Blog Carnival #13 – Pets and the Economy, Fleas, Dog Foods and More

Welcome to the the latest edition of Puppy In Training blog carnival.  This edition includes many great articles from dog flea treatments to the actual cost of a puppy.  Great participation this month and thanks to everyone who submitted an article to this month blog carnival.  Without further ado here’s this months carnival:

Dog Food

Sue Vinsant presents Some Common Foods You Should Avoid Giving Your Dog « posted at A Dog Lover’s Blog, saying, “Sometimes it seems like a dog will eat almost anything. It can be very tempting to share what you are eating because of those big eyes that follow every move that you make. You may find yourself tempted to slip your pal some scraps from the dinner table. Before you do, however, you should know that there are some foods you should never feed to your dog. Some of them may surprise you!”  This is a very important article for all dog owners to eat.  Recently one of my friends gave a couple grapes to one of my dogs and immediately I remember reading this list and let them know that grapes and raisins can actually kill a dog.  Lucky for Stetson was okay after eating two grapes.  As Sue mentions in her quote above “…Some of them (foods) may surprise you!”

Pet News

Diana L Guerrero presents How to Avoid Counterfeit Flea Treatment Products posted at Flea Control Secrets: How To Get Rid of Fleas & Live Flea Free!, saying, “In this post, readers learn how to avoid counterfeit flea treatment products.”  I never really thought about counterfeit flea treatment until a couple years ago when my mother brought up that it was possible to order counterfeit flea treatment online and to be careful who you order your products from.  Diana includes a two great slide shows: one showing counterfeit packaging and the other showing legitimate packaging.  After watching the videos I can see that it would be very difficult to spot the counterfeit flea treatment products.


The Pet Chatter presents pet identification: microchip vs. tattoo posted at Pet Chatter, saying, “Permanent identification gives pet owners peace of mind. But what is the best option?”  I never really thought too much about microchip vs tattoo as I did not have the option with Stetson, Linus, or Derby.  Each of my last three puppies received a microchip before they were ever in my custody.   However, after reading this article I would definitely consider tattoo over microchip and would probably further research the two methods of identification before choosing either option.

Big Larry presents helping your pet through a tough economy posted at Out of Debt Christian, saying, “Your puppy may not have an investment portfolio, but that doesn’t mean the recession isn’t effecting them. Here’s some great advice on how to save money on your pet without making sacrifices.”  If you’re in a pinch for money in this tough economy this article covers some steps you can take to help save on your pet expenses.

SVB presents the cost of living with pampered pets in luxury and some really weird pet products posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “Thanks!”  After reading Big Larry’s article on saving money on your pets we swing the pendulum to the other side.  Most of the pet products listed in this article are definitely considered a luxury.  However, many pet parents have the money and love to spoil they’re pets.  The end of this article does bring up some points on how you can save money with your pet as well.


Darwin presents how much is that puppy? The most detailed dog cost analysis you’ve ever seen posted at Darwin’s Finance, saying, “Would you be surprised if I told you that puppy will cost you close to $100,000 over its lifetime? Well, don’t be. This detailed analysis evaluates both the lifetime cost and Net Present Cost of that puppy – too many people naively buy a puppy without truly understanding the costs involved.”  This article is a real eye opener.  I know I spend a lot on my dog, but I didn’t know that over his lifetime I’d be spending close to $100K?  This is a great and detailed article showing you how much a puppy really can cost you.  Also, if you recall, I wrote about one of my friends and his dog’s veterinarian expenses during their first few years together.

Patti Lecron presents INDOORS, OUTDOORS by P.B. Lecron posted at A French Education.  Have you had issues housebreaking your puppy?  So did the author of this article.  The author discovers an innovative way to teach her dog how to pee outside in the yard rather than in the house.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted an article to this edition of the Puppy In Training blog carnival.  If you have any questions or if you’d like to submit an article to our blog carnival then visit our contact form or leave us a comment below. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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