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Black And Tan Labrador Retrievers

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I thought I new a decent bit about Labrador Retrievers, but I had never heard of purebred Black and Tan Labrador Retrievers until I began volunteering as a puppy raiser working with Stetson (my GDA puppy) and his guide dog training. I’ve seen many other dog breeds with similar markings like Dachshunds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, but never a Black and Tan Lab!?!  From the Guiding Eyes website:

“The black and tan coloring is due to a modifier gene normally present in Labrador Retrievers. It is recessive and therefore requires each parent to contribute the black and tan gene to an individual for the color to show up. It can modify a black or chocolate Lab to have lighter tan markings in the usual locations of a Gordon Setter, Doberman or Rottewieler. There is also a brindle coloring that Labs can have. We see it less often. Labs with brindling have tan speckling on their forelegs, muzzles and chest.”

Black and Tan and Brindle Labs are not allowed to compete in the show ring because they are not considered desirable traits for the standard lab. However, they can be registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and these color choices are available on the registration slips.

Their coat color may be different then your standard black/yellow/chocolate lab, but they have the same temperament as their solid colored littermates. Take a look at these pictures of Billy one of our readers Black and Tan Labrador Retriever:

Another trait I noticed was a small white spot on some of the black labs in our group. After doing a little bit of research I found that this trait is also permissible in the AKC Labrador Retriever Standard. If you know of any other unusual traits found in purebred labs please leave a comment or let me know. I’d love to see any images you have of black and tan Labrador Retrievers or Brindle Labs. If you have some great pictures please send them over and I’ll try to post them to the website. I have received many images from others who own purebred black and tan labs and brindle labs.  Moving forward I plan on appending the new images to this post.  If you’re interested in sending me your images of purebred black and tan labrador retrievers and brindle labs then please email me at ckmorita [at] puppyintraining [dot] com.  Also, be sure and include a short summary/description of your puppy.

Benny the Brown and Tan Lab

This is our brown and tan labrador Benny. It was only one brown and tan Labrador in a “draft” from 12 Labrador babys. He is a kindly dog. He loves child and he learn fast. He grow up with two child. We looked for a dog for our son, who suffers from selective mutism. And we find the right dog. He is tomorrow 19 weeks old.

Brindle Lab Puppies

I saw the pics of the brindle lab dogs on your site. We didn’t know what to think when our female had 3 out of 9 that came out with the brindle color. One has just a bit on the paws, another has it on his paws and a little on his chest, the other one has it on his paws, chest face and neck. They are so pretty.

Black, Yellow, and Black And Tan Lab Puppies

The Puppies

Mom and Dad

I am sending you Pictures of the Black and tan pups and Mom and Dad I was very surprised to see this color of pups come from my Chocolate Female and my Yellow Male The pups were born on Jan 15th 2010 here are some Pictures of the Black and Tan and the rest of the Litter and Mom and Dad.

Have any of you heard of or seen a black and tan Labrador Retriever.  If so tell us a little bit about your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. I have a AKC Black and Tan male lab named tux and a white and black mosaic AKC female named moe. Moms parents were both white and she was the only one out of the whole litter that had black on her. Tux’s parents are brother and sister and he is MASSIVE to be only 8 months old and they are by far the smarted dogs out of all (7) dogs we have! I just sent you pics!

  2. We love the Brindles too! We used to see the brindle and black and tan Labs fairly regularly at the Guide Dog school. However, they stopped breeding for these traits and I probably haven’t seen one at the school for over 10 years. I’m glad your dog is so wonderful. I hope he sticks around for many more years to come.

  3. My dogs mother was a full blooded Golden Retriever. She disappeared one day for about 3 hours and 2 months later, delivered 1 chocolate lab, 3 black labs, 1 solid brindle and my beautiful Sam, brindle legs, chest, and muzzle! Everyone said he was a hound dog mix. I thought when he was first born that he was a rottie mix. As he got older, I kept saying, that he looked exactly like a lab! If only he was solid black. I later did research to find if there was any such dog as a brindle lab… I was ecstatic when I found out all about brindle labs! He looks nothing like his mom! He’s the love of my life! The smartest dog I’ve ever owned, and still eager to learn new things, and so eager to please! I only hope if my sweet boy passes, that I can find another brindle lab. It’s the only dog I ever want!💙💙💙

  4. Yes our pure bred black English lab looks exactly like a Rottweiler but snakier and shorter frame. The head and eyes are so much alike. He’s so handsome

  5. I have a male American Chocolate and female English Black labs… my female just had a litter and I now have beautiful Black and Tan with brindle on the lower legs Also brown and tan puppy. She also had a black, brown and yellow puppies… ❤️

  6. Our pure bred English lab looks so much like a Rottweiler except in all black fur. Has anyone else notice the similarities between English lab and German Rottweiler? I know english lab is a bit shorter but everything else is the same.

  7. Zoie, the first ever Dual Championed Labrador Retriever was in 1910 I believe.
    His name was Banchory Bolo.

    Bolo had some white Pads on his paws…

    Google his great story.

    Labs born with White Pads or White hairs between the toes etc are often called Bolo Labs, many people think it’s a very solid signal that you have a very good dog…

  8. Thanks for sharing! I was surprised the first time I saw a black and tan in our guide dog group. Sadly the school stopped breeding dogs that produced black and tans. 🙁

  9. Wow!!
    Thank you for sharing. We have a pure Chocolate male and we bred with a pure Blonde female and we have been very perplexed as one of the five pups is Black and Tan. He’s the only one in the litter that did not have the standard color.

  10. One of the pups that came out of a blonde and chocolate litter is Black and Tan with a milk stain on it bottom lip and white marks on its toes. We named him Macchie, which means spots or blotches in Italian.

  11. My yellow lab just had her second litter and two pup have brown on them also the male is a akc blk lab i was worried. Also

  12. My female (black) had a litter 5 weeks ago and ended up with a black and tan pup. My male is yellow. Had 4 yellow, 2 black, and then the black and tan. Thank you for all the info. I will try to post a picture.

  13. Hi Elizabeth,

    Would you be willing to share the list of breeders that have black and tan labradors? I am very interested in this coloring, and I cannot find any! I grew up with a yellow lab and I absolutely love their temperaments.

    Thank you!

  14. I am very interested in the black and tan labrador coloring. Is this puppy for sale?



  15. We don’t update this page with new pictures, but we’d still love to pics of your beautiful puppy. You can send us emails at ckmorita [at] puppyintraining [dot] com.

  16. I think I may have one of these puppies, that is black and tan. I had never seen this before. He is two weeks and 3 days old today. Dad is a silver lab (chocolate) and mom is yellow. I have pictures but wasn’t sure how to share. Mom is akc and ukc registered, and dad is akc registered. All other litter mates are solid black.

