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Dogs Who Ate Owners Are Now Up For Adoption

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Wait…it’s not as bad as it sounds…Did you ever see the movie Alivestarring Ethan Hawke back in the early 1990’s?  If not, let me give you a quick summary:

In 1972 a chartered plane carrying a Uruguayan rugby squad and various family members crashed in the Andes. The real-life against-all-odds odyssey made worldwide headlines when it became known that the survivors ate their own dead to survive.

Our story today is similar to the movie Alive.  Two pugs were abandoned by their owners when the owners both decided to take their own lives.  The dogs had to fend for themselves for several days and eventually their instincts kicked in.  They resorted to eating the only thing in the house that they could to survive — the bodies of their owners.  Check out this video for a little more information:

As the video mentions these dogs have been evaluated.  Here’s a short quote from the video:

“They have no food aggression. They have no aggression toward people. They don’t have aggression toward other dogs. They don’t have any affiliation issues,”

One other point that I thought was interesting was how she mentioned that as your body decomposes the smell changes to the point where you no longer smell like “Pam” or in my case “Colby” and instead you just smell like another decomposing animal.  So, I wonder if that means that the two pugs really didn’t know they were eating they’re owners, but instead just thought they were feasting on some rotting animal flesh.

An interesting story and headline.  They look like great dogs in the video and hopefully they get adopted soon.

Here’s a link to the full my fox story on the dogs who ate their owners.

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  1. I saw the film Alive and also read the book about the rugby team whos plane crashed in the Andes. A really good story as it showed the psychological issues they had to go through before they could physically eat the human flesh. Thankfully for the pugs they did not have those issues and meat is meat when you are starving.
    How could they have left thier dogs stranded in the first place with no food. Mind you they say that if people get to the stage of contemplating suicide they never thing of the people who are left behind so it would be doubtful if they would think of thier poor dogs.

  2. Their instincts just kicked in. Don’t think their is anything strange with that behaviour they are animals after all.

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