My Favorite Puppy Training Tip

After my last post on 5 Easy Steps To House Training Your Puppy I wanted to give you a little piece of advice on training. I’ve heard lots of great advice from many different trainers, but this has to be my favorite training tip that I first heard at Sue Myles training class when Linus was a puppy. I also came across this tip again while reading through another great blog, The Days of Johann, an agility dog!

Unfortunately (for me) I had to use this training tip many times while raising Stetson and Linus.

My Favorite Puppy Training Tip

A rolled up newspaper can be an effective training tool when used properly. For instance, use the rolled-up newspaper if your dog chews something or has a housebreaking accident.

Take the rolled-up newspaper and hit yourself over the head as you repeat the phrase, “I FORGOT TO WATCH MY DOG, I FORGOT TO WATCH MY DOG.” If your dog laughs at you when you do this, praise him.

I wasn’t really sure where this training tip came from, but found the following reference on The Days of Johann, an agility dog! website:

Credit goes to: Author: from “Dog Talk” by John Ross and Barbara McKinney.

My favorite part is “If your dog laughs at you when you do this, praise him.” Give the puppy below monster praise…I believe they call that ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Laughing!


Do you have any great training tips you’d like to share? Please feel free to share any training tips in the comments area.


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