  17. Hi Elizabeth,

    If you want I can get a blog post about your puppy Fred. Send me a bio about Fred and anything you’d like to talk about including puppy raising, Southeastern Guide Dogs, and Black and Tan Labs. I’d love to hear all about your experiences. You can also upload images through or contact form at https://puppyintraining.com/contact or if it’s easier just send me an email at ckmorita@puppyintraining.com.

    Thank you for all you do as a puppy raiser!

    Take care,

  18. I am a puppy raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs. We have several lines of Black and Tan labs. If both parents carry the recessive gene, there is a good chance if getting B&T pup in the litter. Currently, we have 3 B&T breeders so we are getting more and more of these beautiful puppies.They are just as pure-bred, intelligent and sweet as any of their yellow or black siblings. I tried to add a picture of Fred, my current pup, but can’t figure out how.

  19. My parents reserved a purebred lab puppy for my son and when they went to get him he was black and tan almost like a German shepherd. Not all black with tan markings, but like black and tan mixed fur with the tan markings. All the other puppies were solid. Is this possible for a purebred lab or did the breeder lie to us?

  20. Hoi, wij wonen in België en hebben sinds enkele weken een zwart en tan Labradortje van nu 13 weken, haar naam is Yuki. Ze heeft een blonde mama en een chocolade bruine papa.
    Iedereen vraagt welke ras ze is en geloven bijna niet dat ze een zuivere Labrador is.
    We zijn heel blij met haar. Leuk o te lezen dat er meerdere van zijn.

    Groetjes Jacqueline

  21. Hi Bill, Sent you an e-mail but not sure if you still have the USPS address. Would love to hear how Tora is doing and see some pics. Thank you!

  22. I own two brindled labs and as I understand it, both parents must have the defective allele (sp?), the coloration ‘genome’

  23. Hi Peggy. Long time. I hope everything is well. Was going to send a email re Tora and cannot find your address. If you want, email me and I will update you on our big baby Tora.

  24. No problem and congratulations on your black and tan Lab! I just saw another one come through one of the guide dogs schools. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I got a black and tan pup at 6 wks old. He is now 3 months and I’m always defending his color too. He’s pure lab and everyone says that is not possible and he looks like a Rot. Even the vet said he’d never seen that. Thank you now I know it is.

  26. I’m glad you got a wonderful black and tan Lab. I still see a few of the working guide dogs that are black and tan, but our school stopped breeding those colors.

  27. Lynn, my daughter posted she gave me the black/tan marked lab.
    Bo, is short name for Rainbow. Grandbabies named him.
    He’s wonderful! A bit hyper, but great and fun dog.

    I’ll try to send pics if I can.

  28. I have 3 mail black and tan purebred labs they are so cute thank you so much for the info on them . Just wanted to post incase someone was look for one. 541-212-7658 I will come back and post again with a picture.

  29. My yellow lab just had her puppies and two are chocolate with tan markings on face and all four paws they look like little rotts. I know the daddy is a purebred chocolate. I was worried until I saw this site.

  30. Great site and good info. I have a 1 year old black and tan who is my best buddy. I wish more people knew about the color mutation, I defend his coloring all the time, I will refer the “non” believers to this site! No, he is not a Rottweiler he is a 100% crazy, goofy, loveable and loyal lab!

  31. Hi
    I am the owner of a Silver and a fox red lab, and I am desperately looking for a Black and Tan lab, our dogs go beating, a little agility and firstly pets, plenty of forestry and beach walking.
    If anyone has or is planning a litter with Black and Tans, pls let me know.
    Many thanks Sam

  32. Hi Betsy,

    Congratulations on your new puppies! From what I’ve seen and heard these markings are not common in pure bred labs although it does occur.

    Good luck with your new pups!

  33. Hi Brenda,

    Thanks for sending me the pictures. Your puppy looks great thank you so much for sharing.

    Take care,

  34. We just had first litter of labrador puppies. Mom is yellow lab & dad is chocolate lab. She has not left our 8 foot fenced yard & did not come in contact with any other males. She threw three yellow one black, one chocolate with bolo marks, and two brindle chocolates…??? Both parents have ckc papers. Is this common??

  35. Hey, I’ve emailed you some images and summary of my black and tan lab named pixie. i’m so happy i found this page because people don’t believe that pixie is a pure bred lab. i guess now i can prove them wrong. even the people at the petshop thought she is a mixed breed lab.

  36. I have a a black and tan Lab, my son and I love him to bits and so do my neighbors kids love seeing him come out to play. He has the best temperament iv ever seen in a dog.

  37. Black & Tan Labs do exist….. along with Chocolate & Tan. I have a one year old Black & Tan male named Thor whos mother was black and father a yellow, both carried the recessive gene required to create mismarked Labs. I get tired of hearing from people that don’t know better and insist on commenting that my dog cannot be a pure Lab because the AKC doesn’t recognize black & tan as a Lab color so he cannot be a pure breed…… I bump into a lot of dummies apparently. As of 4 weeks ago Mia (my red female Lab that also has the recessive color gene)and Thor had a litter of 12 puppies, 5 black & tans, 2 chocolate & tans, 1 red, 2 yellows, 2 bright chick yellow…. all pure Labs.

  38. WOW, Lindsay when your puppy was 4mons. it looked just like my doberman did same markings same places and she is purebreed.

  39. Wow beautiful pups…….
    My uncle has been breading pure bred AKC chocolate labs for over 10 years now. Recently he has been getting this chocolate/tan recessive gene popping up in pure breed chocolates and even confirmed it with in depth genetics of the parent dogs. He’s actively attempting to foster this trait into some litters because they look so cool.

    His website is Duck-Dogs.com (as his choco labs are specifically selected pointing retrievers for bird hunting, and their pedigrees are all Master Champion AKC bird dogs)

    My uncle is an awesome dude, and super nice, with really good prices that he posts on his site. So serious inquires only he would kill me if he got inundated with B/S requests.

  40. sure you can post the pic I can send you updates if you would like as he grows also. I can tell he is lab he is such a good boy. The only problem I am having with him is crate training he is still sleeping with us since all he does is bark when he is in it all night long we even left the room and slept on the floor in our living room so he couldnt see us. Any other way to try to train him on this the people that walk by in the AM say they here him barking all day when they walk by but when he is out int he AM he dont make a sound and sit in stay’s in that comand when I tell him. So any help would be nice.

  41. Hi Sue,

    I received your pic! Thank you! Do you mind if I share it on our Facebook page? I’ll send you an email to confirm.


  42. Omg I am so excited I found this to prove to people that I own a pure lab and even show my vet this he wanted to me to the test to find out what he was mixed with. Thank you for being able to prove everyone wrong that I do not own a mixed puppy. Wish I could post of pic of him.

