Top 10 Dog Breeds

Today I was thinking about the top 10 dog breeds and if you do a search in Google you’ll see tens even hundreds of articles about the top 10 dog breeds. The most commons lists you’ll find are hard numbers done by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC produces a list each year wit the top breeds registered to the AKC.

Top 10 Dog Breeds As Voted By The Internet

I wanted my top 10 list to be slightly different than your average list. So, I came up with my own way to calculate the top 10 dog breeds. I’m somewhat of an analytical person and like to use numbers when calculating most of my lists. Here’s what I did to find my top 10 dog breeds list:

  1. I went to the AKC website and found this list:
  2. I took the top 50 and typed the breed into Google search using the following formula: Breed Name” + Dog. An example of what I would type into Google is “Labrador Retriever” + Dog
  3. I used the singular for each dog breed and used quotation marks around the breed name (this does an exact match in Google)
  4. After clicking search, Google returns a number in the top right corner indicating the number of web pages returned for your search.

Disclaimer: Let me just say that this is a very inexact science. The Google search engine is constantly re-indexing pages and the results from my search changed within minutes. Basically this is just a snapshot and if you conducted a similar experiment your results would vary drastically from the results you see here.

Top 10 Dog Breeds

Number Breed Google Search AKC 2007 Ranking Notes
1 Yorkshire Terrier 5,610,000 2 “Individual dogs will differ, but they are generally
intelligent, independent and courageous” – Wikipedia
2 German Shepherd 5,080,000 3 “German Shepherds are highly active dogs, fearless, but
not hostile and often are described in breed standards as self-assured
and never shy” – Wikipedia
3 Boston Terrier 5,080,000 16 “Boston Terriers have friendly, very strong, lovable,
unforgettable personalities” – Wikipedia
4 Shih Tzu 5,070,000 9 “The Shih Tzu is characterized by its long, flowing
double coat; sturdy build; intelligence; and a friendly, energetic,
lively attitude” – Wikipedia
5 Golden Retriever 4,900,000 4 “The temperament of the Golden Retriever is a hallmark
of the breed and is described in the standard as ‘kindly, friendly and
confident'” – Wikipedia
6 Cocker Spaniel 4,050,000 17 “Cockers are renowned for their demon like behavior, but
they are easily trained and make a good medium-sized family pet.” –
7 Beagle 3,780,000 5 “The Beagle has an even temper and gentle disposition.
Described in several breed standards as “merry”, they are amiable and
generally neither aggressive nor timid” – Wikipedia
8 Dachshund 2,950,000 7 “Dachshunds are playful, fun dogs, known for their
propensity to chase small animals, birds and tennis balls with great
determination and ferocity.” – Wikipedia
9 Pomeranian 2,830,000 13 “Pomeranians are typically very friendly, playful and
active. They are very intelligent as toy breeds go and are easily
housebroken and trained.” – Wikipedia
10 French Bulldog 2,800,000 34 “The French Bulldog is a gentle breed that typically has
a happy-go-lucky attitude.” – Wikipedia

Other Notable Breeds

11. Labrador Retriever – #1 on the AKC list for 2007
22. Boxer – #6 on the AKC list for 2007
36. Poodle – #8 on the AKC list for 2007

A couple things that surprised me after creating this list. First, was that the Labrador Retriever did not make the top 10. I might be biased, but this is such a popular breed not just as a pet, but also as a working dog.

The Beagle was another breed I expected to contend for the number 1 position. Beagles have received a lot of attention over the past year with Uno (a beagle) winning the Westminster Dog Show Best In Show. The Beagle did finish seventh on our list, but that is below his 2007 AKC ranking of fifth.

What do you think do you own a dog that’s on this list? Do you think your dog breed should have been in the top 10?

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