Guide Dog Adoption

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Derby has been a part of the guide dog adoption program for almost two months now.  I don’t mind keeping him at home during this process, but the longer he stays at home the more difficult it becomes to let him go.  I received an email last week letting me know that they might have found a family for Derby.  I was both excited (for Derby) and sad at the same time.

We took a few more pictures the past few days and gave Derby extra hugs and kisses during his final days at the condo.  Here are a few images:

Derby and Stetson

Derby Loves Stetson and is always cuddling up against him.  He’s a very affectionate dog.

Derby and Stetson at BBQ

We BBQ’d.  Stetson still likes sitting by my feet.  Derby likes laying on top of Stetson.

Derby and Colby at GDA

Derby’s last drop off.

Back when we first heard about Derby getting dropped we put together an article about retired guide dogs and guide dog rejects.

Guide Dog Adoption

As a puppy raiser I was given the first option to adopt Derby after he was dropped from the program.  Unfortunately I have two other dogs to take care of and Derby really needs a home where he can run around and play.  My little condo is just two small for Derby and his long legs.

There is a six year waitlist for career change puppies and retired guide dogs.  We’ve been patiently waiting for GDA to find a suitable match for Derby.

Early today I found out that the family Derby met with was not the right match.  I’m going to send out an email to find out more about Derby and how his placement is going.

I’m sure Derby will find a great home.  I really miss him…I’m so used to him putting his head on my lap while I work at the office, cuddling up against my feet, or his snoring right in the middle of a phone call.

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  1. @Steve I just checked with the Guide Dogs of America website and there’s currently a six year wait list for a career changed guide dog and unfortunately they are not accepting new applications for adoption at this time. You may want to check some of the other Guide and Service dog organizations. A couple I know about are Guide Dogs for the blind ( and Canine Companions for Independence (

  2. I would love to adopt one of these dogs. We recently had to put our lab down “Amy” she was 14 and our daughter Kylee was devastated and I would love to adopt a dog that is already grown for her and our family, their are only the three of us and we are very responsible and loving

  3. How do I find out how to adopt a career change dog? I would love the opportunity. My husband and I work from home and are semi retired in Cape Cod — we would make lovely parents.


  4. Aaawww! I miss Mr. Wiggles too! I’m glad GDA is really trying to find the right family for Derby. He deserves as much love as he gives. 🙂

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