  43. Arthur sounds very special. I bet he’s a great dog. Black and tan Labs may be a different color, but they still have the personality of a Labrador Retriever.

  44. Hi, Colby. I’m from Indonesia, and recently adopted one black & tan labrador puppy. His name is Arthur. My friend is a breeder, he said that the black & tan labs can not be registered here in Indonesia. So he can not sell the puppies, and giving them for adoption. Well, I love Arthur though, I think he’s just simply unique.

  45. I have a 3 year old Brindle Lab; he is such a smart, beautiful and wonderful dog to have. When he was little, I thought he had some sort of skin disease, but as he grew up, it was apparent that he was different than most labs. I wanted to attach his picture but couldn’t see where I could make the attachment. His name is Boaz.

  46. We have a 6 month old black and tan lab…She is awesome…..I did not believe she was a full bred but she is after looking into it…..They are very friendly and smart…

  47. We have a beautiful black and tan lab named Ellie Bearey! I love her so much. Her parents were a silver and a blond! Everyone argues with me over her genuine looks… saying she is part rotweiler! I know better and I am tired of argueing this!

  48. I have two chocolate and brindle puppies out of a litter of 13. I know that the Charcoal and Silver are a bit controversial but for sake of conversation I bred my Black Lab Thunder (ylw mother x Choc father) to my Charcoal (Silver father x Yellow mother) I had a litter of 13 . 5 yellows, 4 chocolates, 5 blacks. Out of the 4 chocolates 2 have the brindle on all 4 legs and side of face. I am having a hard time selling them, they are strictly being sold limited AKC Reg.

  49. Just found this web page and I am blown away! We adopted what we were told was a Lab/Rotti mix 3 years ago. He was a rescue dog, picked up because of abuse by the owner. We have been confused since. He looks like a Lab, all black face and neck, but has brindle legs and a tan butt. He looks much like the brindle puppy above in the right picture. Now I’m sure he was from a litter that, like the lady above, thought a Rottie had gotten in with her purebred female. His dew claws have been removed and tail docked. We’ve had Rotti’s, and he is definitely not one! Very devoted, loving, loves everyone, loves to chase ducks in the lake, and wants to be a 100# lap dog. No aggression here! How do I post you some pictures?

  50. Hiya
    have you still got any of the black & tan labs available? I would be very interested in one could you please let me know. thank you

  51. We had a black and tan lab (yellow dad, black mom) who recently died-she was almost 16. Beautiful and sweet dog!

  52. Hi I have a female black lab and a yellow male lab. In her first set of pups we had 2 black and tans 3 yellows 1 chocolate and 3 blacks . She recently had pups again and we have 2 black and tans again. they are beautiful. along with two chocolates, four yellows and 5 blacks whew ..what a litter.. al though i do have a hard time getting homes for the black and tans as no one belives they are black and tan labs.I love them though and think they are really special! :o)

  53. Hello have some pictures of our 18week black and tanned lab, yes they are real! And what a lovely dog he is, would like to put some pictures up but don’t know how to? Is there an email so I could send them through? as there are not many of these dogs we find it incredibly hard for people to believe of his pure breed. Look forward to hearing back, jack.

  54. Wo…the mixed color labs look really cool, I liked it than the usual tans, which is my favorite. It’s unfortunate that they are not allowed to compete in shows. They are also labs, only the color is new or unique, then what’s the difference? I hope the mix would be rated as the best dogs once, I love’em.

  55. I still have one female black and tan ACK registerable puppy left for sale. She is 8 weeks old. We are in Central Ohio and I do not wish to ship unless someone else takes care of all the details. She is listed as “blue”. $400.

  56. @Colette, thanks for visiting our website. All the information about black and tan labs are spread throughout the comments in this blog post.

  57. hi came across your website was very happy when i saw it as i was told i have a purebred labrador but with all those markings would love more information if you can help thanks

  58. Allyson – sending pics and information. Puppies are for sale and they are 3 weeks old.

  59. Cathie:
    Are you selling the chocolates with the patches? If so, I’d be interested in one.

  60. I have a litter of 9 labs. Mom black and dad is Silver. 3 females are black and tan. 1 solid black male, 1 solid chocolate male, the chocolate females have lighter patches on face and feet.
    Her first litter she was bred to a black male and we had 6 solid black puppies and 1 choc.
    Her 2nd litter she was bred to a yellow lab and we got 3 black brindled puppies and 1 choc with light patches.
    Her 3rd litter was with a black male and we got 5 solid black puppies and 2 solid chocolate puppies.
    So it seems when we breed with the lighter male we get the patches.

  61. Hello Dennel I have a chocolate and Tan registered Lab for sale. I will discuss price there He is still very much a puppy He was born December 21st 2010. Let me know if you want more info.

    Kimbelry Adams

  62. Hi everyone. I am REALLY wanting to find a tan Points puppy if anyone knows a breeder that has a mismarked puppy I would love to hear from them.

    Thx Dennel.

  63. I have a 2yr old black lab but it has aussie looking paws. Since I got him from the HS so I have no idea of the breeding. Any clues on wether this is usual in black Labs. My dog’s name is Bubba and has got more instinct than any dog I’ve had

  64. @Linda, I volunteer with Guide Dogs of America and they do have an adoption program. However, they currently have a six year waiting list and they are not accepting new applications to adopt a dog. You may try checking with some of the other schools. A couple others in California are Guide Dogs for the Blind (www.guidedogs.com) and Guide Dogs of the Desert (www.guidedogsofthedesert.com).

  65. I would like to adopt a retired/rejected guide dog as a playmate for my chocolate lab (one year old male). Is that possible? I would love from both of them to have each other, although I am home all day.

  66. @Vicky, check with your veterinarian. They have tests nowadays that can reveal the breed(s) of your dog.

  67. Not true that brindled and chocolate/black and tan labs can not be registered as purebreds. They certainly can. They just aren’t allowed to be show dogs. We’ve had 2 litters with both and they are all akc registered/papered purebred dogs.

  68. If you want you can get a DNA test and it usually cost $30-50. Go to the akc.org website and search for a certified akc vet in your area. The vet will do a DNA swab and send it off. The result take a couple of weeks and it will tell you if your lab is mixed with anything else. Unfortunatilly even if it is a purebred labs with marks are disqualified to be registered purebred. Hopefully eventually the will except lab marks as beautiful and not bad breeding. It’s good to get the test because if your dog us mixed it will help you know what heritary illness to watch for in your dog as it ages.

