Puppy In Training Blog Carnival #6

Welcome back to another edition of the Puppy In Training Blog Carnival. We added a few new rules to try and generate more participation and it seems to be working out for everyone. Of course our goal at the Puppy In Training Carnival is to try and create community and I encourage everyone to visit the links and leave comments on these other blogs.

Puppy In Training Blog Carnival #6

We have four submissions for this edition of the blog carnival. To get things started we have our first post simply labeled Puppy Pictures from the blog A Very Nearly Tea. It’s often times difficult to take pictures of your puppy…good pictures that is. That’s exactly what this article is about: getting the perfect puppy pictures. We had a similar article about taking pictures of Stetson and the difficulty we had getting good shots of him as a puppy. Check out Puppy Pictures to see Copper the Beagle and Hunter the Lab mix.

Our second article comes from Training Fido and teaches How To House Train a Dog – Easy Steps. This article list some of the tell tale signs of when your dog needs to go to the bathroom which is a key part of house training your dog. If you need some hints on how to house train your dog check out this article. One other thing mentioned in this article is consistency which is something we preach and is imperative when house training your dog.

Our next article covers the same subject as article 2…Housetraining A Dog, Potty Training A Puppy.  Some more great tips on house training your dog.  One thing that is mentioned in this article is controlling food/water intake and knowing your dogs pee/poop schedule.  Definitely check out this article if your having issues with doggy potty accidents in the house.

Finally the Dog Training blog covers one of our favorite breeds the German Shepherd Dog Training Essentials. The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most famous breeds around the world and a true working dog. It has also become most famous as a pet dog. They are very easily trained and loves to please their masters. This article describes the
essentials of owning and training a German Shepherd Dog.

Thanks to all the submitters for participating in the Puppy In Training blog carnival.  We’ll see you all next time!


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