The First Puppy In Training Blog Carnival

We tried to get our first Puppy In Training Blog Carnival off the ground last week, but unfortunately as I mentioned the Puppy In Training Blog Carnival was Postponed. That brings us to today…our first ever Puppy In Training Blog Carnival! We are featuring four articles from blogs and websites around the globe (possibly).

So without further adieu…here it is!

Puppy In Training Blog Carnival

50 Dating Tips, Tools, and Resources for Every Kind of Animal Lover
Our first article comes from the Soul Mating blog and features an article on dating tips for animal lovers. As a single person this is a great resource for finding that perfect animal lover. Lots of great ideas and some things I never even thought about. As a dog lover and with three dogs in my house I’ve often wondered what would happen if I started seriously dating another dog lover with several dogs in her house. It would be kind of like the Brady Bunch don’t you think?

Obama’s Disastrous Gaffe-Laden Press Conference
I’m sure you’ve all heard about Obama’s promise of a puppy to his daughters after the election. Here’s an article from Jon Swift’s blog about Obama’s promise to buy his daughters a puppy after the election has cost Obama quite a bit of support.

Who hasn’t had their dog not obey commands or sometimes completely ignore you. After years of obedience how can the word “Come” now mean “Run away”. In Kristan Hoffman’s blog she talks about how her 1 year old Border Collie/Jack Russell/Beagle mix disobeys her and she offers to give him away to her readers.

Video Jug Dogs
I received this submission and after much consideration decided to include it in the carnival. Although this is not an article, but instead a useful video resource. The site features many dog videos including dog training, dog foods, dog health, and dog fashion. All videos are free as long as you can deal with the embedded advertisements.

That’s it for this edition of Puppy In Training Blog Carnival. If you’re interested in submitting an article for our next blog carnival you can either contact me through the Puppy In Training contact form or submit and article through the Blog Carnival website.

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