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Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast? Check Out Our KONG Wobbler Video Review

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I’m sure everyone was on pins and needles waiting for the final results of our KONG Wobbler (affiliate link) Video Review.  We had a slight delay as we had some technical difficulties (darn computer and editing software wasn’t agreeing with us).

However, I’m sure it was well worth the wait as today we get to look at Stetson’s Wobbler Video Review as well as announce our KONG Wobbler giveaway winner.  In case you don’t remember the person who guessed closest to Stetson’s time for eating 1 1/2 cups of food out of his Wobbler without going over wins a new KONG Wobbler of their own.

If you haven’t already had a chance to see our first thoughts and reviews of the KONG Wobbler then go back and take a look at our initial KONG Wobbler Dog Toy Review.

We were super excited to try the KONG Wobbler for 2 reasons (well probably more than 2 reasons, but 2 main reasons).

  1. First, Stetson is a fast eater and sometimes chokes on his food and will even vomit from time to time.
  2. Second, instead of an actual slow feeder dog bowl it was more of a dog toy.  It not only would be used to feed Stetson, but stimulate his mind as it is interactive and required some skill and brain power to release the kibble.

So let’s get on to Stetson’s KONG Wobbler Video Review!

Stetson’s KONG Wobbler Video Review

Transcription Of The KONG Wobbler Video Review

Welcome to the PuppyInTraining.com KONG Wobbler Dog Toy Review.

And there’s our brand new nicely packaged KONG Wobbler.

It was very easy to remove the packaging by just unscrewing the base of the Wobbler.

Notice the difference in size compared to the 2 classic Kong Toys on the table.

Here’s the top half of our KONG Wobbler which was totally hollow on the inside and made of a durable plastic. You can also see that our Wobbler had a round kibble dispensing hole while other people have commented that their Wobbler came with a KONG shaped hole.

The base of the KONG Wobbler was weighted down with what sounded like sand. Take a listen…

And that’s the KONG Wobbler…pretty simple

Now here’s a shot of me loading the Wobbler with 1 cup of Stetson’s kibble. We actually use 1 ½ cups during Stetson’s review.

This large version of the Wobbler can hold up to 2 cups of kibble. After I loaded 1 ½ cups for Stetson’s review I felt it could probably hold even more than 2 cups.

Onward to Stetson’s review! There’s our KONG loaded with 1 ½ cups of food.

And here’s Stetson getting his first rewards of food from his new food dispenser.

Unfortunately, Stetson had some difficulty getting the food out of his new Wobbler. His technique was to push the Wobbler around with his nose, but he refused to use his paws. When on the slick tile surface the Wobbler just slid around in an upright position. And unfortunately with no wobbles or food rewards

After a little frustration Stetson decided it might make a good chew toy. However, even though KONG is known for making great durable chew toys the KONG Wobbler is not meant to be a chewed on.

I let Stetson have a little bit of fun with his new toy then we moved over to a carpeted surface

Stetson’s technique of pushing his Wobbler along with his nose worked out much better on the carpeted floor.

Because the floor wasn’t as slick the KONG Wobbler would tilt to the side everytime Stetson pushed it with his nose thus releasing a handful of kibble.

After a little bit of coaching and using the KONG on the carpeted floor it took Stetson 5 minutes and 43 seconds to finish off 1 ½ cups of dog food! That’s much longer than using his regular bowl which usually takes under a minute for him to finish the same amount of food

Best of all…no choking or vomiting for Stetson with his new KONG Wobbler.

Thank you for joining us for our PuppyInTraining.com KONG Wobbler Review

Special Thanks to PetSmart for supplying our free product sample in order to do our review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

My Final Thoughts On The KONG Wobbler

Stetson vs The Kong Wobbler
Stetson vs The Kong Wobbler

As you can see in the video Stetson had a bit of a tough time getting at the KONG Wobbler when on the tile floor.  He didn’t wobble the KONG as much and instead just pushed it around with his nose as the KONG remained in an upright position.  He did get better at wobbling the KONG on the tile, but it still took him a while to extract his kibble.  After over 25 minutes of wobbling and after opening up and finding about another 1/2 cup of food I decided to try letting him use the Wobbler on the carpet.

