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Who Picks Up Guide Dog Poop?

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Who picks up Guide Dog poop?
Who picks up Guide Dog poop?

How does a blind person pick up after a dog’s poop?

Who picks up guide dog poop?

I’ve seen this question many, many times on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and in comment threads.

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Who Picks Up Guide Dog Poop?

I asked this question a while back.

Stetson was the first puppy I raised for Guide Dogs of America.

While teaching Stetson potty training basics (Guide Dogs need to learn to potty on command) I remember Ramona, our instructor, reminding us to pet our dogs while they were “getting busy” – “Get Busy” is the command we give to let our dog know it’s time for them to go pee or poop.

I always thought this was a strange thing (petting the dogs while they do their business) to do, but figured that it was another way for a blind handler to know exactly where their dog was squatting.

Guide Dog Poo

This is a totally legitimate question: How does a blind person pick up guide dog poop?

Finally one day I asked, “Why do we pet our dogs while they’re getting busy?” As usual, there was a very logical response:

As a guide dog puppy raiser, we tell our dogs to “get busy” letting them know it’s time to eliminate.

At this time we get the dogs used to having their back rubbed by petting as they pee or poop.

When the dog is older and working as a guide dog, the dog’s blind handler can say “Get busy” and rub the dog’s back (the back arches differently whether the dog pees or poops) and then within an inch, there’s the dog poop.

I actually learned two things that day:

The first is “Why do we (guide dog puppy raisers) pet our dogs while they pee or poo?” and “Who picks up guide dog poo?

Now that you know how a guide dog handler picks up poop the real mystery is how do I pick up my dog’s poop?

Boring really, when I walk my dogs I use the aforementioned Mighty Paw poop bags attached to my dog leash with this little poop bag holder.

UPDATE: The Mighty Paw Treat Pouch has a handy place to carry your poop bags. So now, no more attaching the bags to the leash. They can be conveniently located on your hip!

At home, I have a standard pooper scooper.

How about you guys?

Are you pooper scooper type or do you have a more intricate plan for picking up poop?

Tell us your answers in the comment section below.

Who picks up guide dog poop? Puppy going poop
When a Guide Dog goes poop who picks it up?

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  1. Maybe not but I do always, sadly the Spanish are not that way inclined and just leave it on the pavement.

  2. Hello John
    Yes there is a video online of blond person picking up after their dog.

    Glad to help!
    Brent Schmogbert

  3. Is there a video online of blond person picking up after their dog?

  4. This comes from a conversation I had with Ramona many years ago. She used to work in the puppy department at Guide Dogs of America.

  5. I did some research to see if I could find more information on whether or not someone who was unable to pick up after their service dog because of a disability would be required to pick up the poop. The articles I read say yes that it is still the responsibility of the owner to pick up after their dog.

  6. What about people who are unable to pick up the poop? are they except ?do to my disability I am unable to bend over, and my arms don’t always do what I want them to .what then?

  7. The point is just that it’s possible to pick up poop without being able to see it…come on, man.

  8. We’ve trained all our dogs to go on command. Most people don’t appreciate a dog pooping on their lawn…even if picked up cleanly. Making sure you have an empty dog before walking helps. If we’re traveling, I use the bag inside out as a glove. I’m sure everyone can smell that distinctive order that tells you they’re finished. Early training helps make your dog welcome every where! 😊

  9. When my 6 year old asked me ‘who picks up a guide dog’s poo?’ I thought: any dog owner who has walked their dog at night (ie all of them) will already have honed their skills and senses in order to tackle the problem of finding doo-doo in the dark-we use our ears and noses (a torch if you’re prepared). And a blind person already knows where their dog is, so I thought it was a no-brainer. Maybe wearing gloves would be a bit more advisable, but yeah, I was intrigued enough to google it for him…

  10. we found it interesting how a blind person cleans up after the dog. we thought that maybe someone else cleaned up or they just left it.

  11. When we raise guide dog puppies, we touch them on their backs to get them used to being touched. The purpose of this is so that the visually impaired person can tell by the arch of the dogs back whether it is deficating or urinating. They then use a bag just like everyone else to pick up the poop. The poop is warm, it is fairly easy to find! The visually impaired can leave the bag on any street curb without breaking any rules. That is, at least, my understanding of this mystery.

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