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Labrador Retriever Chow Mix

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I mentioned in yesterdays post that at Sundays Orange County Super Pet Adoption we saw our friends at the Cuddly Canines rescue.  They had quite a few adorable puppies and I was lucky enough to snap a few photos.

The first one I saw was an adorable fluffy looking yellow Labrador Retriever.  The volunteers at Cuddly Canines said he was a Lab Chow Mix.  He was adorable and reminded me a little of my own dog, Linus.  Linus is mostly Australian Shepherd, but he also looks like he may be mixed with a Labrador Retrieve and possibly a Chow (he was fluffy when he was little, has a curled tail, and purple spots on his tongue).

Here’s the information on Ditty:

Dashing Ditty the Lab Chow Mix

This precious little boy was born around May 20th, then abandoned in the shelter without mommy or daddy. He appears to be Lab mixed with a bit of Chow. He is very calm & laid back for a young pup, not at all a whiner or a barker. Ditty would make a nice family pet for those with older kids.

Here’s another picture I took of Ditty on Sunday:

If you’re interested in Ditty you can contact Cuddly Canines at their website at http://www.cuddlycanines.com.  If you’re interested in raising a puppy or fostering please take the time to visit the Cuddly Canine’s website.  They have many puppies and dogs for adoption and are often in need foster families.

I’ve volunteered as a puppy raiser in the past and must say it’s a lot of work, but very rewarding.  I’d highly recommend it if you have the time, patience, and a home that can’t accommodate a dog or a litter of puppies.

Have you fostered a dog or puppy before?  If so, how was your experience?

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  1. @Kierra when I saw this puppy both of his eyes looked fine. However, this post is over two years old so this puppy is now all grown up.

  2. Hey,that is a cute pup but what hapened to his left eye it looks as if hey does not have any.

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