted the kitten? Hopefully he did.

    I’m going to probably put a short newsletter together for people who’ve already signed up to the newsletter announcing the contest and maybe a few other bits of information.

  10. @Colby: A man was wanting to adopt a kitten, but my mom and I left before we found out if he adopted her or not. Hopefully he did 🙂

    OK. I’ll sign up for your newsletter 🙂 Those would be awesome prizes! So you’ll put the contests in your newsletter?

  11. @Sarah, I’m sorry you didn’t get more dogs adopted at your annual ‘A Home for the Holidays’ event. It’s a tough time for shelters and rescues with the current economy. I’m always happy to hear that there are dedicated and thoughtful people such as yourself out there to help out the animals.

    I plan on running a contest the entire month of November. I’ll get a post on my site in the next couple days. I’m not sure if you noticed but I added a newsletter subscription form to the upper right corner of my site and a lightbox hover form that fades over the entire page the first time you visit the site. Basically to enter the contest you just need to subscribe to my newsletter. I’ll post more information in a couple days. This is the only dog and puppy site I really work on…Puppy In Training.

    I also have a set of DVD training videos and some other dog products, but I’m not sure what contest I will run to give those items away.

  12. @Colby: FCAR (the animal shelter I volunteer @) had their annual ‘A Home for the Holidays’ event today, but only one dog got adopted 🙁 And she was my foster puppy. Both dogs I have fostered, and every dog I have even THOUGHT about fostering got adopted! Some of the people that work at the shelter call me their ‘lucky charm’.

    Thanks. Yeah, pit bulls are great dogs. Both dogs I have fostered are pit bulls, and every pit bull at the shelter are SO sweet.

    Do you have any other ideas for future contests? I’ve thought about a drawing contest, but I don’t know if anyone wants to take the trouble to scan it onto the computer and e-mail it to me. What’s your site address?

    Thanks. What contests are you going to do?

  13. @Sarah, yep the shelter’s pretty big and it’s a really cool event. They hold it once a year.

    I have visited your website and it looks great. You’ve done a very nice job. I also took a quick look at your September/October 2008 Newsletter.

    By the way, I have several friends who own your “Breed of the month”, pit bulls and they are great dogs.

    If I were a better poet I’d enter your contest for the month. That’s great that you’re trying to draw people in to your sites with contests. I haven’t done one myself, but I have several items I’d like to give away in the next couple months, so I plan on running a few contests myself.

    Best of luck with your site and newsletter and just a little hint regarding the contests I’m probably going to post one to my site this weekend.

  14. Cool, so it’s like pretty big?

    I was going to send them through email, but it didn’t work right 🙁 so I’m now posting them on my website. Have you visited my website yet?

  15. @Sarah, it’s the Irvine Animal Care Center. They have a very nice facility with adoptable dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, and chickens. Here’s their website: Irvine Animal Care Center

    The Super Adoption Event had a lot of different rescues, vendors, and other booths including our group, Guide Dogs of America.

    I’m going to try and start a newsletter for this site too. Are you sending yours out to an email list or just posting to your website?

  16. @Colby: Thanx! Fostering is awesome, I’m so glad my mom and dad let me foster.

    Oh. I put those three facts (along with some others) in my newsletter which I will post on my website really soon. Almost THREE HUNDRED DOGS!??!?! WHOA!! That’s awesome!!! What animal shelter is it?

  17. Wow.

    1. I finally convinced my parents (I’m 13 almost 14) to let us foster, and so far we have fostered 2 dogs from FCAR (Fayette County Animal Rescue).

    2. Wow. That’s why it’s so important to spay/neuter!

    3. That’s so sad!!

  18. @Sarah, awesome job with the website and newsletter. That’s great that you’re so passionate about saving animals and Fayette County Animal Rescue. I’m glad you were able to convince your parents to help out by fostering dogs from your local shelter.

    I was a little late to the Orange County Super Adoption Event and probably missed some of the interesting Animal Shelter Facts (I’m sure there were more than 3). A friend of mine is a volunteer at the shelter and she told me that almost 300 animals were adopted out at this event…pretty cool, huh?

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