  69. Hi I have a black and tan lab how do I ffind out if she is purebread she has tan in the paws just a bit but look like a lab and act like one

  70. We “Inherited” our dog in 2007 from our son. Now he is the love of our lives! But I have always been very curious as to what breed/breeds he is. When we got him we were told he was part hound and didnt know what else. About a month ago, I was in a pet store and purchased a “DNA breed identification kit”. We just got the results last week, and they say it is likely he is purebred Labrador Retriever. We were stunned, because we have never seen a lab that looks like this. Now we are wondering if this was a scam or something. I am NOT at all apposed to having a lab, I love all dogs,…..but this just dont look like one. He is fawn in color, and his face has the markings of a great dane, meaning the black around the eyes and nose. I have looked at all kinds of pictures on the web, and have seen nothing that looks like him. Any input?

  71. I have a black and tan lab, father is black and mom is yellow! he is georgous and a very good dog!Still hard to believe he is pure. My vet said not a chance, but I dont know.

  72. We own two chocolate labs that we bred. There was one chocolate tan point puppy. At first I was really worried that somehow our female had been covered by something like a rot..bu then I googled “tan point labs” and found them all over the place! Never knew there was such a thing in labs other than chocolate, black and yellow. The puppy went to live with my Mother so I get to watch him grow up. He is currently 10 weeks old and looks exactly like the picture of billy as a puppy.

  73. @Mike Unfortunately we are no longer uploading new photos of puppies to this page. Thanks for visiting our site and please let me know if you have any other questions.

  74. Hi, I am also interested in a black and tan lab puppy- if any of you know of a litter or breeder that seems to have them more often than not, I’d appreciate the information. I loved reading all these comments. Black and tan labs are beautiful dogs! I’ve been on the waiting list for a black and tan puppy from my local guiding eyes but the wait could be years. Thanks!

  75. Hi,

    Do you know of any breeders in Virginia or surrounding areas that breed black and tan labs?


  76. I just take home a little lab puppy black with tan legs for my kids. Eveyone told me is not a labrador because a labrador are justo one color. But he is just like a Labrador. I “m scare about a mixsure with an agressive dog. My boys are in love with him. He just look lovely and love to play. He looks just like the one you have in the photos. Did you know is there is posossible that a labrador come with this combination of colors?

    Thanks so much for your help,

    Ponce, PR

  77. Conny,

    We have a female that we have bred twice that throws chocolate and tans and brindles. We will breed her one more time with the same stud dog. Both are pure bred chocolate labrador retrievers. I can not guarantee that she will have a chocolate and tan but I can keep you in mind when we have the litter. She will be going into heat within the next month or so. She is a decendent of Sir Hershey of Surrey. Please let me know if you want me to contact you when she has her litter. I live in Northern PA but have made arrangements for puppies to travel to Delaware, Virginia, Connecticut and Colorado. Tora, a female chocolate and tan we had is in Colorado with Bill Patterson. There are some pics of her on this website somewhere. She is a beauty.

    Peggy Shay

  78. I have just started to look for a black and tan lab, I have had a yellow, and a black lab/retriever mix in the past and really like this type of dogs.
    I have no intentions to show the dog, so I really would like to be able to get a black and tan labrador somewhere near Philadelphia, or southern New Jerseys. Anyone know of a breeder, or listings for them?
    Thank you.

  79. I just had a litter of labs and I own both the Sire and Dam 3 generation AKC registered. 3wks after birth I started noticing(it was obvious) one of the chocolates legs turned light brown and light brown eye marks. I thought I had it figured out and found a buyer for the puppy thas nto worried about showing or breeding. Now 5wks, one of my blacks are starting to get scattered longer lighter hairs throughout its front paws. I’m so confused. Is there a risk that more will start developing this trait as they grow older? What should I do about selling the litter cause I was selling them AKC registered with the one chocolate being limited register with marking. PLEASE HELP!!!

  80. @Donna, thanks for visiting our site and telling us about your pups. Last night we saw another black and tan guide dog puppy at our annual holiday party. It was probably only about 8 weeks old and adorable.

  81. Hello, thank you for this site, what a help. Even in Australia we have BRINDLE. Just had 6 puppies, 1 yellow, 1 yellow, with one little white tip on the end of the tail and front legs have white tips on both paws, 2 black, and 2 x brindle. Mother black, Father chocolate. Mothers Mum Yellow, Dads Dad Black. People have been saying that it must have been another dog. No other dogs in my yard. I have the papers for parents and see the grandparents everyday, which also have papers, so there is no way they are not Labs. Puppies now 5 weeks old and BRINDLE have already SOLD.

  82. My lab had a litter of 8 puppies September 27,2010 & we have 1 puppy which is female with these brindled color markings. We live close to Columbia, MONTH, so if you may be interested in purchasing her, she is ready for a new home today.

  83. @Marcelle, thanks for sharing about Kyro…apparently obesity is fairly common in Labrador Retrievers. I had to cut back on Stetson’s diet as well. I’ll see what I can do about allowing our readers to upload their own photos to this page. I’m not sure it’s possible without paying a lot of money to a web developer, but their might be an inexpensive plugin available.

  84. Hi again Colby! Kyro is going fantastic, unfortuntely, he is on a diet due to the vet saying he was “obese”. So lots of walking and a controlled diet for him! I am very curious to see peoples photos of their labs on here, I understand that you would be inundated by requests. Hopefully soon we can all upload our photos on here!

  85. We just had a litter of AKC pups. The mom is a black lab and the dad is a pointing red lab. We have a male and female black and tan puppy. They were born this morning.

  86. Well I can say this without even a whince, Dixie was bread right here and I personally picked her father a very beautiful Black lab and and her mother was my own beautiful dark chocolate lab. You can say whatever you choose but she was born in my home under my supervision and she is as you can see brindle! You may be a breeder and know what the AKC considers purebread, but you can not convince me! I have been told that since the breeders do not consider the mixed colors as pure they put these pups down. In my eyes that just lets me believe that the standards the AKC have are not any that I consider worthy of comment. It was not until a few years ago that they even considered a dark chocolate a purebread.

  87. As the owner of the Labrador at the start of this item (2 pictures ) I can say that Billy is now 3 years old and a great dog! A superb-swimmer, guard and retriever with a great will to please and a dedicated friend of mine.
    Like many posters above I still have to convince people it’s NOT a rottweiler I point them to this site which open their eyes!! So, thanks for all posts. And off course a leg from Bill from The Netherlands !!!!

  88. @Marcelle, how is Kyro doing?

    In the past I posted peoples pictures manually as they emailed them to me. However, in recent months I’ve received so many requests to post pictures that I no longer have the time to get them all up on the site. In the future I may try to offer readers the ability to post their own pictures. However, at this point in time the website does not have that functionality.

  89. Hi Colby! How do you go about viewing the photos of other peoples Labs? Would it be easier for me to download mine on here? I am unsure of how to put them on here. You have photos of my boy Kyro.

