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Evolution of a Puppy In Training Logo – Part II

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Can you believe it’s been nearly sixteen years since we created the original Puppy In Training logo and posted the Evolution of a Puppy In Training Logo?

If we had a kid on the same day we published said article that kid would be prepping for her driver’s license! That’s insane!

We finally decided to update the logo with our version 2.0.

Before we reveal the new logo let’s hop in the Hot Tub Time Machine and look at where it all began.

Puppy In Training Circa 2007

We started the blog back in 2007 as a way to share our journey raising Stetson, our first guide dog puppy in training.

In the early days of blogging there was a no logo, just a bit of text to describe the site.

That’s an original screenshot of the home page “logo”.

Puppy In Training Logo -2008

Big changes came in 2008. We decided to design a new logo to represent our lil’ Puppy In Training blog. Most of you probably recognize our original logo:

Yes, we even called the blog a “Magazine” back then. Haha!

We liked to think the puppy in the circle was our very own Linus who we rescued from the animal shelter way back in 2005.

Along with the new logo came a new site design. Check this out:

That was probably my favorite website design over the years. I loved the magazine style along with the Christmas logo.

Puppy In Training – 2024

Can you believe not much happened to the logo between 2008 and 2024? Yes, I hired graphic designers to create a new logo. However, none were quite what I was looking for until…

I took over the Paws N Pups website and really loved the logo, but never thought the pointy eared puppy was a match for the Puppy In Training website.

One day I decided to removing the pointy ears and add floppy ears. The result:

I added some color to the puppy and voila! We have a new Puppy In Training logo! Add the title and tag line and we get:

That’s it!

So, what do you guys think?

Do you like the new logo? If not, don’t tell me 🙂

Along with the new logo we plan to launch some new Puppy In Training products!

Stay tuned!

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