Seeing Eye Cat – Cashew And Libby

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I came across the story of Cashew and Libby on our Orange County Guide Dogs of America website.

It’s the story about Cashew a 14 year old yellow lab who is blind and deaf. You may be wondering how does Cashew get around?

Cashew’s best friend is a cat named Libby who acts as Cashew’s Seeing Eye Cat and helps Cashew avoid obstacles and leads her to her food.

Libby and Cashew - Seeing Eye Cat

Here’s the full article on Cashew and Libby:

Cashew, the 14-year-old lab is blind and deaf. Her best friend is 7-year-old Libby, her seeing-eye cat. Libby steers Cashew away from obstacles and leads her to food. Every night she sleeps next to her. The only time they are apart is when Cashew goes for a walk. Without this cat, Cashew would be lost and very, very lonely. Amazing but true: this is one animal that knows what needs to be done and does it day in and day out for her friend. – – Terry Burns

That’s an absolutely amazing story. I’m currently raising Stetson to be a Seeing Eye Dog for Guide Dogs of America.

He will be trained and hopefully someday become a full fledged guide dog. However, this cat has taken it upon herself to step into the role of Seeing Eye Cat.

So, I guess it’s true that some animals choose to and enjoy working as assistance animals. Libby proves it by helping her friend Cashew day in and day out.

What do you think?

Do you know of any other incredible stories like this one?

Do you know of another seeing eye cat?

If so let me know in the comments area…or send me an email and I’ll post it in my blog.

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  1. we need animals like this in this world i think this article is loving even though i hate cat and dogs we as humans need to take examples oon animals like these

  2. Hi: I have nothing really remarkable to add to the photo or the other comments. I have a family of 3 abandoned cats; originally I had the full family of 5 felines.

    Basically, I just love anything that has four legs (as opposed to the measly 2 legs that humans have). The photo of Libby and Cashew was so inspiraional to me. I have never seen a cat with such a serious (or, maybe, determined is a better word) look than Libby. She knew she had a job to do, and she did it with compassion and patience.

    Thanks for the inspiration…………………Phil

  3. I adopted my houserabbit from the Red Door Shelter in Chicago about a year and a half ago. While I was preparing for her, I met a pair of bunny brothers that had been rescued from a neglect situation.

    One had terrible eye injuries that had gotten infected – he was mostly blind in one eye and the other had to be removed. He was looking pretty sad and shaved when I saw him.

    But his brother had clearly appointed himself as “protector”, and as I bent down for pettings he charged over and subjected me to a very thorough inspection before I was allowed to touch the injured bun. The shelter volunteers said that he also took very good care of him – groomed him and nudged him to the water and food bowls.

    I know that they were set to be adopted out together. I wonder if they have any follow up info on how they did?

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