  90. @Kimberly, sorry for the late response I’ve been very busy. Unfortunately I’ve received so many requests to add photos I just haven’t had the time to add them to my site. I’ll do my best to add one of Bandits images later this week. Once again sorry it’s taking me so long. –Colby

  91. @ Lindsay I know what u are saying my family has only seen picks of my dog and they all arguee that he is not a full blooded lab. I also seen the mom and dad of my puppy and I also say where the breeding takes place and there is no way for another dog to get in to the pin first of all there is like 5 or more miles to the closest neighbor. I also Had a DNA test done and his father will be tested soon very very soon like in the next year or so a breeder has to DNA test their dogs after 3 times of breeding there males. I love my lab, he is a handfull though so hyper and energetic I love it.

  92. Hey, there are tan labs out there. My 2 labs are both pure bred with champion blood on the dads side, who is a big beautiful black lab, and our mom is a smaller chocolate lab. Both have papers, and we have had 3 litter with them, 1st litter was 13 puppies, 2 died, than 6, none died, and than 6, 3 died and we have had only one brown and tan pup in every litter. The last pup was a smart, brave, curiouus lilttle girl, with beautiful green eyes. I named her coconut, but we had to sell her, mom said =( but they are out there and if u want to see pics just email me at and ill send u pics of the pups, mom, and dad. But we have no pups and mom is now fixed, wish we could have more though =) and if the pic shows up i tried to upload, that is coconut the puppy i was talking about. She will always be my babygirl and have a very special place in my heart.

  93. You know what I absoultely hate…is when people tell me he is not a pure bred. its like i saw both of his parents, mom was chocolate dad was a yellow. but i just hate when people argue with you about it, i mean its pointless. But black and tan labs are by far the best. i finally got a vet to admit that there are some out there, she said its extremely rare… yet she told me he wasnt a pure bred. i wont go back to her, because to me she just doesnt know her dogs, i mean like i said i saw the parents, i saw all the other pups.

  94. @colby I was just wondering if you got the pics of Bandit I have not seen them posted on here yet let me know I do understand that life is very busy

  95. Here is an updated pic of Bandit my AKC LAB That has his DNA testing done

  96. I am glad to see soo many people finding out the truth about Labs they are solid color dogs but when your Lab throws a miss marked lab everyone freaks out and says that is not a lab Well GEUSS what all u disbeliever breeders why dont you all do your homework and find out that the true lab Had markings on them breeders tried to breed that out of them, and occasonally you will get a miss marked lab, or black and tan or chocolate and tan or brindle, or some even call it splashing, so go on with your own business and leave these purebreed dogs alone just because they are born different doesnt mean they are not true labs.

  97. I am glad to see soo many people finding out the truth about Labs they are solid color dogs but when your Lab throws a miss marked lab everyone freaks out and says that is not a lab Well GEUSS what all u disbeliever breeders why dont you all do your homework and find out that the true lab Had markings on them breeders tried to breed that out of them, and occasonally you will get a miss marked lab, or black and tan or chocolate and tan or brindle, or some even call it splashing, so go on with your own business and leave these purebreed dogs alone just because they are born different doesnt mean they are not true labs.

  98. Me and my boyfriend recently bought a black and tan lab, I had never heard of this before seeing him. His name is Sawyer and he is such an amazing boy 🙂 his mom was a chocolate and dad was a black, both purebred CKC dogs. Everytime Sawyer meets someone new they assume he is a lab crossed witha rotti, and never relieve us when we tell them he is a purebred lab. It bothers me a bit that no one believes it but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what other people think because he is such an amazing dog !! 🙂
    So happy to see websites like this

  99. I am really glad that i found youe web site when my Black Lab had puppies I was shocked and thought oh no!!!! but i was sure the father was my Black male. Never knew there was such a thing as black and tans. they are 5 weeks old and so cute.
    Susan Pettis

  100. I have 3 black and tan PUREBRED labrador retriever puppies that are now 5 weeks old. They are part of a litter of 9 puppies (4 yellows & 2 blacks).

  101. Mollie, my black female labrador retriever and Gunner, my yellow male labrador retriever just had their 2nd litter of puppies born on Easter day, April 4th, 2010. There were 12 puppies in this litter. 5 yellow, 3 black, and to my surprise…4 black and tan. I didn’t know about black and tan labrador retrievers, so I quickly searched the internet. I was very relieved to find that this color combination does exist. Mollie and Gunner are inseparable, and we keep them kennelled together. I knew that no other dogs could have possibly gotten to Mollie. The black and tan puppies are so cute! I hope others will fall in love with their beautiful coat color as much as we have!

  102. Our first brindled lab, Maia, who I’ve discussed herein (including photos) was from two solid parents, a black and a chocolate. I only got to see one litter, their last, and the owners said they got one brindled in every litter (4-6 times I am reckoning). The owners had given me second choice as we were acquainted, and they had a lady try to but her out by telling them to just name their price.

    Tora, our chocolate brindled, had a common great grandfather, and was the product of two chocolates. The litter included 3 or 4 brindles and the next litter from the same parents had none at all.

    There are a lot of ignornant commentators, and most people who I tell that these are registered labs seem unconvinced. You have a special dog and I would breed if you want to breed but don’t count on more labrador specials. You might check into whether or not the lineage is Euorpean or American. I think the europeans did more mising a long time ago. I can tell you that whatever set the “defective allele” was from another kind of bird dog. Mine are both excellent hunters. See their pics on this sight if you haven’t already.

  103. Dustin If I was u I would breed her I have a 14 week AKC male that I will at least breed him once and he is Chocolate and tan. Our labs are like the black sheep of labs. They are just not popular, who knows maybe in five to ten years they will be popular and everyone is going to want one. To some people Dogs are like clothes I have learned it just depends on what is in style that year. LOL

  104. Hi Dustin, To my knowledge, you can easily breed her, the chance that you will get black and tan pups is almost zero. I know a couple who has a black and tand but never managed to get black and tan pups, every litter was black .

  105. i have a registered chocolate lab that threw puppies just like the one shown above should i breed her

  106. As soon as someone proudly presents his or her Labrador (not white, chocolate or black) some excited “Breeder” stands up and starts arguing the originality of that dog. First of all: My dog (Black an tan Billy at the top) IS a Labrador, proven and all!! But… he’s not allowed to enter shows, breed etc…. And I know why breeders are so protective, although te “Labrador” is only originally as it is now for some 30 years….! It is all because of MONEY, it has absolutely nothing to do with the dog but with the papers cause for them, without papers a dog is worth zero Euro or Dollar.

    I can state that in (expensive) nests sometimes brindled or black-and-tan pups dissapear….. sold before 6 weeks old, kept in another room or even worse….

    Again: My dog has a black father, black mother, black brothers and sisters…all “recognized” Labs from 4 generations back and then suddenly my black and tan is NOT a Labrador…. com on Lab Breeder, who are you ??

