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Is It Time To Buy Some Christmas Dog Toys?

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Every holiday season we buy Christmas Dog Toys for our friends and family (doggy friends and family).

Of course Stetson, Linus, and this year, Dublin will get great puppy toys and treats from Santa Claus.  We received an email this morning from Amazon.com announcing a 4 for the price of 3 special on some of their doggy toys.  Amazon already has steep discounts compared to our local pet stores.  So, instead of procrastinating and waiting until Christmas Eve to do all my shopping we went ahead and ordered some great dog toys and products through Amazon’s 4 for 3 Special.

Christmas Dog Toys – 4 for the price of 3!

Here are some of the details on the Amazon’s 4 for 3 Special:

  1. Add at least 4 eligible items to your shopping cart
  2. Proceed to Checkout
  3. On the final Checkout page, we will discount the lowest price item.

Here are doggy toy (actually pet supply) section that advertises as 4 for 3 special: Pet Supply 4 for 3 Special.

Amazon is a giant store.  There were 4,161 items in the 4 for 3 specials for pet supplies.  So what special items did I end up buying?

Holiday Toys For The Dogs

I’m not too sure if this is a special offer for the holidays or something Amazon runs on a regular basis, but it’s a great way to get an added discount on already heavily discounted pet toys.  Here are the 4 doggy toys I ended up getting for my boys:

  • Invincibles Plush Snake Dog Toy, 3 Squeakers, Green/Black – This snake claims invincibility, but I think my dogs can prove them wrong.  A couple weekends ago Guide Dog Puppy Baron visited us and brought the Kyjen snake.  Dublin and Baron had many tug of war battles with the toy and it proved fairly durable…however, I don’t think it could stand several weeks of intense battles between Stetson, Linus, and Dublin.

  • Hide-A-Squirrel Pet Toy, Large – In the past we’ve purchased several of the hide-a-toys and our dogs love them.  We even still have a few pieces left from our two year old Ginger Bread House Holiday Dog Toy.  My brother’s German Shepherd mix, Georgie loves his hide-a-toy.  It’s also a bit of a puzzle for the dogs as they learn to extract the squirrels from their plush home.  That actually sounds very familiar to what my dogs do to the stuffing of the majority of their toys.

Hide A Bee Dog Toy

  • Hide-A-Bee Pet Toy, Large – We love the Kyjen Hide-A-Toy’s so much we decided to get the boys a Hide-A-Bee dog toy.  We also noticed on the Amazon.com page that people use the Hide-Bee-Hive to stuff not only the bee’s but doggy treats as well.  It’s a lot of fun for both you and your dog!

Angry Birds Dog Toy

  • Hide-A-Bird Puzzle Plush Intercative Dog Toy, Large – Yep!  We went crazy with the Hide-A-Toys on this Amazon order, but we (the dogs) love playing with them so much.  The Hide-A-Bird dog toy was/is the actual dog toy Georgie loves playing with at my brother’s house.  Every time I think about my dogs playing with this Hide-A-Toy I think of Angry Birds…not sure why I just awesome a bird would be angry after getting thrashed around by a couple dogs.

Those were our four dog toys for the price of three.  Oh yeah, and did I mention that here in California we don’t get charged sales tax on the items we buy from Amazon.com!!!

Anyhow, if you’re interested in the 4 for 3 discount check out this page before you start shopping: Amazon’s 4 for 3 Special.  Then go to this page to see the products advertised as 4 to 3: Pet Supply 4 for 3 Special

Christmas is right around the corner so make sure you don’t miss out and start shopping early for your favorite Christmas Dog Toys.

What do you think?  Have you taken advantage of Amazon’s 4 for 3 Special?

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