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Great Names For Basset Hound Dogs – Our Definitive List

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Are you bringing home a Basset hound to be part of your family and looking for the perfect name for your new pup?

Finding a name that fits them just right can be challenging, especially if you are just meeting your pup. Remember, they are going to be around for the next 10 to 15 years, so you want to get it right!

Fortunately, Basset hounds are a unique breed with lots of interesting characteristics that can offer great naming inspirations.

There are also more than a few celebrity Basset hounds out there who would happily share their name with your pup.

Basset Hound Names

Read on for a definitive list of potential Basset hound names. The names are divided into themes to make browsing a bit easier. We’ll also share some top tips on how to choose the perfect name for your dog.

About Basset Hounds

Basset hounds are purebred dogs known for having a long body, short legs, floppy ears, and an impressive sense of smell.

They were originally bred in the United Kingdom as scent dogs for hunting hares. Among dogs, their sense of smell is considered second only to the bloodhound.

They are small-to-medium-sized dogs that typically measure between 11 and 15 inches tall and weigh between 45 and 75 pounds. They are quite heavy for their height because they have a long body and short legs, much like Dachshunds.

Bassets are well-loved for their long, floppy ears and lots of wrinkled, hanging skin, which tends to give them a droopy and melancholy look. Their ears are among the longest of any breed and are designed to help trap scents while tracking.

While they might look melancholy, Bassets are actually friendly, outgoing, and playful dogs. They love playing and quickly make friends with children and other pets. However, they can also be very stubborn, so they often need a firm hand when it comes to training.

Great Basset Hound Names

We have put together a list of suggested names for Basset hounds divided into a number of lists. You’ll find names based on their physical characteristics, their infamous sense of smell, and their seemingly melancholic appearance. 

We have also listed some celebrity Basset hound names and some celebrity Basset hound owners. There are also lists of popular male and female names for dogs in general.

You can find even more suggestions for the perfect puppy names here.

Names Based On Physical Characteristics

Basset hounds have a very distinctive look, which can provide a lot of inspiration for the perfect name.

  • Droopy – a reference to those long, luscious ears
  • Ears – there’s no denying that these dogs are all ears!
  • Floppy – since their ears flop down around their face
  • Harlequin – especially for tri-color pups
  • Lo – as in “low rider”
  • Patches – to describe the patchwork coloring of their coat
  • Shortie – due to their diminutive stature
  • Squat – another reference to their height, or lack thereof
  • Stumpy – because they have long bodies and short legs
  • Wiggles – since their bodies tend to wiggle a lot while they walk
  • Wobbles – their excess skin tends to wobble quite a bit while they move
  • Wrinkles – because these dogs tend to have more skin than they need

Names Based On Their Melancholy Looks

The droopiness of Basset hound dogs means they tend to look a little sad and melancholy, though this is far from the truth. Nevertheless, their unique appearance can still be the perfect inspiration for some great names.

  • Blasé – based on the French
  • Blue – particularly good if they have some black or grey in their coloring
  • Eeyore – a reference to the melancholy donkey from Winnie the Pooh
  • Gloomy Gus – or just Gus for short
  • Grim – this can also be a reference to the ominous Grim omen
  • Grouch – as in Oscar the Grouch
  • Grumpy – we all loved Grumpy Smurf
  • Lazy – especially suitable if they like to spend the day lazing around
  • Melancholia – something unique that works well for female pups
  • Mellow – for the most laidback pups
  • Moony – this one will also appeal to Harry Potter fans, as it was Lupin’s nickname in the books

Names Based On Their Sense Of Smell

Basset hounds are particularly famous for their sense of smell, which makes them appear like sleuths that can sniff out anything. We can think of more than a few sleuthy names perfect for these nosy dogs.

  • Flatfoot – this is another name for a police officer or investigator
  • Gumshoe – another nickname often given to private detectives
  • Holmes – after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who is often associated with the dog
  • Nosy – especially if they are the type to get into everything
  • PI – as in private investigator
  • Scout – it’s not hard to imagine them at the front of a scouting party
  • Sleuth – ideal for the hound who knows where you hide the treats
  • Sniffer – because they can sniff out anything
  • Snoop – a reference both to their sense of smell and the beloved Snoopy (or even the often droopy-eyed Snoop Dogg)

Names Based On Famous Basset Hounds

There have been quite a few relatively famous Basset hounds over the years both in real life and in fiction, and their names are often fun and appropriate.

