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Great Dog Training Career, Pet Sitter Makes $100K!

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A Dog Training Career?  A career as a Pet Sitter?   Nahhh…after all how will I pay the bills?  Most of us probably sit in the office all day, slaving away at a desk in front of a computer, mindlessly typing, or surfing Facebook now and again.  When I was a kid I remember seeing Joe Vs. The Volcano with Tom Hanks and thinking…is that really what the corporate life is like?  or fast forward about 10 years and renting Office Space (by then I was already in the office during the dotcom years).

Now maybe you’re thinking I wish I could work outside in the fresh air and leave the corporate blues (remember the blue fluorescent glow from Joe vs the vocano…not to mention my office walls are painted blue).

Fear not corporate soldier because I just read an article about What America Earns during this recession and one salary in particular – the Pet Sitter – shines a ray of hope.

Pet Sitter Making 100K!

When you think of pet sitter do you think part time high school job or six figure income?  If you’re like me then you probably think part time high school job.  Check out the Parade magazine article What America Earns How Our Salaries Are Changing and you’ll see a list of salaries from Plumber to Mayor to our favorite: Pet Sitter.

Dog Training CareerAccording to our Parade Magazine article here’s the short salary bio for Pet Sitter:

Tammy Roussin, 37
Pet sitter/dog walker
St. Louis

I was floored when I saw this and thought  my next career move should be as a pet sitter.

What do you think?  Do you have a dog training career?  Pet Sitter?  Dog Walker?

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  1. I’m ready for the switch too. I remember when I first finished college I worked part time in the office (for a stock broker) and the other half of the time I coached tennis. It’s so refreshing to get out of the office and into the sunlight for half the day.

    At least I can bring my Guide Dog puppy in training to the office everyday.

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