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Raisins And Grapes Can Be Toxic To Dogs

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I always worry about the health and well being of my dogs and today I was reminded that raisins and grapes can be toxic to dogs.

While reading the Only Official Blog Guide Dogs For The Blind I came across the article: A Grape Reminder.  Here’s a little excerpt from that article:

This is a very sad case – a great dog, with great owners who had no idea raisins and grapes could be a toxin to dogs. Please alert everyone you know who has a dog of this very serious risk. Poison control said as few as seven raisins or grapes could be toxic. Many people I know give their dogs grapes or raisins as treats. Any exposure should give rise to immediate concern.

Several years ago I received an email warning how raisins and grapes could be toxic to your dog.  It seems odd because raisins and grapes are such a common food for humans.  I see children eating raisins out of the little sun-made raisins box on almost a daily basis.  I have the image of ancient rome and the ruling class being hand-fed grapes.  If you’re as old as me then you might remember the California Raisins commercial with dancing raisins singing “I heard it through the grape vine.”  Those are some of my fond memories of grapes and raisins.

Never in my dreams had I thought of grapes and raisins killing my dog.  However, now that you know that they can be poisonous be sure and keep your dog away from them and by god don’t use them as a dog treat.

Grapes, Raisins, and Dogs

I had a few close calls in recent years with grapes, raisins, and dogs.  About two years ago my friends one year old twins were eating raisins out of the little sun-made raisin box.  As kids do he dropped more raisins on the ground then he put in his mouth.  Lucky for me I knew raisins were toxic to dogs and I kept Derby from eating any of them out of the sand.

My second close call was probably only one year ago.  My girlfriend unknowingly fed Stetson a couple of grapes as treats thinking that it was a fruit and harmless to dogs.  That was a scary moment and I kept a close eye on Stetson to be sure that he didn’t show any signs of sickness.  Some of the symptoms mentioned in the article from Guide Dogs for the Blind mention:

…He started with vomiting, diarrhea and shaking about 1 a.m. on Wednesday but the owner didn’t call my emergency service until 7 a.m…

…He started vomiting again overnight and his renal values continued to increase…

Lucky for me Stetson was okay, but at any sign of sickness we would have been at the emergency vet.

Be careful what you feed your dog.  Some of the things we eat as humans are toxic to your dogs and remember the two common foods we mentioned today: raisins and grapes can be toxic to dogs.

Have you had any problems with your dogs eating raisins or grapes?  What other common foods do you know about that are toxic to dogs?

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  1. Thank you for this article. Its strange that it is not well known that raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs…while chocolate is a well known no-no. My fiance’s childhood dog got into his cross country bag one day, and ate some trail mix that contained raisins. She ended up in kidney failure and had to be put to sleep. We now tell everyone with dogs about the dangers of raisins and grapes, because so many people are not aware of it!

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