  • Axelrod – the Basset mascot that featured in the 1960s advertising campaign for Flying A Service Station
  • Cleo – the name of the Basset in The People’s Choice, a popular TV show in the 1950s
  • Droopy the Dog – the famous Basset hound from the classic animated TV show of the same name
  • Flash – the loyal companion Basset hound in The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Fred Basset – had his own comic strip
  • Henry – the loyal companion of the TV detective Columbo
  • J.J. Morgan – a celebrity dog from the 1950s with the name of a banker
  • Pokey – this was the best friend of Lassie
  • Quincy – he featured regularly in the TV show Couch
  • Sherlock – this Basset hound was often associated with Elvis Presley

Comic Basset Hound Names

Some people have come up with some clever and humorous name puns that are a great fit for a Basset hound. Why not borrow one for your pooch?

  • Bark Twain – name them for one of your favorite authors
  • Charles Barkley – a new use for the name of the great singer
  • Chewbacca – a reference to their larger distant cousin in Star Wars
  • Detective Ears – combines their floppy ears and sense of smell
  • Furmione Granger – something for the intelligent females
  • Groucho Barks – a play on the comedian Groucho Marx
  • Indiana Bones – an adventurer that follows their nose
  • Inspector Drool – though hopefully, they don’t drool too much
  • Joan of Bark – perfect for your little warrior
  • Mary Puppins – bringing joy to your household with their presence
  • Sherlock Bones – since there is nothing they like to sniff out more
  • Sir Stubby – he may be royalty in your household, but he’s still on the short side
  • Snoop Dogg – a reference to the famous rapper, and the comic book character
  • Winston Fur Chill – after the great British Prime Minister
  • Woofles – their bark certainly sounds like a woof, with lots of skin ripples

Male Basset Hound Names

Still haven’t come across something you like? Here are some of the most popular male dog names, one of which may be the perfect name for your male Basset hound.

  • Ace – when your buddy is the ace in your pocket
  • Archie – who isn’t a fan of the comic book redhead?
  • Baxter – especially appropriate for a serious-looking Basset
  • Bo – short and to the point
  • Buddy – since you know he’ll always be your best one
  • Charlie – a cute name that is easy for them to recognize
  • Dexter – ideal for a slightly geeky looking pup
  • George – this is quite a regal name for a regal-looking dog
  • Kobe – for the late, great Kobe Bryant
  • Loki – more popular than Thor when it comes to naming our favorite sidekick
  • Maverick – like Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun
  • Max – short and sweet like them
  • Milo – from Milo and Otis
  • Sammy – cute, and the “s” at the start makes this an easy name for them to recognize
  • Simba – popular since the release of the Lion King
  • Teddy – especially if they love to cuddle
  • Theo – cute but sophisticated
  • Tucker – very appropriate if they have lots of energy
  • Zeus – perfect if they are larger than life and have a taste for the ladies
  • Ziggy – always makes me think of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust

Female Basset Hound Names

Have a female Basset hound? Check out this list of popular dog names for girls.

  • Arya – who doesn’t love a Game of Thrones reference?
  • Cookie – especially when she is good enough to eat
  • Delilah – as in Samson and Delilah, but also a reference to the song Hey There Delilah
  • Echo – perfect if she follows you like an echo
  • Ella – potentially inspired by Ella Enchanted
  • Ember – also the name of the first woman in Norse mythology
  • Freya – the Norse goddess of love and beauty
  • Gypsy – perfect if she is always on the run
  • Juno – the Roman goddess of women
  • Lady – perfect for a regal looking female
  • Lola – “her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…”
  • Luna – name her for the moon
  • Maggie Smith – for the beloved British actress
  • Pearl – a companion beyond value
  • Phoebe – perfect for fans of Friends
  • Piper – especially perfect if she has a small bark
  • Star – since she will always shine bright for you
  • Skye – for the pup that knows no limits
  • Trixie – especially if she is always getting into trouble
  • Winnie – an old-fashioned name and favorite character from Boy Meets World

Celebrities With Basset Hounds

Alternatively, why not name your Basset hound after one of the many celebrities known to be a fan of the breed? We don’t always know the names of their pups, but you can still name your dog after its parent! You could always easily shorten these names if they’re too long for your pup to remember.