  107. I have sent some pics today so I am looking forward to them being posted soon

  108. People need to realize that the original Labrador retriever was not black, chocolate or yellow. This is what the breeders want, I could care less about AKC papers, but wanted a hunting dog which she has developed into with her first season under her.The ancestor of the labrador retriever is the St. John’s dog, they had white patches on their chest, chin, muzzle and feet like the lab I have which both parents were black. Mine actually looks like a St.John’s dog with the white but also has some tan. See the pictures of the St. John’s dog and see for yourself they are now extinct with none in existence any longer.

  109. I am glad to let everyone know that my puppies dna will be back in six to eight weeks so for those of disbelieve I will have a AKC DNA TEST RESULT.

  110. I have breed my chocolate and a my yellow lab together both of which are AKC registered. It was much to my amazement that one of the puppies came out with the brindle markings. I have never heard or seen this before. It was interesting to see this website and see all the comments. I am a vet tech and I have been told that there was another father but I assure you there was not. He is the sweetest dog.. Thanks for the clarifying my curiosty.

  111. I came across this site by accident but as a breeder of Labradors, I felt compelled to set the record straight. Without knowing where information is attained, I can assure you that DNA testing will show, there is not and has never been a black and tan labrador, brindle labrador or a silver labrador. Testing centers such as MMI Genomics, Optigen, Ingen or other reputable companies that many of the worlds top breeders of any breed use to verify genetic results, their cannot be masks, patterns, roans, brindles or color variations to the labrador breed if it is a true pure bred. The black and tan labs in the photos on this post clearly have different head, tail and structural differences than pure bred labradors. That’s not to say they aren’t great dogs. The best dog I’ve ever owned was not a pure bred and she was phenominal. But anyone who says labradors come in any color combination other than chocolate, black or yellow is not a reputable breeder and does not know the AKC breed standard for Labradors. Some breeders falsify AKC pedigrees by saying a silver is a diluted chocolate, but if the AKC ever randomly tests a dam and sire combination and finds a falsified non-purebred being passed off as a Labrador, they will never be permitted that breeder to register a dog again with the AKC. But don’t take my word for it, do the DNA test for yourself.

    Yours in Labs

  112. @ Mary Goody If you look up Dutch Acres there website is http://www.dutchacrespups.com/ They have two female labs Black and Tan or Choco. and tan if you are looking for one. Good luck on getting one they are very beautiful

  113. We are looking for a black and tan lab puppy to go with our beautiful Rottweiler who never had his ears cut or tail either. I am amazed at how similar the two look. We live in Washington. Thanks for the response.

  114. Thank you for having a wonderful site where we can find and see more pure AKC labs that are of the Splashing color or as some call them black and tan, I have emailed several pics of my puppy that I have gotten from the breeder, he is only six weeks old and I have a pic from the day he was born to weekly photos of him.

  115. @Marcelle, thanks for sharing information on your Labrador. We’d love to see pictures of your dog. If you’d like to send us images of your dog send an email with attachments to ckmorita [at] puppyintraining [dot] com.

  116. Hi. I have a black and tan labrador, he is a big boy, father golden (and big), mother black. I am forever being asked by people what breed he has in him and upon telling them he is a pure breed labrador I encounter scoffs and laughing as most people think he is part rottweiller. He shows no traits of the Rotty, he is a placid, intelligent and loving part of our family. Hopefully my photo will download. I love reading about everyone else who has these wonderful beautiful dogs.

  117. The more I researched the Black and Tan Labrador Retirever, the more it looks to be a lot like the now extinct St. John Dog which is the ancestor of the labrador retrievers today. My black,tan & white is a wonderful waterfowl /hunting dog now almost 11 months old this is the last weekend of the waterfowl season. Her parents were both black. She aclimates very well to the cold, love swimming and water, a great retriever of upland and waterfowl, looking forward to the off season to get back to her basic traing. I’ll post pics soon.

  118. This web site most have cleared any problems my friends and family have because they have not said anything else to me since I sent them this website Thank you for all your help with my problems. I can not wait to bring home my little man on febuary 8th.

  119. @Jayne, thanks for sharing the information about your litter. I think it’s pretty confusing for most people when they see a black and tan Labrador Retriever. As I’ve mentioned before I had no idea about black and tan and brindle Labs until I saw one in our guide dog group.

    @Kimberly, thanks for leaving the link to your future puppy. Those puppies are adorable! Best of luck raising him. Hopefully he sleeps well his first few nights at home.

  120. I am buying a Chocolate male lab with unique yellow markings from the web site I am posting They have two females with similar markings. I have had so many people tell me that this is not a lab that it is a rottie. the lady does not even have a rottie on her property. So how could it be. I have found this site to be very helpful to me thank you very much

  121. WOW I am so glad to of found this article!!! I have a beautiful black lab and she has had 6 litters and this was her last one. I always have used another black lab and she always has yellow chocolate and black in all the other litters,well this time I used a beautiful yellow lab and she thru yellow,black and a black and tan..Everyone is telling me the same thing as Ben just said everyone thinks she is a rottweiler but she is a good looking lab…so glad to hear this and actually find pictures that look exactly like her…awesome website thank you

  122. So glad I found this forum. I’m fostering to adopt a puppy whose breed I just couldn’t pin. Her siblings were all lab colors, but everyone’s first impression for her was “rottweiler!” Wasn’t convinced, partially because of her body shape and size-age relationship, though I admit I’m as far from an expert as one gets. But after a few search slings on Google, the similarities to the black-and-tan lab are striking, though, again, I’m as far from an expert as one gets.

  123. @Anna Zahn, our family dog wasn’t a black and tan lab, but was a rescue border collie mix. He was full of energy and acted like a puppy for over 15 years!

  124. I have a black and tan retriever but my husband and every one else says that she is a rot. I have had alot of arrguments about it because they seem to think that she might turn on them. I try to explain that she is very gentle even with people that she doesnt know but everyone still seems put off. She is a rescue and we have had her for six years. She is seven now and was wondering if any one elses dog seems to still act like a pup. She still is very energetic and although she has a greying face loves to play rough with the kids. Lovingly of couse. she is also very gentle with the smaller ones also.

  125. @Cindy, those two puppies are too cute! 14 in the litter that must be a lot of work. I hope you’re getting some rest while you take care of your puppies.

  126. I have been looking to buy or adopt a black and tan or brindle lab for over a year. If anyone knows where I can find one, please let me know. I have a female purebred black lab who would love to have a sister or brother to play with!

  127. Hello- Here is a picture of our two brindle labs. Our lab had her first litter of 14 puppies- 6 yellows, 6 black and 2 brindle. The mother is a black lab and the father is a yellow lab. 14 puppies for her litter- yikes!!!


