The 6 Essential Tools I Use When Training My Puppy

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I started clicker training Archer from day 1.

He’s the first puppy in training I’m exclusively using clicker training for teaching new behaviors.

Over the years we’ve used many different tools for training our puppies, but clicker training is a little different as it requires a few more pieces to the puzzle.  Fortunately, these pieces are still very easy to carry around during any puppy training exercise.

So, what are these 6 essential tools I use when training my puppy?

Tools I Use For Clicker Training My Puppy
Tools I Use For Clicker Training My Puppy

Check out the picture above and see if you can identify all 6 before moving on.

6 Essential Tools I Use When Training My Puppy

Okay, so maybe you couldn’t see all the tools in the first pic, but you could see 5 out of 6 and I bet you can guess #6…hint: check out the pic below ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe I should change the title to 6 Essential Tools I Use When “Clicker” Training My Puppy since this list is specific to clicker training.

That being said I bet you were able to guess number 1 on my list pretty easily…

#1 Clicker

There’s more than one type of clicker available, but we go simple and use the standard box clicker for training our puppies.

If you plan on clicker training your puppy then do some research and find a clicker you like. They even have quiet clickers just in case your puppy is noise sensitive.

UPDATE: Although any clicker works and some are louder/quieter than others our current favorite is this Mighty Paw Clicker (by the way, we highly recommend getting a wristband with your clicker)

#2 Treats

There are thousands of treats available to use during training.

We feed our dog’s Wellness and either use kibble as treats or Crazy Dog Train-Me Treats.

#3 Treat Pouch

We recently started using a new treat pouch that has been more durable then our old PetSafe model.

We really liked our new Mighty Paw Treat Pouch.

I’m going to do a little research and you’ll probably see a blog post on dog treat bags really soon ๐Ÿ™‚

This pic is of our old PetSafe Treat pouch. Time to update this pic with Archer. I miss that guy ๐Ÿ™

Another Essential Tool For Clicker Training Your Puppy
Another Essential Tool For Clicker Training Your Puppy

#4 Leather Leash

Sorry folks, but we don’t have a link to a recommended leash for training your puppy.

Our leather leash is 10 years old, warn in, and soft as can be.

We love the leather leashes over the nylon as they are much softer on your hands.  If you can find a good leather leash let me know in the comment section below.

UPDATE: Guide Dogs for the Blind has the exact adjustable leather training leash we love and use with all of our puppies in training.

#5 Martingale Collar

We recently changed to a Martingale Collar based on suggestions from trainers at Canine Support Teams and Wags and Wiggles.

We heard these were originally designed for Greyhounds (heads the same size as their necks) so their head wouldn’t slip out.

After an incident, we had with Linus slipping his flat collar to chase a coyote across the golf course ๐Ÿ™ we’ve found the martingale training collar to be a good choice when out and about as it will tighten, but not choke your dog (make sure and have it adjusted properly).

#6 Easy Walk Harness

We really like the Easy Walk Harness used in conjunction with our Martingale Collar.

While it doesn’t totally deter pulling it does help by turning your dog slightly when he tries to pull forward.

If you look at our pictures we like to attach our leash to the martingale collar and easy walk harness simultaneously.

We’ve found this to be the best setup when working with Archer.

So what do you guys think?  That’s not everything we use when clicker training our puppies, but I would consider these the “Essential Tools”.

However, if you look closely at the pictures you might see another tool we use with our puppies (not really a training tool).

Did you guys catch the other tool in the pics?  What are your essential tools when training your puppy.

Tell us about your experiences training your puppy in the comment section below.

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Tools I Use When Training My Pupppy
Tools I Use When Training My Puppy

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  2. I have an 8 month old labradoodle. Heโ€™s crate trained and does wonderful. My problem is this. We are going to have to move his crate to another room in the house. I donโ€™t work and so heโ€™s only in the crate at night and maybe a few hours a week during the day.
    Any suggestions on how I can make this transition easier?

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