The carpet worked out much better for Stetson as the KONG would not slide on it’s base in an upright position so when he pushed it with his nose it would wobble to it’s side and release kibble.  The only problem with the carpet is it left kibble smell and probably crumbs behind as I found the other dogs sniffing around after Stetson finished his meal.

A couple other things if you plan on purchasing and using a KONG Wobbler.  Since your puppy eats the kibble off the floor make sure your floors are clean. I’d also be careful what kind of cleaner you’re using on the floor since your pup will be licking the tile surface.  If you use the Wobbler on the carpet then you’ll want to do a thorough carpet cleaning and vacuuming before and after using the KONG Wobbler.


We received lots of great comments on our initial Wobbler review including others experiences with the product.  If you’re interested in this product and haven’t had a chance to look at those comments I highly recommend you go back to our initial KONG Wobbler Review and read through the comments.  Everyone has had some different experiences.  Stetson’s experience with the Wobbler was definitely different then a lot of our readers.  A few comments that I thought were very insightful:

…After the third day he open it, eat all the food and used the dispenser as a chewing toy and distroyed it. On the second week bought a second wobbler and kept watch. But by the end of the week he was quicker than I was and chewed that one too… –Kathryn

After watching Stetson play with his KONG Wobbler it is not a dog toy that I would leave out for him to play with unsupervised.  He tried to get the entire toy in his mouth and carried it around for a little while.  When he finished his food I did notice a bite marks cut into the plastic and I could see how a dog could easily destroy this dog toy if left alone with it for a period of time.

…Humphrey easily learned how to put a topspin on his that dispenses more, albeit the food fans out in a spiral type pattern. Can’t wait to see what Stetson’s signature technique will be… –Heidi

I wish Stetson could put topspin on the Wobbler, but he just liked pushing it around the room with his nose.  It took him a lot longer because he did not “wobble” it as much if he would have used his paws.  I guess he still remembers all those months of teaching him not to use his paws during guide dog training.

…tired the pup out a bit. …The one issue we’ve seen with the Wobbler is sometimes it becomes stuck under a piece of furniture. –Pamela

Stetson did get worn out when using his Wobbler mentally and physically.  Also, when Stetson was using his Wobbler it got stuck in the corner of the kitchen a couple times.  Since I was monitoring him the entire time I was able to help him out, but I also think he would just grab the entire KONG with his mouth and carry it to a different spot.  He’s not as timid as Linus.

…I am wondering also if he will give up! –Rita

Stetson never gave up, but I did.  We shot video several times and just about every time there was 1 stubborn piece of kibble stuck in the Wobbler.

I gave Linus a chance to try the KONG Wobbler, but he’s a bit timid and just stared at the Wobbler.  When I let Stetson into the room Linus just followed him around and ate the kibble as Stetson wobbled the KONG.

Check out the other comments at our first Kong Wobbler blog post.


  • This definitely slowed down Stetson’s eating.  It took him a lot longer to eat 1 1/2 cups of food compared to any of the other slow feeder dog bowls we’ve reviewed.  The only other dog bowl that comes close is the Aikiou Dog Bowl which is also more of a toy then a bowl.
  • It feels very durable.  Although it’s not a chew toy so I wouldn’t leave it with your dog unattended or your pup may destroy it.
  • It’s interactive and thought stimulating for your dog as he is solving a puzzle.
  • It also tires out your puppy mentally and physically.


  • It can get stuck under furniture or in corners of the room which could frustrate some dogs.
  • The dispenser hole can be too large or too small depending on your dog, his abilities, and the type of kibble used (different sizes and shapes fall through the hole more or less easily).  We also heard that round kibble dispenses easiest (our kibble was triangle shaped which may have hindered Stetson’s performance).  An adjustable dispenser hole might be useful in increasing or decreasing the difficulty for your pup.
  • KONG is known for durable chew toys.  I would point out that this is not meant to be a chew toy or in the case of some dogs should not be left with them unsupervised.  Not a minus, but more of a warning.