  128. Hi,
    My dog is a pure bred lab. I saw both his parents (mum – black, dad-yellow) and he is gorgeous. But when taking him to our local vets the nurse insisted he was a cross and was actually quite rude about it!!!

  129. @Lindsay, Koda is adorable. Unfortunately I can’t tell from a picture whether or not Koda is a purebred Lab. They have genetic test to determine breed, but I’m not too sure if the tests are very accurate.

  130. I have a black & tan purebred reg. 1 year old. She is beautiful and very smart. She may not look like a lab but she sure acts like one. If anyone has a black & tan or a chocolate and tan purebred reg. lab for sale I would be very interested in hearing from you as my little sweetie needs a playmate and they might as well look the same. People do question if these are purebred labs but with being reg. as a purebred they can’t doubt it. Please do no retire you breeding stock because these colors show up. Both parents have to carry that recessive gene in order for these colors to show up. They may be classified as undesirables to the kennel clubs but they aren’t to Lab lovers. I know in some places there is a demand for these colors.. So please if anyone has a wonderful mismarked puppy for sale please contact me

  131. I have had Labs for years, Black, Chocolate and Yellow. We have done some breeding. Our labs come from a long line of pure breed labs and we have now had two litters with black/tan and chocolate/tan. I know they are pure breed. If another male were to get in the lot with Bubba and Raingler there would be doggy parts all other the lot and that hasn’t happen. We have a litter right now that has two B/T and one C/T. They are beautiful, good natured, smart and sweet. We always have to sell them for less and it bothers me that people seem to doubt that they a purebreed, but because we sell them for less we haven’t had any trouble finding them a home. I have three and two will have a new home tonight. I wish there was some way to give these dogs the respect they deserve. We have decided not to breed Raingler any more. Just thought I would get in on your conversation. I love my Labs and my Gordylabs or whatever you choose to call them. I think they need a name of their own!

  132. Funny that you should mention that the first time you saw a black and tan labrador was when you were volunteering for a guide dog organization. I was just at Southeastern Guide Dog Assoc. in Palmetto, FL yesterday and that’s how I learned about the recessive gene. I too had never seen or heard of a black & tan until then. Maybe you see more of them there because they breed so many labs. Interesting!

  133. Hi I had posted on June 19th on my black and tan she is now 8 months old, she has taken to the field very well retrieving ducks at the DF&G refuges and the slough. She is very attentive, loves the water, it is the first thing she will do when we get there no matter how cold it is. She has made some fairly long retrieves and is marking the falls. This weekend is the opening Pheasant season. Well she is a great field hunting dog that loves the outdoor life everything I have been looking for, glad I got her, my previous labs were chocolate, yelow and black, she is different in
    appearance but I think she’s great. Happy Hunting

  134. The reason litters have black & tan pups, chocolate & tan or brindle is because both the parents carry that recessive gene.

  135. my purbread labs male black & female chocolate both akc reg, just had a liter of 9 , 3 of them r brindle & im not sure why?

  136. I have two black & tan labs. My female came from two black parents, both english labs reg. My male came from a yellow mom and a chocolate dad, again both reg. The coloring is different on both of them. The female who came from the black parents is very shiny black and the male from a yellow mom and a chocolate dad is a more duller black . Both are very beautiful dogs with their own personalities. There are both young dogs and I am thinking of breeding them in 2010.

  137. I have a black & tan labrador now 14 weeks old, the father and mother were both black. I’ve had chocolate, black and yellow labs she is as smart or smater than all of them. I wil use her as a field dog, mainly waterfowl and some upland game. She has learned most of the basics obiedience sit also by whistle, heel, stay, come & down. Took to water like a fish I live near the river which also has many ponds, she will sit & mark the dummy before going to retrieve, I had never heard of a black & tan labrador until doing some research, but she has a great personality and smarts like so many, and loves to please which makes her so easy to train.

  138. The pictures you posted on 6/1/2009 of the Black & Tan are gorgeous. The little guy was born 1 day before our little munchkin, Gadget. I promised pictures a while back. I just sent them to you.

    He’s got an incredibly mello personality and is great with our kids. He takes all their hugs in stride. The way he wiggles I don’t know who is more excited to see who when the kids come home from daycare. He races up to them to get hugs and a lots of love.

  139. @john g, congratulations on your new puppy. We’d love to see pictures of Bella. If you have any you’d like to share with us you can send them to us at ckmorita [at] puppyintraining [dot] com.

  140. I have just recently got my black and tan lab.I was a bit confused for I have never heard of this color Lab.So I was really excited to find out that the color is possible.Her name is Bella and she is really cute!!!She is 7 weeks old

  141. I have one black and tan puppy out of a litter of ten. my female had 4 yellow one chocolate 4 black and one black and tan. I advertised them and had a breeder respond back telling me I should pull my add sense I was selling mixed breads as full blooded. I sent him pictures of the parents and everything. He posted an add to beware of me because I was selling mix breads. He even put that the male i was showing is not the sir. I can guarantee he is. I even sent him website info.

    Needless to say I still have 4 pups to sell and can’t seem to get them sold because of this.

  142. @Colby, Thanks for the update on “Black and Tan” clubs.

    I sure enjoyed the pix of Bill Patterson’s Brindled Labs. They are gorgeous.

    Tealwood’s Kernel Gadget comes home the last weekend of March. If you’re interested I will send pictures.

  143. @Juanita, Thanks for your litter of puppies. If you’d like just send me an email with pictures you’d like featured on the website and I’ll create a post with pictures of your Black and Tan puppy and any information you’d like to tell about him. My email address is ckmorita@puppyintraining.com

  144. @Carol, sorry I haven’t responded in a few days. I’ve been away from my computer. I’m not sure about any Black and Tan Labrador Retrieve clubs out there. Thanks for adding the links. The more information the better. By the way, I received some updated pictures from Bill Patterson and his two brindled labs. I’ll get those pictures up in the next day or so.

  145. My yellow lab just had pups 1-29-09 from my black lab and she ended up throwing a black and tan male. I never herd of such until I did some research and found this article. I have had several people tell me that the pup is not full blooded but I know better and he is regeristerd with the AKC. The pups are now 4 weeks old and he seems like he has a personality on him already. I would like to send a picture of him.

  146. My yellow lab just had pups 1-29-09 from my black lab and she ended up throwing a black and tan male. The other pups she threw were yellow and black. I never herd of such until I did some research and found this article. I have had several people tell me that the pup is not full blooded but I know better and he is regeristerd with the AKC. The pups are now 4 weeks old and he seems like he has a personality on him already.

  147. I have been working with a very reputable breeder for a male black lab puppy. Momma is a blk and Papa is a yellow. Two gorgeous yellows and two blacks survived. (3 girls, 1 boy). I just found out from the breeder our black is really a black and tan. He is unique and beautiful.

