Urban Potty Video Review – Potty Box For Dogs Young And Old

It’s been a full two months since we first brought home our Urban Potty Starter Kit and it’s worked great as a puppy potty training tool for both the young pups like Toby (8 week old yellow Lab puppy) and the older pups like Stetson (6 year old black Lab puppy…I guess he’s technically a dog now).  In case you missed them here are the first two blog posts about the Urban Potty:

Toby smiling to use his new Urban Potty :)

Toby smiling to use his new Urban Potty :)

That brings us to our third video review.  We had a couple unanswered questions at this point.  The number 1 question being would my 8 year old Aussie mix, Linus use the Urban Potty.  As we previously mentioned Linus is a bit of a potty snob and only really likes going on the grass.  His first time camping he refused to potty on the dirt for over 24 hours.  Needless to say we knew getting Linus to use the Urban Potty would be a bit of a challenge.

We answer the question of whether or not Linus would use the Urban Potty in our video review.  Lets watch!

Urban Potty Video Review

Without further adieu…here’s our Urban Potty Video Review:

Did you guess Linus’ reaction to the Urban Potty?

Urban Potty Video Review Transcription

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Welcome to the PuppyInTraining.com Urban Potty Review

Our first look…unveiling the Urban Potty!  You can see that it’s very large.  Our Urban Potty was hand delivered so I can’t really comment on how quickly this item gets shipped. By the way, Urban Potty is currently offering free shipping!

There are only 4 pieces in the box.  The potty turf, the collection system container, the potty funnel, and the tray.

Here’s the Urban Potty sleek tray.  You can see light reflection off the trays many channels showing a high gloss which helps allow better drainage

As you can see putting the artificial turf on the tray is pretty simple.  And heres the Urban Potty Collection System Container and Funnel.  Many of the other competing products have an open tray that catches the urine.  This collection system allows for much easier transportation for disposal.  One thing we thought would have been nice is for the cap to be attached to the container.  I foresee losing our cap in the future.

Setup was easy.  Find a location for your Urban Potty tray.  Lay the artificial grass on top.  Place the collection system so the funnel is directly in the middle of the tray.  It wasn’t difficult, to align the funnel, but I wonder if there’s a way to help a user guide the funnel into the right position.  After all no one wants to mess up in the placement of the funnel…can you say possible stinky urine mess?

There’s a little bit of training involved with the Urban Potty.  Stetson thought it made a good seat the first time he saw it setup.

Puppy Potty Training came easy for our first test subject…8 week old Toby.  I just put him on his leash and guided him over to the Urban Potty.  Then I stood around and made sure he stayed on top of the artificial grass.  I gave him his command to potty…”get busy” and within 30 seconds he was using the Urban Potty for the first time.

After your puppy uses the Urban Potty it’s a good idea to take a water can or in my case coffee mug and rinse off the potty area to reduce the odor.

He didn’t do it here, but Toby did like biting and pulling the ends of the grass.  Toby’s second time on the Urban Potty was even quicker.  What a cute puppy :) looking up at me for approval…Good Boy!

Stetson my 6 year old Lab took to the Urban Potty pretty quickly too.  His first try he looked a little uncomfortable, but as you can see after a few training sessions he was hopping up on the Urban Potty on his own without a leash.

Finally, we had been talking for weeks about trying to get Linus to use the Urban Potty.  The final result: He never got comfortable enough to use this dog potty box which is not surprising since several years ago he wouldn’t even potty on dirt.

Linus is 8 years old and he was the first puppy I raised as an adult.  Unfortunately, I inadvertently taught him to only potty on the grass.  Since Linus I teach my dogs to potty on all surfaces.  Lesson learned.

One thing that many people have asked is about the odor.  We really didn’t notice the odor, but our Urban Potty is outdoor on our patio with good ventilation and we rinse after each use and deep clean every other week.

We did nitpick a few things about the Urban Potty, but overall we really liked it as a dog potty box and a great puppy potty training tool.

Special Thanks to Urban Potty for supplying our free Urban Potty Starter Kit in order to do our review.

This is a sponsored product review.  The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Urban Potty Review with Toby

Toby did great using the Urban Potty on dry land, but what about on a sailboat?

