Guide Dog Training

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Everyone who reads my blog already knows that my puppy in training, Stetson went in for formal guide dog training in Sylmar, CA about a month and a half ago. During my time with Stetson the number one question everyone asked me was “Isn’t it difficult to give your dog back when it’s time for him to go to formal guide dog training?” Stetson was my first GDA puppy in training, but I knew it would be difficult giving him up…and it was.

Now the main questions I get most is “Have you heard anything about Stetson?” and “How is Stetson Doing?” Friends, family, and myself are all interested in his progress. I’ve heard from other puppy raisers that the majority of the first month is to check his physical health, so really not too much is going on.

Formal Guide Dog Training

Stetson just sent me his first postcard to inform me on how he’s doing in his formal guide dog training. I was so excited I brought the card with me everywhere I went. I wanted to show all my friends and family how he was doing (that’s why postcard looks all crinkled…it was in my pocket the last couple days). Here’s the card:

Stetsons First Postcard

I’m not the greatest with the camera and that pictures pretty blurry. Just in case you can’t read it here’s what Stetson had to say:

Dear Dad,

How are you doing? I’m great! I’m learning how to walk with a special black and white harness on. Boy do I look handsome! Next we will be learning right and left turns. Hope you are doing well. Take Care!

Wags & Kisses,


I’m so proud of that boy!

I’ve heard that Stetson will write postcards about once a month. I can’t wait for his next one and I hope he’s still doing well with his training.

Is your puppy in formal guide dog training? If they are I’d love to hear how they’re doing.

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  1. I was very excited to receive the postcard and showed all my friends. I’m confident Stetson will do well in his guide dog training and hopefully we’ll see him at graduation soon.

  2. So happy and excited for you and Stetson. Yes, there is a long way to go but I will stick to my original observation, Stetson has the right combination of qualities to become a guide.

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