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5 Dog Links You Need To Check Out…NOW!

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Sorry we’re a bit late this week with our awesome doggy links of the week…

Here we are again at the end of the week (actually it’s now the beginning of the week) with our favorite posts from the top dog blogs around the world.  We’re going to keep it short and sweet…so lets get started with our adorable puppy pic:

Dublin Puppy In Training
Dublin Puppy In Training

Now that we got the adorable puppy out of the way lets check out this weeks doggy blog articles:

  • Discouraging Your Dog’s Bad Behavior in 10 Easy Steps – A great thing about working on your dogs training is that it will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  One of my favorite points in this article helps curb destructive chewing.  We use the same technique when training our own guide dog puppies.  Another good point this article brings up is that you can change a dogs bad behavior and that bad behavior is not permanent.  In other words you can teach an old dog new tricks.
  • Top 7 Holiday Dangers To Avoid For Your Dog – some great tips on foods your pet should avoid not just over the holidays, but always.  Some foods you may not be aware of are onions, grapes, and raisins My ex-girlfriend actually gave my dog a few grapes and I flipped out.  Lucky for us it was only about 3 which apparently was ok for a dog his size.
  • Top 10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed – Every day I wear black clothes by the end of the day I can see long yellow golden fur all over.  If I don’t vacuum at least once a day the little fur ball tumbleweeds start forming.  Lucky for me I don’t have allergies to dogs.  However, lucky for some others not all dogs shed like my Labrador Retriever, my Australian Shepherd mix, and my Golden Retriever.  This week we came across a list of dogs that do not shed so if you’re interested in not having to vacuum or use a lint brush on a daily basis then check out this weeks list of dog breeds that do not shed.
  • 5 Easy Ways To Raise Funds For An Animal Shelter – If you volunteer at an animal shelter/rescue then check out this list.  In fact if you volunteer for any non-profit organization (we volunteer as puppy raisers for Guide Dogs of America) you might find some helpful hints on how to raise funds for your favorite charity organization.  If you’ve been following our blog for a while then you know we raised money for Guide Dogs of America through Dublin’s Puppy In Training TV video series (let us know if you want to sponsor an episode).
  • 10 Great Holiday Gifts for Great Pet Lovers – If you haven’t already checked out our list of most popular dog toys then you might want to check it out now!  However, if you can’t find the perfect dog toy then you might want to check out this weeks list of holiday gifts for pet lovers.  It’s definitely a more high end list, but maybe you’re looking for something special this year like a pet portrait or personalized doggie jewelry…not really my cup of tea.

That’s it for this weeks Puppy In Training link roundup.  If you want to submit a link for next week then just leave us a comment in the comments section below.  Did you write a great blog article this week?  Let us know about it.

Top Picks For Our Puppies

    We Like: Beef Collagen Sticks - All of our pups love to bite, nip, and chew. We love using Collagen Sticks to help divert these unwanted behaviors.
    We Like: Calmeroos Puppy Toy w/ Heartbeat and Heat Packs - Perfect for new puppies. Helps ease anxiety in their new home.
    We Like: Crazy Dog Train-Me Treats - We use these as our high-value treats for our guide dog puppies.
    We Like: The Farmer's Dog - A couple months ago we started feeding Raven fresh dog food and she loves it! Get 50% off your first order of The Farmer's Dog.

Check out more of our favorites on our New Puppy Checklist.

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