    I want to learn as much as I can about this rare labrador. The breeder told me there are folks that search for these dogs. She told me I could consider making him available for Stud. Is there a black and tan club or group out there?


  148. Tora, our 11 mos brindled chocolate that we bought from Peggy Shay, went hunting today and found five of the six birds that were set out. She held a good point, even after the birds began to move a bit. She also retrived each directly back to my feet. Whatever other dog is way back in the line must have been another hunting breed – I have two brindles and both are excellent hunters. I’ll post some new ones today.

  149. Josh,
    Absolutely you can get the same price. I went to various sites on the Internet and tried to educate myself on “mismarked labs”. In actuality it seems there are quite a few out there. The more I talk to people the more I hear they’ve had a litter with one or two pups with either the full black or chocolate and tan or brindling/splashing markings. From what I’ve read the actual rottweiller looking markings on the choc/black and tans come from the early 1800’s when they wanted to make the lab (a retrieving dog) also an expert pointer so they cross bred them with Morgan Setters. Good luck! We just had a litter with no mismarkings this time but this was a different mother.


  150. Thanks for the information about the black and tan labs. I bred my purebred lab with a purebred yellow lab and two of the puppies came out with the black and tan markings. The other 5 are solid black…. With the black and tans, can you typically get the same price for them?

  151. @Peggy, I was just about to respond to Henry’s comment when I came across your great explanation. Thanks for clarifying!

  152. Our last litter had 2 chocolate and tan and a number of brindled labs. They are all registered ACA and actually can now be registered AKC as the stud dog was only registered ACA at whelping time but I sent an application to the AKC website with pedigree information and have since registered him with the AKC. The only thing I know that the AKC prohibits is showing these mismarked dogs. It does not mean they can not be registered. Thanks.

    Peggy Shay

  153. I have a black and tan puppy, she is 15 weeks. I was not aware the AKC allowed you to register them. As far as I know, it is considered a color deformity and is not recognized as an official lab color.

  154. I have a litter of pups and one is Black and Tan. There is lots of pictures and video on my facebook group. Enjoy

    facebook group Labrador Retrievers for sale…Newfoundland

  155. @Jessica, she’s adorable. Is she a Labrador Retriever? How’s she doing? Is she sleeping okay at night?

  156. Hi, my little female puppy (name is Jasmine) is an 8 week old DOLL! She was a Christmas present from my fiance and we just got her the day before yesterday. She is black and tan and beautiful! (see website) 🙂

  157. Colby, do I have to do more to get the pictures up. I didn’t see how to attach or include. Thanks.

  158. @Bill, that would be great I’d love to see pictures of your two brindled labs. I’ll send you an email.

  159. We know have two brindled labs, one black with reddish-brown markings and a chocolate with yellow markings. The latter is from Peggy Shay. I’ll send you photos if you wish. Peggy has two comments on this site and may possibly use the same sire again. Maia, the 5 yr. old black, is a very good pointer and I hope Tora, the 6 mo. old chocolate, will be successful in the field. We won’t be breeding and I think either would produce more brindles. As I understand it, one must find a pair that each have the recessive coloration gene (a defective allele, actually). Isn’t the fact that the coloration is present the gene is not recessive but something else. As you’ll see they are beautiful girls.

  160. Courtney,
    If you send me your e-mail address I can send you pics of our litter. From the research I have done it doesn’t appear as uncommon as some would make you believe for the labs to have the “mismarkings”. Actually, Bill Patterson bought one of our females because he had a black and tan lab and come to find out they both had the same great grandfather. Interesting huh?

  161. Okay , So I found a tiny beautiful puppy along side of a creek in my hometown. Everyone said she looked like a rottweiler , but I know she isn’t. She has the Black and Tan markings but her ears are shorter than a black and tan. She also doesn’t have her bark fully yet but what bark she does has is a screeching howl. Does anyone have any suggestion on what she might be?

  162. Thank you so much for the information on the tan markings on the labs. We just had a litter of 9 chocolate labs and 2 have the same markings as your dog. We have 2 others that have some brindling. I knew the dam didn’t get out. Both the dam and sire are all chocolate with the sire having a small white mark on his chest. If anyone out there is interested we have some left. They get their shots and worming tommorrow. They will be 7 weeks old on May 10th. Thank you.

    Peggy Shay

  163. @Bill, sorry I don’t know of anyone who breeds brindle Labrador Retrievers or black and tan Labrador Retrievers.

    I’ve never heard of a “figured yellow lab” before. I’ll talk to some of the other people in our Guide Dog group to see if they’ve heard this term before. I’ll also check to see if they know of any breeders who produce brindle or black and tan lab puppies.

  164. We have a beautiful brindled black lab named Maia. She is a good hunter and will hold a point well. The dame has passed but had one brindled in every litter. Know anyone that produces these or a black and tan? I lost the family vote that got her spayed, unfortunately. I came across a site that said they expected figured yellow labs. what is that? Thanks.

  165. @Andy, no problem feel free to use the image of Eagan for your website. I haven’t seen many black and tan Labrador retrievers (or maybe I just haven’t identified them as labs). I’ll have a few more pictures of Eagan that will be up on the site soon.

  166. Request permission to use the photo of Eagan as an illustration of a Black and Tan Lab on our Good Sam Travel Journal Website. I saw two but did not have a chance to take a photo. (See April 13 Art City Austin entry).


    The password is: 2yellowlabs

    Or, if my use is not acceptable, please let me know and I will remove the photo.

    Thank you,

    Andy Blum

  167. @Chris, I’m not too sure where you might be able to find a breeder who produces black and tan Labradors. Black and tans are not allowed to compete in the show ring and because if this I imagine most breeders do not purposely try to produce black and tan Labradors. From what I understand the best place to find a good breeder is to attend dog shows in your area. Good luck with your search. Let me know if you happen to find a reputable breeder.

    @Jeremy, what’s the name of your black and tan Labrador? We’ve had a few other black and tan’s come through our group.

  168. I have a dog that looks exactly the same as this dog in the picture and he was a seeing eye dog reject haha i was just wondering if maybe it was a picture of him when he was a puppy

  169. I want to get a labrador as soon as I move out my apt. in january of 09. where can I get a black and tan lab? thank you

  170. @Jeremy, no hassle. We changed the picture and the black and tan Labrador in the images above are now Billy.

  171. Hey i dont mean to be a hastle but can you tell me the name of this dog in this picture if possible

  172. @Marcel, I updated to picture and the two pics are Billy. Have you ever seen a brindle pure bred labrador retriever? Do you have any pics of your lab? Maybe I could add them to the site in a follow-up article.

  173. We have a purebred Black and Tan Lab (Billy) (father Black/mother Black) which looks EXACTLY the same as your dog so your dog will probably be a purebred.
    They do exist and they are GREAT !!!!

    Good luck with your Lab!

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