The Urban Potty On A Sail Boat

One more thing I wanted to address was a statement Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes brought to my attention.  She’s planning on taking her Golden Retriever, Honey sailing and she was wondering if the Urban Potty would be a good fit for a sailing pup.  Here are a few of my thoughts on that matter:

  • Training Honey: I think most dogs including Linus could learn to use the Urban Potty.   I think there needs to be an intermediate step for finicky dogs like Linus.  Maybe if I tried just laying the artificial grass on the ground and getting him to use that as a first step.  Then try raising it half the height of the Urban Potty as step 2.  Finally, step 3 use the Urban Potty.
  • Size of the Urban Potty: Honey is a Golden Retriever a relatively large breed.  If she’s any bigger than Linus (55 lbs) or Stetson (70 lbs) she may be too big for the Urban Potty.  At this time the product only comes in one size.
  • Sliding: I imagine the Urban Potty would start sliding around on a sail boat if it got rocky.  If the containment system and tray got out of alignment then urine would end up directly on the deck. Pamela would have to find a way to keep the Urban Potty from sliding.

Those are three things I though about when considering Pamela’s situation sailing with her dog.

So what do you guys think?  Do you need an Urban Potty?  We’ve thought of many different uses for the Urban Potty.  We will probably continue to use ours even when we move to a home with a big yard to try and keep our lawn nice and green :)

Urban Potty Reviews:

Our 3 part series reviewing the Urban Potty is now complete.  Check out each blog post for our thorough review of this product:

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Disclosure: This is a paid product review.  This is our personal opinion of the product.  Compensation will never influence the content on our blog.


  1. says

    I am not a fan of these types of products, and I’ve written about my opinions on my blog. I totally see why some people would want to use them, though – people in urban areas, people with disabled dogs and so on. I also think if the product is outside on a patio vs. in the house, it is much more sanitary and the dogs are less likely to get confused about where to go. I’ve just seen so many small dogs that think they can pee anywhere in the house, but I guess that is mostly due to poor training. As long as you are consistent with training, this product should work just fine. Thanks for the thoughtful review.

    • says

      Hi Lindsay,

      I understand what you mean. I think there are a lot of training tools out there that don’t work well if people do not know how to properly use them. One that bugs me is the Flexi. We like to use the Flexi in place of a long line for working on recalls with our dogs, but that’s about it. Most people I see that have flexi leashes let their dogs wonder around and have no control over their dogs as they charge other dogs in our neighborhood.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ali says

    Looks great!! Like you said it looks like something that would be great on a patio! If it were inside my house/apt. I would be nervous that I would spill the collection container or not line up the funnel correctly and have a mess all over. Prob. better for the smell issue too for it to be on a patio. Great idea Urban Potty people!

    • says

      Thanks! We thought it worked really well for puppy potty training with Toby. It really gives your puppy a target spot to go potty on your patio or balcony.

  3. says

    Thanks for another great review. And for giving thoughts to my questions about using the Urban Potty on a sailboat. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

    The size should be fine since Honey is a petite 50 pounds. And I like your suggestion of starting with just the artificial turf. I think I’ll try that with Honey and maybe add some urine scent to the turf to give her the right idea.

    As for it slipping and sliding on a boat, that’s something sailors are used to. Many people put a bead of silicone caulk on the bottom of their dishes so they don’t go over while heeling. I suspect we could do the same thing with the Urban Potty.

    Many cruisers with dogs just put astro turf on the deck of the boat. That’s fine when the weather is good. But the collection system in this system means that in really bad weather, we could relocate it below decks and still give Honey some relief while remaining safe.

    This was probably the most helpful product review I’ve ever seen. Thanks for being so thorough.

  4. Christy says

    This looks like just what my dog will need for our upcoming move to a high-rise apartment in Bangkok. I am currently living in Indonesia. Will you ship overseas?

    • says

      Hi Christy,

      This would be a great product for your dog if you are moving into a high-rise apartment. I will check with the Urban Potty to see if they are shipping overseas. If you want more information on the Urban Potty product then check out their website at http://www.urbanpotty.com.

      Take care,

    • says

      Hi Christy,

      I contacted Urban Potty and here’s their response to shipping overseas:

      “I can and will ship overseas — it just depends on if it is worth it for the customer. Our system will cost ~$200 — but since our product is kind of big, shipping can easily be double if not triple that out of country. It’ll cost me at least another $200 to go to Canada — and probably $600 to $800 to go overseas with FedEx or UPS. If the customer has an efficient way to ship and they are willing to wait and provide the shipping logistics, there is nothing stopping me from shipping it.”

      Let me know if your interested in setting up shipping overseas with Urban Potty and I’ll relay your information to them.

      If you have any other questions please let me know.

      Take care,

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