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Top 3 Ways To Use Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food

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Wellness Dog Food Pillow
The multi-purpose bag of Wellness Dog Food 🙂

If you missed last weeks blog then check out our Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food Review.

This week we’re having a little fun with our bag of Wellness dog food.  Every once in a while my inner nerd comes out and I like to display my movie quote skeelz!  That’s right guys and gals it’s time to play name that movie!

First of all, I’ll tell you how we are using our bag of Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food (how many uses can you have for a bag of food anyways…apparently the correct answer is 3).

Then read the quote, check out the clue, and tell us the name of the movie(s) in the comment section below.  No Google searches! This game is played off the top of your head.  That’s it! I’ll give the winners an “atta boy/girl” 🙂

Top 3 Ways To Use Your Bag Of Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food

You know the rules.  So let’s get it on!  What are the top 3 ways to use your bag of Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food.

1. As A Pillow“Those aren’t pillows!” – How can you go wrong with a lead cast of John Candy and Steve Martin?  Name that movie!

Wellness Dog Food Pillow?
Wellness Dog Food Pillow?  Archer: It’s a little lumpy

2. As A Dog Bed “You’re gonna need a bigger bed.”  – This is a more famous line then the first, but I replaced one of the words instead of “bed” it should be another word beginning with the letter “B”.  Name that movie!

Wellness Dog Food Bed?
Wellness Dog Food Bed?  Archer: Does this come in an XL?

3. As Dog Food/Treats“Well crying isn’t going to help. Now, you can sit there feeling sorry for yourself or you can eat can after can of dog food until your tears smell enough like dog food until your dog comes back, or you can go out there and find your dog.” – I cheated on this one it’s not a movie, but a TV Show…and that is your clue.  Name that TV show!

Archer doing his Wellness Dog Food Review
Wellness in my dog bowl?  Archer: Finally, chow time!

Archer does enjoy his Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our disclaimer: Archer is a Labrador Retriever a breed commonly know to eat anything including lint balls, clumps of dog fur, dirt, rocks (small ones), and cat poop with zest and fervor.

All kidding aside we are very happy with our Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food.

Don’t forget to list your movie guesses in the comment section below.

Speak soon!


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  1. Yes! Stetson had skin allergies and one of the things that seemed to help was moving him over to grain free dog food.

  2. I throw out movie lines all the time, but the wife doesn’t usually get it 🙁 You got the first two and the last one is the Simpsons! Atta Girl!

  3. Sorry, I don’t have a clue on any of the 3 quotes, but I know that Wellness is great dog food!

  4. lol, Cute pics! I do “name that movie” with the hubs all the time!

    1. Plains Trains and Automobiles. (That scene is a riot.)
    2. Jaws. (I literally just said to the hubs last night “We”re gonne need a bigger boat.” He didn’t get it….)
    3. Okay, well, you’ve stumped me there. Oh, but I just red your clue…. Does Simpsons count as a sitcom? (Trying to think of funny shows with dogs… I know Frasier’s not right!)

  5. 0-3 on your guesses. Here are a few more hints:

    1. John Hughes directed.
    2. Had an attraction at Universal Studios.
    3. Guiness World Records world’s longest running sitcom.

  6. 1. Uncle Buck? (I don’t know if Steve Martin was in that one).
    2. No clue.
    3. Growing up Fisher?

    That was hard! Glad to see Archer is making good use of the dog food bag and enjoying the new food!

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