Where Or How Do I Go About Getting A Service Dog?

“Can someone please tell me how to get a service dog?!?” I guess I should expect people to ask me questions about how to get a service or guide dog.  After all this is a blog about raising guide and service dog puppies! As puppy raisers we raise and train our puppies from around 7 weeks […]

Does My Pup Want To Grow Up To Be Guide Dog?

We started off as guide dog puppy raisers because we wanted to change the world! Well, not really. We knew we weren’t going to change the world, but we did know that we could change the world for one visually impaired person. When I first decided to become a puppy raiser the formula seemed simple: […]

What’s The Difference Between Guide Dogs And Seeing Eye Dogs?

I’ve been a guide dog puppy raiser for almost 6 years now and before I started raising guide dog pups I didn’t know the difference between a guide dog and a seeing eye dog.  In fact, it wasn’t until I was puppy raising for about a year that I first heard why a Seeing Eye […]