  • Angelina Jolie – American actress, director, and activist
  • Betty White – one of the longest-working actresses in Hollywood of Golden Girls fame
  • Bob Hope – stand-up comedian, vaudevillian, actor, singer, athlete, and more
  • Brigitte Bardot – American actress and famous bombshell
  • Burt Reynolds – the established American actor and heartthrob
  • Clint Eastwood – the iconic actor in Westerns and director
  • David Arquette – American actor known for taking more comedic roles
  • Doris Day – American actress, singer, and animal welfare activist
  • Elvis Presley – American actor and singer and the King of Rock and Roll
  • Frank Sinatra – the faultless crooner
  • George Clooney – the actor and silver fox of ER fame
  • Jamie Chung – American actor, blogger, and reality star
  • Jennifer Lawrence – American actress of Hunger Games fame
  • Joshua Jackson – actor of Dawson’s Creek fame
  • Marilyn Monroe – the sex symbol and icon
  • Mireille Darc – French model and actress
  • Rex Harrison – the strong man actor
  • Ronnie Wood – Rocker from the Rolling Stones
  • Shakira – Colombian singer and performer

How To Choose The Perfect Dog Name

There is no rule book for choosing the perfect name for your dog, but there are a few things to bear in mind to make sure you choose something appropriate that your dog will recognize.

First, consider the length of the name. Dogs recognize sounds rather than understand words in the same way as humans. This means what you really want for a name is a distinctive sound they will be able to pick up on easily. 

For this reason, stick to shorter names that are one or two syllables at most. If it is longer than that, it can all just blend together when your pup hears it. Of course, if you do give them a longer name, you can always have a shorter name that you use as well.

If you are looking for factors to decide between two different names, you might want to prioritize names that start with a sibilant consonant or blend consonants, such as an S or an SH, or a hard commanding consonant like a K or C.

These sounds are easier for your dog to distinguish and will catch their attention better. While this doesn’t mean you can’t name your dog something that starts with a vowel, if you are looking for a final deciding factor, this can be a useful one.

A similar deciding factor can be avoiding words that sound too much like commands that you will want your dog to learn, such as “sit” or “stay.”

Choosing something that doesn’t sound too similar to common commands means your dog will be less likely to get confused.

Another key thing to remember is not to be too clever or controversial. While it is normal to want something cute, quirky, or funny, sometimes we get caught up in the moment and take things too far.

Remember, you or someone else in your family may sometimes find themselves yelling your dog’s name at the top of their lungs in a crowded space. Are they going to feel comfortable doing that?

Also, remember that other people may also need to use your dog’s name to get them under control. You don’t want a name that might be difficult for other people to use for some reason, such as something with a very challenging pronunciation.

You can find more advice on choosing the right name for your puppy here.

Basset Hound FAQs

Are Basset hounds lazy?

Basset hounds can be quite tranquil around the house, happy to spend a lot of time sleeping and relaxing. But they are also very playful and can have a lot of energy in the right circumstances, so it is not fair to call them lazy.

Their droopy skin often contributes to the idea that they prefer to be sedentary.

Do Basset hounds stink?

Because of all their extra folds of heavy skin, Basset hounds tend to sweat more than other dog breeds, which can give them a distinctive “hound smell.” Fortunately, this is easy to keep under control with regular baths and grooming.

Are Basset hounds intelligent?

While Basset hounds are not numbered among the most intelligent dogs, like poodles and golden retrievers, they are far from dull. They can easily learn commands and figure out what is wanted from them.

The biggest challenge with Basset hounds is actually their independent nature. Unlike many dog breeds, they have a low desire to please people. So, they might know exactly what you want but just aren’t in the mood to cooperate.

Are Basset hounds good first dogs?

Basset hounds are good dogs for first-time owners because they are generally well-mannered and relaxed. While they might not be as easy to train as some dogs, they also aren’t inclined towards behaviors that can cause a serious problem. 

Additionally, although they need regular exercise like all dogs, they generally need less exercise than larger and more athletic dogs like Labradors, so it can be easier for first-time owners to adapt to delivering the needs of their dog.

The Verdict

If you are looking for the perfect name for your new Basset hound, hopefully, you will find some inspiration in the list of names that we have collected.

Fortunately, Basset hounds are a breed with lots of distinctive physical and personality traits, all of which will provide a lot of inspiration for name ideas.

Their acute sense of smell and ability to track, plus their short stature, long ears, and droopy skin are all great sources of inspiration.

Remember, when choosing a name for your Basset pup, keep these factors in mind:

  • Their name should be short and easy to remember (one to two syllables)
  • Don’t choose anything offensive or controversial
  • Try to choose something with a hard consonant sound that will be easy for your dog to pick up on

Do you have any great ideas for Basset hound names? Share them with the community in the comments section below.

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