The KONG Wobbler Giveaway

After all this time we are finally at the KONG Wobbler Giveaway.  This is the first time we’re mentioning how long it took Stetson to eat 1 1/2 cups of food using his KONG Wobbler.  We went ahead and used his time eating his food while on the carpet rather than the tile floor since we never got an accurate time with him on the tile (infinity doesn’t count).

Stetson’s time eating with his KONG on the carpet was 5 minutes and 43 seconds.  Congratulations to JoAnna for guessing 5 minutes and 23 seconds!  She was the closest to Stetson’s time without going over.  PetSmart will be sending a brand new KONG Wobbler to JoAnna.

So have you used the KONG Wobbler?  What did you think?  Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

Special thanks to PetSmart for providing a free product sample in order to do our review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Thanks Miko! I’m glad you liked it. It’s fun watching Stetson go after his food. I think I’ll try putting together a video of Stetson practicing his sniffing someday too.

    Take care,

  2. That was a great review Colby! I I loved seeing Stetson move the wobbler around the tile with his nose….I think with some practice he’ll get faster.

  3. Hi Pamela!

    We did like the KONG Wobbler, but it probably won’t be our daily feeder for Stetson. There are a couple reasons for this:

    1. The Martha Stewart Slow Feeder bowl is working pretty well.
    2. Currently we’d have to use the Wobbler on the carpet because it takes him so long to finish his food on the tile floor. I’d rather use it on the tile because the carpet picked up a lot of kibble crumbs.

    Overall we really liked the KONG Wobbler, but I think we need to get Stetson some more practice before we come to a final conclusion on whether or not we can use it as an everyday feeder. If not we still like using it as a treat dispensing dog toy.

    Maybe we’ll have another follow up review in another month or so.

    Take care,

  4. Hi Mom!

    I’ll bring our KONG Wobbler over for Ralphie to play with. It’s almost as big as him! Maybe he’ll be a good candidate to do a follow up review post.

    Take care,

  5. Hi Snoopy!

    It was quite exhausting for Stetson. He was huffing and puffing for several minutes after he finished off all the food. Then he went to the bed and took a nice long nap!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. That was a great review Colby. I want to try the Kong on my very hyper dog Ralphie. Thanks, Emi

  7. Wow Guys – it sounds like a lot of work to get your Dinner Stetson – I was exhausted just watching you!! I was cheering you on 🙂

    Have a fun weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  8. Honey took to the Wobbler much more quickly than Stetson did. She got it to work well even on slippery floors.

    I think that’s because she has always been fed from a food toy. We started out putting her kibble in a plastic water bottle and turning it upside down. She learned quickly to bat it over with her nose to get the kibble out while we set it up for her over and over again.

    I think if I were introducing the Wobbler to an adult dog, I might start with a soda bottle to get him used to the notion of pushing to get the kibble to come out.

    What I didn’t hear in your review was whether you liked the Wobbler enough to continue using it. Will you be using the Wobbler regularly in the future?

  9. Hi Jenny!

    The Starmark Bob-A-Lot sounds like a great dog toy. Actually in my KONG Wobbler review I mentioned that the dispenser should be adjustable making it easier or more difficult to get at the kibble. I’ll check out the Bob-A-Lot and maybe write another product review. Thanks so much for letting me know about it.

    Take care,

  10. Hi Colby, If you liked the Kong Wobbler, you should try out the Starmark Bob-A-Lot. I like it better than the Wobbler because you can customize 2 parts in the toy to make it harder for the kibble to come out. One is an internal dial that regulates how easily kibble drops from the “holding chamber” into the “dispensing chamber.” The second is that you can adjust the opening on the dispensing chamber so food does not come out as fast, and the dog has to play with the toy more. We switched to this toy because the kibble was too easily coming out of the Wobbler.

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