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We Are Thankful For Our Dogs And More!

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Happy Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for so many things we are truly a blessed family.

I, in particular am thankful for having wonderful family and friends, good health, and a super girlfriend.  The list could go on and on, but since this is a blog about puppies and dogs I’ll stick with being thankful for my 2 wonderful dogs: Linus and Stetson.

As I sit here writing about Thanksgiving Linus is lying down by my feet and Stetson in the living room keeping my girlfriend warm while they both watch television.  My dogs truly are wonderful and I’ll never forget the days I picked them both up.

Linus Stetson and Dublin
Linus (the rescue), Stetson (the career changed guide), Dublin (now a working guide dog!)

Here are 4 quick facts about my two boys:


  • We picked Linus up from the Carson Animal Shelter on January 7th, 2005.
  • He was only about 2 months old when we rescued him.
  • He was sick, covered in fleas and mites, anemic, had worms, and a stomach virus.
  • We nursed him back to health and now he’s in wonderful condition as an 8 year old pup.


  • We picked up Stetson from Guide Dogs of America on February 9th, 2007.
  • We raised Stetson to be a Guide Dog for the blind.
  • June, 2008 Stetson was career changed and became my forever puppy.
  • Stetson makes a great couch potato and loves to eat just like all Labs!

Be Thankful, But Keep Others In Mind Too

I am very thankful and feel truly lucky to have all that I do.  I’ve also been keeping others in my thoughts and prayers as well.

I recently attended the BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta, Georgia and met many wonderful people.  I contacted many of my new friends and recently heard from Nancy at LIPetPlace.com.  Unfortunately, others have not been as lucky as myself with Hurricane Sandy reeking havoc along the east coast.  Nancy informed me first hand some of the effects and after effects of this natural disaster.

Here’s a copy of the email she sent me:

Thanks for reaching out – it has been insane here to say the least.  Some areas completely devastated, pets displaced, homes wiped out, big time shortage on gas or gas stations couldn’t pump because they had no power for over a week, and people are still without power almost two weeks later.  I said insane right?  It’s quite unbelievable the destruction and it goes from town to town, meaning one town is fine the next is not – and I know not everyone across the country is seeing all that we are seeing.  I was very fortunate, no damage to home or office – although the day after Barkworld I had to put everything in my office on higher ground and just hope it didn’t flood, it didn’t so super lucky.  Cell service was really spotty the first week and internet was here and there.  So many people lost so much, I personally know people who’s houses were flooded (my aunt’s house was), who lost everything, including their cars. Just a really sad situation.  And then not to have gas for cars, waiting in lines up anywhere from 1 hour or 5 hours, they finally enlisted an odd/even plate number to get gas – and that has helped tremendously – why the powers that be didn’t do this last week is beyond me.

I went today to one of the county run pet emergency shelters (different than the regular pet shelters) who are caring for over 250 owned displaced dogs, cats and exotic pets and it will be a long term thing.  While we are getting a lot of pet food donations and everyone here is really stepping up – many pets displaced will need to eventually go into long term foster until their owners can rebuild their homes or find a new home. So needless to say I have been consumed with the pet needs and wrote two articles on it here and here.  I am finally getting to Barkworld stuff, my own networking events, etc this weekend.

This Thanksgiving I’d like to ask everyone to be thankful for all the wonderful things they have and also to keep others who aren’t as fortunate in their thoughts and prayers.

Again Happy Thanksgiving!  And I hope you, your family, and your pups have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your dogs are beautiful, but then again, I am kind of partial to Labs! They are the absolute best!

  2. Excellent weblog here! Additionally your site loads up very fast!
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  3. Hi Michelle,

    I love rescues. Linus was my first puppy/dog as an adult and we rescued him 8 years ago. I agree he probably was the one who rescued me.

    Take care,

  4. That’s awesome that your husband helped with clean up on Staten Island. I definitely am very thankful for all the things I have in my life.

  5. I am VERY thankful for living with two awesome dogs and an even more amazing boyfriend! They make me laugh and smile everyday!

    I appreciate you reminding everyone about those back East and posting the email from Nancy. We all quickly forget about the tragedies & the heartbreak people are going through when it doesn’t directly affect us. I hope Nancy’s family is safe and I applaud her efforts to help those that are less fortunate. It makes me more thankful for what and who I have in my life.

  6. Hey Colby! How have you been? i’m sorry i haven’t come along to visit in a while. We’ve been busy preparing for da videO for Cesar Millan here: Today’s the final day for vOting. Just barely 2 hours to go. I was wondering if you would like to help vOte for me one last time today? Thanks a whole lot! Xoxoxo Poppy!

  7. Thanksgiving was so much fun family and friends are so important. But I am so thankful for my doxie Dexter. I rescued him 6 years ago but I really think I was the one who was rescued.

  8. Glad you enjoyed a lovely holiday. Sounds like you have lots to be thankful for.

    And a good reminder to remember those who might feel like they have little to be thankful for. My husband just got back from a weekend clean up in Staten Island. He found it amazing how resilient and spirited people were, even in the middle of such devastation.

  9. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and lots of delicious food. This year we are very thankful that our little Yuki has fully recovered from her liver shunt surgery performed on her last year. She is now able to eat normal food and is a healthy, happy dog.

  10. So true! I’ve been feeling really thankful for a lot of things in my life this year, and I know there are plenty of people who are facing some tough times right now.

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